scree_15.gif - buyers assisting Diablo in whacking "Master" SunTzu

screen_9.gif - Diablo in 2v2 guns and missiles

SCREEN0.JPEG - Goblin whips some sorry guy's ass

Screen14.gif - Fisher's feeling the heat

Screen16.gif - someone's about to get their ass packed with lead

Screen13.gif - Diablo in another 2v2 guns and missiles

SCREEN97.JPEG - splash one bandit!

Screen6.gif - buyers and buddy get a beatdown

SCREEN21.JPEG - Goblin about to finish a base off

Scrn4_2.gif - Hurst in the process of being shut out

Scrn5_2.gif - Hurst fires in a futile attempt to take Diablo down

Scrn7_2.gif - Gripen is not having a good day

Ag10.gif - later Rokaku...

Ag18.gif - Aggressor in control of the game

Eld3_2.jpg - Diablo about to polish off RuninDog's base

GG9.JPEG - Viper and Moondawg with the excuses...

ag21_2.jpg - Aggressor on top of a raging battle in a... rather dilapidated city

eld0.jpg - Diablo enjoying the occasional newbie bashing

eld1.jpg - Diablo and Aggressor wiping out some SFAs

eld13.jpg - someone thinks that his B-52 is a substitute for AAA, lol