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Webmasters Notes

Site run by Daytrippin, D**Khead Maximus "If you don't like it you get the monolith up your arse"
Major contributions by Krunchy
And thanks to LoD for getting me started

(whenever) Currently all survey submissions are updated weekly. Hopefully we will be fully automated soon. Like within a year.

(5-30-01) We are experiencing slight difficulties with some of the data with the surveys presently.
I am getting the surveys from the site and MOST of the data. I will fix the error ASAP
BUT DAMNIT, I got a job. So it may be a week.

(5-31-01) I fixed it. Damned thing is case sensitive. All better now. I also updated the links section.
Contemplating making this functional site actually look decent. Anyone out there wanna help? I am open to suggestions.

(6-13-01) The site is about to enter the world of wicked slick layouts. (meaning within the next month) I have a test screen that will be up for public viewing as soon as I work out a few more bugs.....or screw it, you can tell me about the bugs. anyway. I need some help with Paint Shop Pro. Any guru's out there please gimme an email. I need some basic image editing done and I can't make the damned thing work. I also placed the almost complete listing of PCX files from the game up on the site. I didn't have time to load the Tech and SP PCX's (converted to Gif's for your viewing pleasure) But all the cool ones are there. and FINALLY. The Chiron Guild will be the host to this page as soon as I can get everything over to the server.....WHOOO HOOO. No more crappy ads. Although the drone is pretty cool.
(6-25-01) I am moving to Oregon over the next few days and I will be settling in there before much gets done with the site. Please be patient. I will be back...It will be OK....Don't cry...
(8-2-01) As I mentioned I moved. Getting settled is taking longer than I imagined. The list has been updated as of today. I had some old survey sumissions that trickled in somehow. I appologize to the people who had to wait to be added. The nice thing about it is that it will be fully automated on The Chironian Guild. WHICH is where the list will be moving to for numerous reasons. OF WHICH getting rid of the banners and the issues I have had with the hosting here. More to come. I am gonna go play some SMACX.
(9-18-01) I Died. Sorry. All everything is on hold. But I hopefully be reincarnated soon.