INTRODUCTION Card Game for 2+ Players. Chinese Sword & Sorcery. Each Player is a Secret Society recruiting Swordfighters with Mystical Powers. VICTORY Control at least 4 Fighters & Kill all your Opponents Fighters. THE DECKS Players share 2 common decks: The Recruit Deck & the Action Deck The Recruit Deck has 4 Card types: Fighters, Weapons, Events, Enhancements The Action Deck has 6 Card Types: Locales, Specials, Attack, Move, Defend, Minions Each player keeps a recruit hand & an Action hand. FIGHTERS Each Fighter has a Skill Rating. Most Fighters will have some type of Special Ability. Each Fighter can use one Weapon card attached. Each Fighter can have up to 5 Enhancements attached. SETUP Shuffle the Decks. Each player draws 7 cards for his recruit hand & action hand. Flip a coin to determine who goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 6 Phases. Destiny Phase Recruit Phase Fate Phase Duel Phase Encounter Phase End Phase DESTINY PHASE Draw 2 cards from the Recruit Deck. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & Draw from it. RECRUIT PHASE You may put one Fighter card into play. You may put one Weapon card into play attached to a Fighter. You may put one Enhancement card into play attached to a Fighter. FATE PHASE All players fill their Action hands to 7 cards. DUEL PHASE (You may skip this Phase) Select one of your Fighters (Attacker) and one Target Opponents Fighter (Defender). Both will Fight against each other in a Duel. Calculate the total Skill Level for each Fighter. The Higher Level Fighter kills the Lower Level Fighter. (In a Tie, neither are killed & the Phase Ends) Weapon & Enhancement cards increase a Fighters Skill Both Players may play Action cards to further increase their Fighters skill. A Fighter can only use one Attack, one Move, one Defend, and one Minion card. At the End of the Phase discard the killed Fighter & all Attached cards, also Discard all played Action cards (& Locale cards). Some action cards allow for multiple combatants (= Fray) In a Fray the losing side has one Combatant killed. ENCOUNTER PHASE You may play a Locale card to play another Fate & Duel Phase. END PHASE All Players may discard any unwanted cards from their hands. Maximum hand size is 7 cards for both Recruit & Action Hands. Discard excess cards. CARD LIST NOTATION F = Fighters W = Weapons L = Locales E = Enhancements S = Style Enhancement V = Event A = Attack Actions M = Move Actions D = Defend Actions X = Special ST = Sword Technique N = Minions RECRUIT DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Skill Notes: Sword Master F 9 Attached Sword Card gets +2 Sword Saint F 9 Opponent in Duel cannot use Defense card Wanderer F 6 Gets +2 when a Locale is in play Sword for Hire F 5 Discard a Recruit card to get Extra Fate & Duel Phase Bandit F 4 When recruited Steals Weapon from Fighter Knight Errant F 5 Discard an Action Card to get +1 Pirate F 6 Recruit Hand size of opponents -1 Militia Leader F 4 Play an extra Fighter when Recruited Secret Society Member F 5 Recruit Hand Size +1 Warlord F 3 May use an extra Minion card in Duel Witchy Woman F 4 Spell Cards used with get +3 Prince F 8 Draw 2 Recruit cards when Played Commoner F 3 Attached Enhancements get +2 each Shaolin Monk F 6 Style Enhancement gets +2 Police Chief F 3 Gets +1 per Fighter you control Imperial Agent F 7 Discard a Recruit card to draw a Recruit card once/turn Bounty Hunter F 7 Get 1 Extra Fate & Duel Phase per turn Young Prodigy F 3 May take Enhancements from other fighters you control Barbarian F 6 Fury cards used with get +2 Fighting Monk F 6 Attached Non-Sword Weapon gets +3 Champion F 7 Gets +5 if he is your only Fighter Gentleman F 7 Draw 3 Recruit cards when Played Roving Knight F 6 Discard Action card to look at opponents hand Enforcer F 3 Gets +1 per Fighter opponents control Vagabound F 3 