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The Grey Jinjo

Bottles Revenge is the adventure mode where Player 2 can take control of the enemies and use them to try and hinder Banjo's progress. The startup screen and such has been discovered in Banjo Tooie and has not been removed from the NTSC or the PAL version. Still no one knows how to get to it. What do you have to do to unlock it?

UNSOLVED: Yup this joins the crew of many many unsolved mysteries. Theres still searches for the mysteries though.

Theory 1: The three eggs not used in Banjo Tooie are Red, Cyan and Green. Perhaps Bottles Revenge is in the red Egg!

Counter Clue 1: While that would fit none of the other eggs are color cordinated. Yellow doesn't resemble Jinjo and Blue doesn't equal Homing eggs so why should red be color cordinated.

Theory 2: ITs just a code to get it like HOMING and that. It seems simple enough and Rare are trying to prevent us from finding some code. Maybe its the one for Bottles Revenge.

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