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The Grey Jinjo

In the first level of Banjo Tooie there are creatures called Stonies that are only understood if you yourself are a stonie. However if your not a stonie they appear to talk jibberish. If they are talking jibberish why are their repeated words?

UNSOLVED: Some of the things they're saying have been solved but not all of them so we currentl;y don't know if they help us at all.

Theory 1: They mean nothing. They speak jibberish so that you have to be a stonie to hear what they are really saying. This gives meaning to the transformation.

Counter Clue 1: The transformation already has meaning and why would the Stonies repeat words? Nuganip is repeated too many times.

Theory 2: They tell you useful information about a big mystery like Blackeye or something another.

Who knows?

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