Discard Vagabound to draw 3 Action cards Woman Warrior F 6 Grace cards used with get +2 General F 6 Minion cards used with get +2 Old Man F 5 Put back in hand to give Fighter +2 Wise Man F 6 Play one extra Enhancement per turn Disciple F 4 May attach an extra Enhancement Bodyguard F 6 Can use 2 Defend cards in a Duel Hermit F 3 Put back in hand to give Fighter +2 Rebel F 6 Opponent must discard a Fighter when Rebel recruited Village Protector F 4 Gets +5 when Defender Sect Leader F 5 Play an extra Fighter when Recruited Scholar F 3 Recruit Hand Size +1 Assassin F 9 Gets +2 when Attacker Avenger F 8 Gets +4 vs Fighter that has won a Duel this game Legendary Archer F 4 Missile cards used with get +3 Sorcerer F 4 May use an extra Spell card in Duel Cult Leader F 5 Gets +1 per Fighter you control Adventurer F 6 Steals Enhancement from Fighter when recruited Warrior F 7 May attach 2 Weapons Soldier of Fortune F 6 Get 1 Extra Fate & Duel Phase per turn Duelist F 7 Opponent discards 1 random Action card at start of Duel Vigilante F 5 Can use Weapon cards as Attack cards Outlaw F 4 Steal 1 random Recruit card from opponent when recruited One-Armed Swordsman F 8 Sword Technique cards used with get +4 Magician F 3 Action Cards used with get +2 Patriot F 6 All your other Fighters get +1 Triad Leader F 6 Action Hand Size +1 Supreme Swordsman F 8 Attached Sword gets +4 Mysterious Killer F 9 Can use 2 Attack cards in a Duel Too Much Blood V - Discard target Fighter Tired of Killing V - Discard target Fighter Betrayal V - Take control of Target Fighter Strange Allies V - Take control of Target Fighter Change of Heart V - Take control of Target Fighter Lightning Reflexes E +2 Attack cards get +2 Palm Power E +2 Spell cards get +2 Cunning E +2 Discard action card to look at opponents hand Mystic Aura E +2 Spell cards get +2 Secret Powers E +1 In Duel this Fighter draws an extra action card Great Conviction E +2 Fury cards get +2 Unfailing Loyalty E +1 Other Fighters you control get +1 Great Courage E +1 Discard a card to get +1 Righteousness E +2 Fury cards get +2 Calligraphy Master E +2 Action cards get +1 Superior Poise E +2 Move cards get +2 Unnatural Grace E +2 Grace cards get +2 Superhuman Quickness E +2 Defend cards get +2 Heroic Compassion E +2 Recruit Hand Size +1 Skill in Arms E +2 Weapon card gets +2 Supernatural Powers E +2 Spell cards get +2 Infallible Balance E +2 Grace cards get +2 Supreme Skill E +2 Can attach a second Weapon Lifting Breath E +2 Move cards get +2 Iron Skin E +2 Defend cards get +2 Secret Training Manual E +2 Sword Techniques get +2 Wushu Master E +2 Fighter may attach an extra enhancement Kung Fu Master E +2 Style card gets +2 Eagle Claw Style S +2 Attack Cards get +2 Praying Mantis Style S +2 Attack Cards get +2 Dragon Style S +2 Fury Cards get +3 Drunken Style S +2 Can play 1 extra Defend card Heron Style S +2 Defend Cards get +2 Crane Style S +2 Defend Cards get +2 Leopard Style S +2 Can play 1 extra Move card Lion Roar Style S +2 Attack Cards get +2 Monkey Style S +2 Move Cards get +2 Eight Trigram Style S +2 Grace Cards get +3 Snake Style S +2 Move Cards get +2 White Tiger Style S +2 Can play 1 extra Attack card Flying Guillotine W +3 Butterfly Knives W +2 Heavy Broad Sword W +3 San War Fan W +2 Double Hook Sword W +3 Wind Fire Wheel W +3 Fighting Hoop W +2 Long Spear W +2 Short Spear W +2 Monk Spade W +2 Glaive W +3 Jiang Short Sword W +2 Dau Saber W +2 Jen Long Sword W +3 Short Staff W +2 Fighting Sticks W +2 Fighting Chain W +3 Steel Chain Whip W +2 Three Section Staff W +2 Short Dagger W +2 Three Pronged Halberd W +3 Kwan-do Sword Staff W +3 Chi Hook Spear W +3 Tuan Hand Axe W +2 Long Rod W +2 Hook Sword W +3 Iron Bar W +2 Trident W +2 Tiger Fork W +2 Ball Hammer W +2 Long Handled Claw W +2 Double Edged Sword W +3 Lian Sickle W +2 Mattock W +2 Sleeve Sword W +3 Tao Sword