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The Grey Jinjo

In Jolly Rogers Lagoon there is a pirate called Blackeye who gave you 2 doubloons however it is possible to collect 5 doubloons. The fact isn't that you can get 5 doubloons but the matter that why would rare make them there? Just to be there? If you blow down the door instead of paying 2 doubloons you keep two doubloons but for the whole game?

UNSOLVED: We don't know what the 2, 4 or even 5 left over doubloons are for but Blubber still got his waveracer and nothing changed.

Theory 1: The other 3 doubloons are nothing the only ones that matter are the 2 you recieve from Blackeye.

Counter Clue 1: Why would rare make the 3 others keepable. Being able to get the jinjo withought paying Blubber one doubloon could very well be a glitch but blowing down the door instead of purchasing the room would not just happen normally. Its purposeless to keep the two doubloons for the room for the whole game.

Counter Clue 2: The 5 doubloons could be used to replace the two underground and the three high up on the ledge that are hard to get and not very easily spotted at all. The two udnerground are well hid and the three by Mumbo's Skull require a jump shock pad from underneath the ground.

Counter Clue 3: Yes however it is essential to find the jump shock pad leading to the roof to aquire a honeycomb and finding the pad would lead you to find the doubloons and other shock jump pad.

Counter Clue 4: Not necessarily. You could also take Kazooie alone and get on the roof by gliding and then fly over and aquire the honeycomb piece. Plus you can just jump from one of the eldges over to the top of the pipe above the pigs pool.

Counter Clue 5: But if they can glide over there what stops them from easily gliding from that roof over into the cliff with the three doubloons near Mumbo's Skull?

Theory 2: At least 2 of the doubloons and possibly 4 or 5 are used to buy Blackeye water.

Counter Clue 1: His glass is full and its already full of water. You can't double fill it.

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