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Card game of Western Front Battle 1915 (solo or 2 players)

Each Player has two decks, the Officer Deck and Unit Deck (Machine guns, Infantry, Artillery). 
Then there is one common deck, the modifier deck.  
Shuffle the decks and deal 5 officers to both players and 6 units to both players.  
Every player has a two d10's as casualty counter to mark 1000 men.  
There is also 10 terrain markers that are considered as victory points.

You can discard one Unit Card and One Officer card.  
Then draw replacement cards from Unit and Officer Decks.  
Put the Discarded Cards at the bottom of Unit and Officer Decks.

Then both players draw one common deck modifier card and place it face up in front of them.  
If the card is a Attack card, the player has to Attack.  
If it's an trench, mud or a barbed wire card, you put it face up in your hand.  
If it's a diarrhea card, you discard one random unit to discard pile. 
If both players get Attack card, the Germans attack first.  
You can use Laisez Faire Officer to Ignore Attack Card.


The Attacker places face up the unit cards he wishes to use from his hand on the table.  
The defending player then puts into place the cards he wishes to use in the defence.  
Every two units have to have one commanding officer card in play.

The Counter Battery Subphase:The Artillery Counter Battery Cards are used first.  
One Counter Battery Card can be used to eliminate one enemy Artillery or Counter Battery 
Card.  The Attacker goes first.  
All played Artillery cards are discarded.

The Attack Phase: 
The Attacker adds up all his Attack value points + Artillery fire points and uses the officer 
modifiers.  The defender totals his Defence value points and officer modifiers.  
If the Defence value is lower than Attack value, the Attacker gets the one Terrain Marker.  
The Attacker loses the number of men equal to the Defender's Defence value, the Defender 
equal to the Attacker's Attack value.  Both players lose one random played officer per every 
lost 100 men.

AFTER BATTLE: Fill your Unit Hand to six cards and your officer hand to five cards.

VICTORY: The side that loses his troops loses the game.  
The player that first posesses 10 Terran markers wins the game.

The Cards are included in this .xls -file.

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