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The Grey Jinjo

You get Banjo Tooie anew and where the first place you turn? To the place where Banjo Kazooie took place, Banjo Kazooie. You enter and see nothing but Cheato the cheatbook. The pathways to the rest of the lair are blocked by rocks. But is there a way there or it removed from the game?

UNSOLVED: No one is sure if there is a way into Grunty's Lair but as of late every attempt to get in has failed. Doubts are high as hope falls lower but some still hope to find a way in!

Theory 1: There is no more Grunty's Lair. Its not in Banjo Tooie. With a certain gameshark code you can see behind the rocks and there is a trail leading to blackness.

Counter Clue 1: This could be another Cyan Egg plot. The textures could have to be activated before you go to the rest of the lair. Rare probably would be smart enough to

Counter Clue 2: Yes but even the shadowing could be seen and so could parts of the cyan egg just not cyan. Theres no indication of even one shade of anything behidn those stone walls.

Theory 2: Grunty's lair is there. There is enough memory to hold two Banjo Kazooies and what would this happen to be? Two banjo kazooie's (banjo kazooie/banjo tooie)

Counter Clue 1: Yes but that space could be taken up by the lighting effects, cutscenes, minigames, increase in number of characters and all the other little added details to banjo tooie.

Counter Clue 2: There are other routes however. Even if all the space was taken up how do we really know the expansion pack doesn't have an effect on Banjo Kazooie?

Theory 3: To get to Grunty's Lair in BT there will be a special device like for sonic and knuckles that will connect the games or at least let you save the game.

Who knows?

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