Card Game for 2-4+ players. 
Setting: Late 17th Century Japan. 
Players are rival gangs of Yakuza trying to kill each other off. 
(Yakuza = Organized Crime)

Kill your opponent’s Boss unit. 

Players share a common deck. 

Six sided dice are needed. 
(Every gang has a Gambling House: Dice games were popular)

Units represent either individual Men or groups of Men. 
Units are represented by either Tokens or Cards.

Force represents fighting ability. 
All Units have a Base Force. 
Modifier cards attached to a Unit increase a Unit’s Force permanently. 
Advantage cards will temporarily increase a Units Force in a Fight. 

Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards. 
Players roll dice. High roll goes first. 
Each player starts with:  
1 Boss Token (Man of Force = 3)
2 Underboss Tokens (Man of Force = 2)
4 Gang Member Tokens (Group of Force = 1)

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
Fate Phase
Recruit Phase
Confrontation Phase
Fight Phase
Recovery Phase

Draw 2 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Put Unit cards into play from your hand, including those 
That generate Token Units. 
You may attach Modifier cards to your Units. 

You may skip this Phase or declare a Fight. 
To declare a Fight, you must play a Fight Card and choose an Opponent.  
You are the Attacker. Your opponent is the Defender. 
You may then play a Location Card. 
If you do not play a Location Card, your opponent may do so. 
Each player must commit a number of Units to the fight equal to 
The force of the Fight Card. It may not be more or less except if: 
-You do not have enough Units; you must commit all those you have left. 
-Some Event cards allow you to play more or less units. 
Each Combatant rolls 1D6. This is the Initiative Roll. 
Reroll ties. High roll Wins. 
Initiative Loser picks one of his Units.
Next, the Initiative winner picks one of his Units. 
The chosen Units are known as the Combatants. 
Each Combatant rolls 1D6 and adds its Force. 
Players may play advantage cards to increase a Units Force. 
The Unit with the lower total force is killed. 
In a tie roll Both Units are killed. 
After a combat is resolved (someone is killed) a new one starts: 
Roll for Initiative and pick new Combatants. 
Each Unit on your side must fight before any Unit gets to fight a second time. 
The Boss Unit has the special ability of not having to fight unless 
He is the only committed Unit remaining. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards. 

H = Unit card representing an Individual Man
G = Unit card representing a Group of Men
F = Fight Card
A = Advantage Card
E = Event Card
M = Modifier Card
L = Location Card

Card Name:		Type	Force	Notes:
Duel			F	1	
Challenge		F	1	
Encounter		F	1	
Contest			F	1	
Match			F	1	
Dispute			F	1	
Scrap			F	2	
Clash			F	2	
Quarrel			F	2	
Confrontation		F	2	
Skirmish		F	3	
Raid			F	3	
Melee			F	3	
Fray			F	4	
Battle			F	4	
Showdown		F	-	Pick Force from 1 to 4
Scoundrels		E	-	Gain 2 Gang Member Tokens
Gangsters		E	-	Gain 3 Gang Member Tokens
Large Gang		E	-	Gain 4 Gang Member Tokens
Vassals			G	2	
Outlaws			G	3	
Bandits			G	3	
Thugs			G	2	
Henchmen		G	4	
Bushi			G	5	+2 Force if Defending
Ninjas			G	5	+2 Force If Attacking
Ronin			H	7	+1 Force If Attacking
Fighting Monk		H	6	+1 Force per Adv Card Played
Sumo    		H	4	Cannot use Mod or Adv Cards
Sword Master		H	9	
Blind Swordsman		H	9	
Samurai			H	8	+1 Force if Modifier Attached
Mystery Man		H	7	+2 vs Group
Wanderer		H	8	+2 vs Man
Bodyguard		H	7	+1 Force if Defending
Vigilante		H	6	Your Gangs get +1 Force
Narrow Bridge		L	-	You get +2 to Initiative Rolls
Crossroads		L	-	The Fight card gets +1 Force
Bath House		L	-	All your Units get +1 Force
Small Shack		L	-	Opponent gets only 1 Unit at Fight
Gambling House		L	-	You get 1 extra Unit at Fight
Sake Bar		L	-	All Enemy Units get -1 Force
Hideout			L	-	Opponent gets 1 less Unit at Fight
Inn			L	-	Draw 2 Cards when Played
Exquisite Katana	M	-	Man gets +1 Force
Cane Sword		M	-	Man gets +1 Force
Two Sword Technique	M	-	Man gets +1 Force
Reverse Grip Technique	M	-	Man gets +1 Force
Guns			M	-	Group gets +1 Force
Armor			M	-	Unit gets +1 Force
Ambush			A	-	Defenders Units get +2 Force
Surprise		A	-	Attackers Units get +2 Force
Iaijutsu		A	-	Man gets +4 Force
Spray of Blood		A	-	Man gets +3 Force vs Man 
Flash of Steel		A	-	Man gets +2 Force
Bloodbath		A	-	Man gets +3 Force vs Group
Break Sword		A	-	Man gets -2 Force
Coward			E	-	Remove Target Unit from Fight
Honor			E	-	+5 to Initiative Roll
Revenge			E	-	+5 to Initiative Roll
Spies			E	-	Look at opponents Hand
Informant		E	-	Steal 1 Random Card from Opponents Hand
Geisha Assassin		E	-	Discard Target Unit Card
Leaves Town		E	-	Discard Target Unit Card
Refuses to Fight	E	-	Remove Target Unit from Fight
Traitor			E	-	Take Control of Target Unit Card
Betrayal		E	-	Take Control of Target Unit Card
Break Off		E	-	Fight Ends Immediately
Gambling Revenue	E	-	Draw 2 Extra Cards in Fate Phase

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