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The Grey Jinjo

You'll start off Banjo Tooie by going to Jinjo Village. One of the first things you'll probably notice is the destroyed house of the Grey Jinjo's. Now the sign says the jinjo's are dead but are they really?

UNSOLVED: No one knows. Then again alot of thigns could be considered unsolved. Its too complicated to name here.

Theory 1: They Grey Jinjo's do exist. On the menu with the jinjo's there is a space for one more type of jinjo. Plus for the location modifier there is a FREEZE placed between the other jinjo's.

Counter Clue 1: Theres an odd number of jinjo's and it would be impossible to evenly line them out withought leaving a space. The freeze could be there because Rare had the house's location but then decided to only place 5 jinjo's in each level instead of 6 to remove that last house. Since 5 is a more basic number.

Counter Clue 2: The blank space could be replaced with a word or they could have found some pattern like three on top then two below ect ect to leave no blank spaces. Plus if the FREEZE was not removed in the PAL version it must be there for a reason.

Theory 2: The Grey Jinjo's do not exist! There is a Tower Of Tradgey Question that says "Which jinjo does not exist" and the answer is "Grey".

Counter Clue 1: It says which jinjo does not exist not which Jinjo Family. The grey jinjo might not exist but there might be a jinjo family.

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