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SimCity 2000

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SimCity 4

Hey!  That's not a SimCity 2000 Building!   What?  SimCity 4?  Find out more here!

Welcome to the ZealGames SimCity 2000 Web site!  Your home for everything involving SimCity 2000!  Start by checking out our Tips and Tricks section to help you improve your cities.  Then, make sure you check out the Cities and Tile Sets we have here for download.  Hey, take the poll below and tell us what you think!  Check back often as we are constantly updated!

NEW! Check out our UPDATED cheats! NEW!

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SimCity 2000 Arcology

Don't forget to check out the cool links, patches and utilities page, the very helpful tips page, and the cheats page!!!

Hey!  New to the ultimate city simulator, SimCity 2000 and don't have a copy?
Why not check out the various demos we have available for download!  Just click here to go to the Patches and Utilities page, which now includes these free, interactive demos.  Simply choose the version that's right for your operating system.

Do you have the game, but need to learn more?
If you're interested in learning more about making great cities, be sure to check out the Tips and Tricks section and the section on How To Build A City, which includes one of the most complete guides to SimCity 2000 around!  Also, our advice is that you avoid the Cheats page and try to learn the simulator first.  Using cheat codes really can take away the fun of the game, making it grow boring fast.  SimCity 2000 is a great game that can provide hours of fun!

Previous Poll Results:
What do you strive for when designing a city?

Higher Education
Astronomical Land Values
Good Industry
Good Commerce
High Revenues


(162 Votes Cast)

Apparently, people like to make money!   Who knew?!?

Are you longing for a white Christmas?  Check out our latest tileset, featuring buildings from a ZealGames original set!

(NEW! - - 230 KB)

Make sure to check out the latest tile sets, so click the text above!  We have many sets available for download and hopefully, we'll have many more for you soon!

SimCity 2000 for PocketPC!

Want your own special copy of SimCity 2000?  Of course you do!   You can buy this great game in most computer stores for about $10. (US; it is also often sold in a package with another game for a lower price)  SC2000 is also made for Playstation and now Pocket PC ($29.99)!

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