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The Grey Jinjo

If you start up BT with your Banjo Tooie game cart in and your code generator on go inside of a silo. Do a text search for Jinjo and you'll be brought to the word Jinjo Village. Scroll down and you'll see yourself scrolling through the levels such as Wodded Hollow, Plateau and other things on the silo main list. Now look below Quagmire. You'll see Silo 8, Silo 9, and Ridiculously Secret Area. What are these places and whats in them?

UNSOLVED: It has been proven that the Ridiculously Secret Area is definitely on the main menu screen but no code or anything has been hacked as to how to get it on the main menu and acess it.

Theory 1: Silo 8 and 9 must be inside Grunty's Lair. Since they are Ridiculously Secret then they could just be pritty normal and if we had acess to the whole lair then they would be pritty normal.

Counter Clue 1: If they were inside Grunty's Lair wouldn't they have more specific names? Like "By TTC Treasure Box" or somethign another?

Counter Clue 2: Yes but if you remember from before Grunty's Lair has no specific name for their areas except for of course entrance. Thus they would just be labelled Silo 8 and 9. But this also means that the silo's would come after Quagmire which means we'd have to beat the Banjo Tooie levels to unlock Grunty's Lair.

Theory 2: The Ridiculously Secret Area will lead to a Stop N Swop chamber seeing as how its Ridiculously secret just like the eggs and ice key and the whole Stop N Swop burgade.

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