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The Grey Jinjo

In Banjo Tooie's first official level called Mayahem Temple there are stonies that can not be understood unless you yourself are a stonie. But what are the stonies saying? Here we will translate all of the stonies that we can!

1: Outside Kickball Colleseum
Tyoxt icx zigna xaqis kirml nuganip icxptoi

2: Kickball Game Coach
Nuganip aslik wik weka pojit yz thikko. Kik yu butta
Yz Thikko could be "You thicko" and the part after that is Kick You Butt. Who said they had good grammar?

3: In Training Area
Yusa stpido gitaaz
Yousa Stupid Geaser. Yes the word is yousa. Bad grammar again. Da*n slang even in video games.

4: Also In Training Area
Ica kik yuz fura butoxxi
I can kick your furry buttox.

5: In the training area AS WELL.
Ugili bir a byyrd isa
Ugly bear and bird is.

6: By the warp pad enar Wumba's Wigwam.
Xaqabat ul kaz-o-iee dim byrd datsrite ha ha
Dingbat you kazoiee dim bird thats right ha ha.

7: By the grip grab technique near the quicksand.
Nanobak cug quaggi kyc nuganip icx xoli fop ni topliz

8: In the prison compound. If your a stony you get the code.
Icx dib zaqim avlnr icx tsoqa xoli. Nuganip yumk ica carxko

9: Only one in Hailfire Peaks.
Aslig weuk wekl posj mlas
Unknown but sounds like "Weakling, weak, weak ??? ???

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