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The Grey Jinjo

On your way to WitchyWorld you will end up in pine grove. In Pine Grove is a huge ride called the flume of doom which happens to be destroyed. Is this just very good scenery or is it more?

SEMI-SOLVED: Finally one that is semi solved. While it happens to be that the blackness if not a door of any way meaning your not suppose to be up there, we still don't know if theres a point to it.

Theory 1: It could be a water ride that could carry water to Blackeye.

Counter Clue 1: How would it get the whole way to Jolly Roger Lagoon?!

Theory 2: The ride could be a cool minigame but nothing more. It could be where you have to flume down and crash into the water, possibly by rotating the joystick, and whoever does it the most and gets the highest splash wins! (Just an example)

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