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I soon hope to be able to put many things on this page. Firstly, there will be a section with collected reviews of Cossacks, news from Strategy first, and updates on the upcoming expansion pack and sequel to Cossacks. I am also definitely adding a strategy section soon but for now, what I have is a units list saying how to use each unit effectively.

06/19/01-My Units section now has three kinds of units-Pikeman, 17th Century Musketeers and Heavy Cavalry. Stci around because soon there will be economy 101, battle tactics, news civilizations and possibly, some entries from other Cossacks players. I will be updating this site daily for the next few weeks.

06/20/01-I hope you're enjoying the site. I've just finished using all the units of the 17th Century and I will soon be moving on to the 18th Century. I also have the battle tactics site up, but it needs a lot of additions. It also has no pictures because I can't figure out how to get the screenshots from Cossacks to in the correct color (it's all black with blue, red and green dots where units should be) so hopefully I'll figure it out soon. My name in Multiplayer is [SQUAD]WOLFE. If you see me on multiplayer, feel free to tell me how to get screenshots to work. You may also respond to my site with suggestions, entries, and Most Helpfullyhow to get screenshots on my site. E-mail me at

06/20/01-I'm almost done with economics 101. Please send any thing you wish to add to my site to my above said e=mail or tips on how to get Cossacks screenshots from the game. Anything sent to me will get up on the site within a day, I promise.

06/21/01-I have a new cursor, and a few new additions to each link. I'm waiting for input from all of you, don't be scared to e-mail me! Also, I've started a definitive guide to all the Cossacks civilizations. It will be a task to do, but It will get up eventually.

06/22/01-For some reason Angelfire won't let me make anymore links. I hope those bastards correct it shortly, but until they can, There can be no new links for a little while. I'll probably add more to the other pages, but expect no links.

06/23/01-I'm sorry everybody, but I've scratched the idea for a civs section. It was going to be far too tedious and the end result would look forced and would be definitely not intersting. I've decided on three sections that will be my next projects, they are:

    Submitted entries from me, friends and anybody that may want to submit an article. Submit to A technology and upgrade section-I'm still considering this so don't count on it. and finally, a multiplayer section with war stories, clans, strategies and other useful multiplay info.

    06/26/01-I have been updating every day, but I've forgotten to update the update section. I've added to battle tactics, I'v added the first of my ten multiplayer strategies and I'm beginning work on the second. SUBMIT ANYTHING ABOUT COSSACKS TO MY SITE! I'd love some user response. My E-mail is Send me mail

    06/27/01-I'm about to begin working on my site for today and here is what will be here by the end of the day: A FAQ Section (I'll need user submission for that so send any FAQs to the above listed e-mail), screenshots (I got it to work) and some more stuff added to all the sections. Everybody like the bagpipe music?

    06/29/01-I skipped a day, but now I'm back. I've gotten a few FAQ's, so check those out. I definitely want more submissions though! E-mail those to me and they will be up within a day and you will get credit for them. I've also worked on the battle tactics section.

    07/02/01-I've added eye candy and my official banner to the site. The lack of progress could be stopped by more e-mails-there just aren't enough. As a bonus-if you submit to my site, you may take part in my monthly newsletter which will have add on news, links, new images and screenshots and more!

    07/03/01-I recieved a very good FAQ that you may find with an answer in my FAQ section. I updated the multiplayer section with another strategy and Multiplayer Info.

    07/07/01-I upgrade all the time, but I usually fail to mention it in this section. It might be irritating to some but from now on, there will only be occasional posts here. You'll have to find any upgrades I might have done in my site!

    07/10/01-Check out my new excellent images section-it has cool screenshots. It will be updated daily.

    07/22/01-Great news I am currently re-designing my website, content will mainly stay the same but the look should be improved any ideas for new features will be greatly received. I have recruited a fellow cossacks fan to help me work on the re-designing of the site, he goes by the name of Grudge.

    08/02/01-I'm back everyone! I'm sincerely sorry for lack of upgrades, but expect a wave of them for the next few weeks. I'll be adding a bit to every section, as I don't even use some of my listed strategies anymore! Right now, there should be a new page of excellent images from my new battles, which are far grander than my old ones. :-)

    Excellent Images-Check them out!

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