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The Grey Jinjo

In Jolly Roger's Lagoon there is a small tavern own by Jolly Roger. Inside there is a pirate that does nothing but give you two doubloons. So whats wrong with that? Well the two doubloons are useless and Rare said that Blackeye was suppose to have a big part. Giving two doubloons is not a big part.

UNSOLVED: Well many people have theories....and wild ones at that no one knows the true purpose for Blackeye. Well at least no one that doesn't work with rare.

Theory 1: Blackeye has to do with Stop N Swop. He's a big mystery and so is Stop N Swop so figuring out what to do with him probably leads to Stop N Swop.

Counter Clue 1: With this in mind, he is a big mystery, and that means he could be the Stop N Swop of Banjo Tooie. In another words he could be another one of those mysteries not released until 2 years later.

Theory 2: He gets you into Grunty's Lair. He is big and storng enough to destroy the rocks and he could be heading back to his room in Mad Monster Mansion that has a bed and a picture of him on the wall.

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