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The Grey Jinjo

Grunty's Lair
Spiral Mountain
Jinjo Village
Wooded Hollow
Pine Grove
Cliff Top

Banjo Kazooie is filled with less full levels then Banjo Kazooie but don't doubt it because of this fact. True it does have less full levels but the levels are extensively bigger and the levels themself are much more challenging then the ones of Banjo Kazooie. (I can beat Mumbo's Mountain in less then 10 minutes...) Click a link on the elft to each individual level or part of the Isle O Hags. Each section includes the main characters of the levels, boss and rating from Easy to Xtreme if each has one. (The ratings are my opinion)It will also give a small summary of each level. Enjoy!


Mayahem Temple
Glitter Gulch Mine
Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Grunty Industries
Hailfire Peaks
Cloud Cuckooland
Cauldron Keep