Card game for 2-4+ players. 
Based on the Video Game: Zelda the Wind Waker. 

Zelda is a trademarked, copyrighted property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The first player to acquire 100+ Quest Points is the winner. 

Use poker chips to keep track of Quest Points. 

Players share a common deck. 
All cards are of 2 basic types: Quest Cards and Hero Cards. 
There are 7 types of Hero Cards: 
Weapons, Items, Defense, Actions, Friends, Special, Tricks
There are 7 types of Quest Cards: 
Location, Treasure, Enemy, Boss, Monster, Obstacle, Objectives
Each card has a Point value ranging from 1 to 10. 

The area in front of a player is referred to as his or her Tableau. 
This is where the player places all of his cards in play (face up). 

Players also maintain a hand of cards. 

Shuffle the deck. 
Each player is dealt 5 cards to form their hand. 
The youngest player goes first. 
Play proceeds clockwise. 

Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Destiny Phase
2. Adventure Phase
3. Option Phase
4. Quest Phase
5. End Phase

Draw 2 cards and place them in your hand. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

First, Play 1 card to your own Tableau or discard 1 card. 
Second, Play 1 card to an opponent’s Tableau or discard 1 card. 
There are 14 types of cards. A Tableau can contain a max of 14 cards, 1 of each type.
A card may be placed so as to replace a card of the same type already in play in a Tableau. 
(Discard the replaced card)

You may do one of the following 4 Options:
1. Side Quest: Gain 1 Upgrade
2. Mini Game: Draw 1 Card
3. Picto Box: Gain 1 Quest Point
4. Missing Link: Gain 2 Exploration Points

You may complete a Quest. 
To do this, you must have at least 5 Hero cards of different types present in your Tableau.
You must also have at least 5 Quest cards of different types present in your Tableau.  
Also, the total score of your Hero cards must equal or exceed that of the Quest cards. 
Score Quest Points equal to the total value of the Quest cards played (Not Hero cards). 
After a Quest is scored, discard your Tableau and take an extra turn immediately. 

Max hand size is 5 cards. Discard extras. 

For every 2 Upgrades you get, your Total Hero Score is permanently +1. 

Discard 5 accumulated Exploration Points to play an extra card to your Tableau. 

When you search the deck for a card, you cannot take another card that also 
Lets you search for a card. 

W = Weapons (Hero)
I = Items (Hero)
D = Defense (Hero)
A = Actions (Hero)
F = Friends (Hero)
S = Special (Hero)
K = Trick (Hero)
L = Location (Quest)
T = Treasure (Quest)
E = Enemy (Quest)
B = Boss (Quest)
M = Monster (Quest)
O = Obstacle (Quest)
J = Objective (Quest)
WP = When Played
SD = When Played Search Deck for indicated card type and play it to Self or Opponent's Tableau
DD = When Played Search Discard for indicated card type and play it to Self or Opponent's Tableau
Steal = When played you may take card from opponent's tableau and put it in your Tableau
Destroy = Cause target card in opponents Tableau to be discarded
Grab Loot = Take random card from opponents hand and put it in your hand

Name:				Type	Score	Notes:
Skull Hammer			W	8	+4 vs Chu Chus,  Miniblins, and Helmaroc
Bomb				W	7	+4 vs Cannon Boats, Gates, and Gohdan
Boomerang			W	2	+7 vs Keese and Kalle Demos
Hero’s Bow			W	9	+5 vs Cyclone and Seahats and Kargoroc
Enemy Weapon			W	1	SD Enemy 
Hookshot			W	4	+5 vs Switches and Molgera
Master Sword			W	10	WP Destroy Boss; +5 vs Archfiend Gannon 
Power Bracelet			W	6	+5 with Carved Rocks
Hero’s Sword			W	5	WP Destroy Monster; +5 with Orca 
Light Arrows			W	3	WP Destroy Enemy; +7 vs Puppet Gannon

