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Welcome. This site pertains to shooting games, affectionately referred to as shmups. For those who don't know what a shooter is, a shooter usually refers to one of 'those' games where you control a your ship or character, against waves and waves of enemy fire. Still lost? A shmup is one of those games where you struggle to find refuge anywhere on a screen drenched with bullets from the enemy, which is also clogged with enemy aircraft, tanks, ships, and anything else they need to eliminate you from the equation. Throughout dodging and weaving through the waves of enemy shots, your ship must also cross the line of fire to collect power-ups and points...that is, until you become a mess of flaming hope.

[most played shooters]

-1. [zero gunner II]

-2. [strikers 1945 III]

-3. [dimahoo]

-4. [progear]

-5. [metal slug 3]


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