INTRODUCTION Card game for 2+ players Italy 1200-1550. Each player is an Italian City State. VICTORY Play ends after everyone has had 10 turns. The Player with the most Provinces wins. If Provinces are tied, the tied player with the most Ducats wins. DEFEAT If you are ever reduced to zero provinces, you automatically lose. Whoever conquers your last Province gets all of your cards and Ducats. THE CITY STATES Each player picks one: Milan (+2 when Attacking) Venice (Start with 2 extra cards) Florence (Make an extra 2 Ducats per turn) Genoa (Start with 20 extra Ducats) Naples (Start with 1 extra Province) Pisa (+2 when Defending) Papal States (Max hand size +2) Savoy (Upkeep costs are -1 Ducats per Captain) PROVINCES Each player starts with 5 Provinces. Use Tokens to represent Provinces. DUCATS Ducats are money. Use coins to represent Ducats. THE DECK Players share a common deck. THE CARDS There are 6 card types: Captains, Troops, Traits, Events, Revenue, and Battle cards SETUP Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards. Mulligan: If you did not get a Captain, reveal and discard your hand and draw again. The most Italian player goes first. No player may attack on his first turn. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 7 Phases: 1. Opportunity Phase 2. Revenue Phase 3. Recruit Phase 4. Upkeep Phase 5. Event Phase 6. Battle Phase 7. Diplomacy Phase OPPORTUNITY PHASE Each player Draws 1 card from the top of the deck and puts them in their hand. If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. REVENUE Gain 1 Ducat from each of your Provinces and for each Revenue card attached to one of your Provinces. RECRUIT You may recruit Captains, Troops, Traits, and Revenue cards from your hand. You may put one Captain card into play. You may attach Trait and Troop cards to your captains. You may attach Revenue cards to your Provinces. A Province may have a max of 1 Revenue card attached. UPKEEP Each Captain you control costs half his Total Force Rating (TFR) rounded-up to keep in play. For example you have a Level 4 Captain with 2 Traits and 3 Troops attached: His TFR = 9. His Upkeep cost = 5. You may discard Troops to lower the Upkeep cost. If unable to pay, discard the Captain and all attached cards. EVENTS Play Event cards in this Phase. BATTLE You may send your Captains to attack your opponents. You may only attack the players to your immediate left or right. Your opponent may block an attack with one of his Captains. If an attack is unblocked, the defender must give the attacker one of his Provinces. (Revenue cards remain attached) To resolve the Battle compare the TFR (Total Force Rating) of both Captains. Players may play (discard) Battle cards to increase their TFR. The Player with the higher TFR wins the Battle. In a Tie no one wins. The losing Captain must discard one attached Troop card. If the Captain has no attached Troop cards, then the Captain is discarded. A single Captain may block more than one attacking Captain per turn, in this Case each attacking Captain is fought separately in turn. DIPLOMACY PHASE Players may make deals and promises. This includes trading and gifts of Ducats, Provinces, and Cards in the hand and in play. Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard excess cards. EMERGENCY DEFENSE RULE You may put a Captain into play at any time by paying Ducats = his TFR CARD LIST NOTATION C = Captains S = Troops A = Traits E = Events B = Battle R = Revenue # = Copies of that card in the deck TFR = Total Force Rating TC = Target Captain PIYH = Put it in your hand LAOH = Look at Opponents Hand CARD LIST Card Name # Type Force Notes New Contract 1 E - Search deck for TC & PIYH Skilled Commander 1 A +1 Foreign Mercenaries 2 S +1 Tactical Leader 1 A +1 Management Skills 1 A +1 Entrepreneur 1 A +1 Avoid Battle 1 B - Negate Battle Prolong War 1 B - Negate Battle Heavy Cavalry 2 S +2 Crossbowmen 2 S +1 Pikemen 2 S +1 Professional Soldiers 2 S +1 Besiege Important City 1 E - TC must Block Field Fortifications 2 B +4 Defender Only Armored Knights 2 S +2 Surprise Attack 1 B +5 Attacker Only Ambush 1 B +5 Rapid March 1 B +5 Disadvantage 1 B +3 Back Against Obstacle 1 B +3 Logistic Strategy 1 B - Negate Battle Strong Position 1 B +4 Spies 2 E - LAOH Cavalry Squadrons 2 S +1 Reserve 1 B +4 Devastate Enemy Territory 1 E - Opponent looses 5 Ducats Heavy Infantry 2 S +1 Crafty 1 A +1 Ambitious 1 A +1 Raise Siege 1 E - TC must Attack Artillery 1 S +1 Assess the Situation 1 E - LOAH Pavesarii Shield-Bearers 1 S +1 Loyalty 1 A +1 Buy Enemy Captain 1 E - Control TC; Costs 10 Ducats Campaign Season Over 1 E - Opponent cannot attack this turn Careful Reconnaissance 1 E - LAOH Republican Regime 1 R - Francesco Sforza 1 C 5 Michele Attendolo 1 C 5 Shrewd 1 A +1 Calculating 1 A +1 Take Prisoners 1 B +3 Attack Rear 1 B +4 Determined Resistance 1 B +3 Stalemate 1 B - Negate Battle Maneuvers 1 B +3 Niccolo Piccinino 1 C 2 Intrigue 1 E - LAOH Pillage 1 E - Steal 3 Ducats from Opponent Plunder 1 E - Steal 3 Ducats from Opponent Duchy 1 R - Oriental Trade 1 R - Merchant Empire 1 R - Raze Province 1 E - Opponent Loses 5 Ducats Rebellion 1 E - Opponent Loses 5 Ducats Garrison 1 B +3 Defender Only Patron of the Arts 1 R - Shipbuilding 1 R - Trade Routes 1 R - Reputation 1 A +1 Envelopment 1 B +3 Concentration of Force 1 B +3 Seasoned Commander 1 A +1 Block Route of Retreat 1 E - TC must Attack Balestrieri 1 S +1 Rally 1 B +3 Military Intelligence 1 E - LAOH Treachery 1 E - Control TC; Costs 10 Ducats Carmagnola 1 C 4 Gonzaga 1 C 4 Assassination 1 E - Discard TC Braccio da Montone 1 C 5 Bartolomeo Colleoni 1 C 4 Malatesta da Verruchio 1 C 4 Castruccio Castracane 1 C 3 Faggiuola 1 C 3 Giovani Acuto 1 C 3 Casale Monferrato 1 C 2 Erasmo de Narni 1 C 2 LINKS Wikipedia

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