Compass and Clock		I	10	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Big Key				I	7	+5 with Locked Door
Dungeon Map			I	6 	SD Dungeon
Deku Leaf			I	5	+7 vs Fatal Fall and Mothulas
Cabana Deed			I	3	+7 at Oasis
Grappling Hook			I	4	+7 vs Gohma
All Purpose Bait		I	1	SD Monster
Delivery Bag			I	2	+7 with Mail
Telescope			I	9	WP Look at next 7 cards in Deck
Boat’s Sail			I	8	+5 with King of Red Lions and Great Sea

Hearts				D	1	If discarded from hand Draw 1 card
Fairy				D	6	Can be used as a Friend
Magic Vial			D	4	WP draw 1 card
Hero’s Shield			D	9 	If discarded from hand, Draw 1 card
Hero’s Charm			D	5	SD Action 
Magic Armor			D	10	If discarded from hand, Draw 1 card
Mirror Shield			D	8	+5 vs Beamoses and Jalhalla
Potion				D	3	+7 with Boko Baba Seed
Iron Boots			D	7	+5 with Springboards
Pirate’s Charm			D	2	+7 with Tetra

Windblast			A	10	Deku Leaf gets +5
Hurricane Spin Attack		A	9	+5 with Orca
Parry Attack			A	8	+5 vs Phantom Gannon and Darknut
Switches & Springboards 	A	7	+3 if at Dungeon
Beam of Light			A	6	Mirror Shield gets +5
Warp Jar			A	5	DD Dungeon
Dungeon Clearing 		A	4	SD Boss 
Empty Bottle			A	1	+7 with Hearts and Fairy and Chu Jelly
Wind’s Requiem  		A	2	+5 with Sail or King of Red Lions
Climbing			A	3	DD Objective

King of Red Lions		F	9	Talking Boat; WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Beedle’s Shop Ship		F	5	+5 with Rupees
Princess Zelda			F	10	Hero’s Bow gets +5
Tetra the Pirate		F	7	WP Grab Loot
Tingle				F	6	Charts get +5
King of Hyrule			F	8	+5 with Triforce Shards
Grandma and Aryll		F	2	+7 at Outset Island
Orca				F	4	+5 with Knights Crest or Hero's Sword
Deku Tree			F	3	Korok get +7
Rito Bird Folk			F	1	+7 at Dragon Roost Island 

Link’s Oasis			S	6	WP gain 1 Quest Point
Wind Walker Song		S	8	+5 with Puzzle
Charts				S	10	WP play 1 extra card to Self or Opponent
Great Fairy			S	9	WP Upgrades +1
Sea Platforms			S	2	SD Treasure 
Submarine			S	3	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Ring of Light			S	1	+7 with Sunken Chest 
Merman  			S	7	WP Look at next 5 cards in Deck
Korok Forest Spirits		S	5	+5 at Forbidden Woods
Mail				S	4	SD Friend 

Hide in Barrel			K	8	+5 at Forsaken Fortress
Rope Swinging			K	7	SD Objective
Sneak Past Guards		K	2	+7 in Dungeon
Sidle along Narrow Ledge	K	9	WP Draw 1 card 
Bomb Plant			K	1	WP Destroy Obstacle
Shortcut			K	4	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Create Bridge			K	10	Bombs or Bomb Plant gets +5
Light Torches			K	6	WP Look at next 5 cards in Deck
Push and Pull Blocks		K	5	+7 with Carved Rocks
Swimming			K	3	+3 with Dungeon or Obstacle

Outset Island			L	1	WP on Self Draw 1 card
Earth Temple			L	6	Dungeon; DD Monster
Windfall Island			L	2	WP Look at Opponents Hand
Great Sea			L	3	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Ghost Ship			L	4	WP Gain 1 Quest Point
Tower of the Gods		L	7	Dungeon; Gohdan gets +3
Dragon Roost Island		L	9	Dungeon; Gohma gets +3
Forbidden Woods 		L	8	Dungeon; WP Steal Monster
Forsaken Fortress		L	5	Dungeon; WP Steal Enemy
Gannon’s Tower  		L	10	WP Steal Boss

Boko Baba Plants		E	3	+5 at the Forbidden Woods
Armos Statue			E	5	+5 at the Tower of the Gods
Cannon Boat			E	5	+5 in Great Sea
Bokoblin Pirate			E	2	+7 at Sea Platforms
Darknut Knight			E	4	+4 at Dungeons
Miniblin Swarm			E	2	Your Swords are +5
Moblin Guards			E	3	+5 at Forsaken Fortress
ReDead Zombies  		E	3	+5 at the Earth Temple
Stalfos Giant			E	6	+5 at Gannon’s Tower 
Wizzrobe Sorcerers		E	4	+5 with Chaos Wizzrobe

Big Octo			M	7	May be used as Obstacle
Beamoses Statue 		M	6	+7 with Carved Rocks
Chu Chu Slimes			M	1	+7 with Chu Jelly
Poe Possessor Ghosts		M	2	+7 with Jalhalla
Gyorg Shark			M	6	+5 in Great Sea
Seahat Rammer			M	5	+5 in Great Sea
Fire Keese Bats			M	1	+7 at Dragon Roost Island
Octorok Shooters		M	4	Your Shields get +5
Peahat Flyers			M	1	WP Opponent discards 1 card from hand
Kargoroc Swooper		M	7	+4 with Moblins and Bokoblins

Archfiend Gannon		B	10	Commands Legions; DD Enemy
Gohdan				B	9	Disembodied Head
Gohma				B	10	Magma Dragon
Helmaroc King			B	8	Giant Bird
Jalhalla			B	8	Giant Poe Spirit
Molgera 			B	9	Giant Sandworm
Phantom Gannon  		B	9	Shadowy Avatar
Puppet Gannon			B	10	Massive Marionette
Chaos Wizzrobe			B	7	Powerful Summoner
Kalle Demos			B	8	Giant Boko Baba

Sunken Chest			T	5	WP Grab Loot
Rupees				T	1	SD Item 
Boko Baba Seed			T	3	Boko Baba plants get +5
Knights Crest			T	7	Darknuts get +5
Chu Jelly			T	2	Potions get +7
Joy Pendant			T	4	Windfall Island gets +7
Magic Pearl			T	9	WP gain 1 Exploration Point
Triforce Shards			T	10	WP gain 1 Quest Point
Pieces of Heart			T	8	WP gain Upgrades +1
Golden Feathers 		T	6	+4 with Peahat or Kargoroc

Whirlpool			O	7	WP Shuffle Discard into Deck 
Cyclone				O	8	WP Opponent discards 1 card from Hand 	
Paralyzing Fog			O	6	WP Opponent discards 1 card from Hand
Lava				O	10	+5 at Dragon Roost Island
Gates and Locked Doors		O	2	+7 at Dungeon
Secret Cavern			O	5	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Carved Rocks			O	3	+5 at Dungeon
Easter Egg			O	1	WP Gain 1 Quest Point
Puzzle				O	4	WP on Self draw 1 card 
Fatal Fall			O	9	WP Opponent discards 1 card from Hand 

Destroy Searchlights		J	8	SD Obstacle
Escape Imprisonment		J	7	DD Action
Post Box			J	2	+7 with Mail
Rescue Maiden			J	9	+7 with Grandma and Aryll or Tetra
Restore Sanity to Valoo		J	1	Rito Bird Folk get +7
Complete Ceremony		J	4	Deku Tree gets +7
Free Jabun			J	10	SD Magic Pearl
Visit Wind Shrine		J	6	WP Gain 1 Exploration Point
Save Game			J	5	WP Discard hand and Draw 5 Cards
Catch the Killer Bees		J	3	Windfall Island gets +7

Wind Waker		Wikipedia

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