W +3 Yue Crescent W +2 Rake W +2 Ritual Sword W +3 Barbed Pole W +3 Shuo Tapered Rod W +2 Tieh Tzu Iron Ruler W +2 Snake Spear W +3 Monkey Staff W +2 Fighting Shield W +1 Does not count vs Weapon Limit ACTION DECK CARD LIST Card Name: Type Skill Notes: Tea House L - Skip Fate Phase Temple L - Fighters cannot use Attack cards Shrine L - Fighters cannot use Spell cards Graveyard L - Fighters can use 2 Attack cards Crossroads L - Defending player picks defender Open Road L - Move cards are -2 Docks L - Winner of fight draws 3 cards Bridge L - Fighters can only play 1 Action card Palace L - Figters can use 2 Defend cards Marketplace L - Move Cards get +2 Scaffolding L - Grace Cards get +2 Bamboo Grove L - Defend cards are +2 Peaceful Garden L - Fighters cannot use Weapons Rooftops L - Figters can use 2 Move cards Crowded Tavern L - Fighters cannot use Move cards Courtyard L - Attack cards are +2 Desert L - Move cards are -2 River Boat L - Fighters cannot use Defend cards Fortress L - Weapons can be used as Attack cards City Streets L - Both players draw an extra Action card Ravine L - Both players discard an Action card Contest X - Loser of Duel not killed; winner draws 3 Recruit cards Disguise X - When defending, you pick the Defender Secret Identity X - Discard Fighter you own & Play a Fighter Infiltration X - Steal 1 random recruit card from opponent Seek Revenge X - Target Fighter must Attack Accept Challenge X - Target Fighter must Attack Desire for Glory X - Target Fighter must Attack Disarm X - Discard target Weapon Break Weapon X - Discard target Weapon Seek Aid X - Play extra Fighter this Turn Read Omens X - Look at next 10 cards in recruit deck Spare his Life X - Negate Duel Show Mercy X - Negate Duel Chinese Medicine X - Put Fighter in discard into your hand Barely Alive X - Put Fighter in discard into your hand Fake Death X - Put Fighter in Discard into your hand Two on Two X - Each player picks 2 Fighters for Duel Two on One X - Pick an extra Fighter to join Duel Three on One X - Pick 2 extra Fighters to join Duel Three on Two X - You pick 3 Fighters. Opponent Picks 2 for Duel Boomerang Blade A +5 ST Thousand Cuts A +7 ST Flaming Sword A +5 ST Blade Flurry A +2X ST: X = Action cards you discard Flashing Steel A +5 ST Swift Sword A +7 ST Thunder Sword A +5 ST Flexible Blade A +4 ST Whirlwind Strike A +6 ST Lightning Attack A +5 ST Spinning Blade Block D +5 ST Master Stroke A +7 ST Ultimate Sacrifice A +9 Discard this Hero at end of Phase Flying Flip M +4 Grace Flying Leap M +4 Grace Balance on Sword D +3 Grace: Negate Sword Technique Attack Endless Jump M +4 Grace Hyper Acrobatics M +4 Grace Flying Sleeves A +5 Grace Move Without a Trace M +4 Grace Shadow Stealth M +5 Grace Stunning Moves A +3 Grace: Opponent Discard 1 Random Action card Trickery M +5 Grace Parry Missiles D +2 Grace: Negate Missile Attack Ying Defense D +4 Grace Shadow Kick A +5 Grace Walk on Water D +6 Grace Weightless Leap M +4 Grace Somersaults D +5 Grace Back Flips D +4 Grace Soaring Leap M +4 Grace Disappear D +6 Grace Blinding Leaves D +5 Grace Wall of Wind D +6 Grace Instant Strike A +6 Fury Invincible Defense D +7 Fury Invulnerable Defense D +7 Fury Death Strike A +6 Fury Storm Attack A +6 Fury Nerve Strike A +5 Fury Flying Attack M +5 Fury Fists of Fury A +4 Fury: Additional +4 if Fighter has no Weapon Great Leap M +5 Fury Flying Masonry A +4 Fury Chi Strike A +6 Fury Yang Attack A +4 Fury Open Palm D +3 Fury: Negate Fury Attack Power Surge M +5 Fury Spirit Fist A +6 Fury Burst of Speed M +3 Fury: Negate Grace Card Blood Magic A +2X Spell: X = Action cards you discard Force Field D +6 Spell Poison Attack A +7 Spell Elemental Bolt A +5 Spell Energy Bolt A +5 Spell Mystical Wards D +3 Spell: Negate spell Slow Time A +7 Spell Sleeping Powder A +6 Spell Force Bolt A +4 Spell Telekinetics A +6 Spell Invisibility D +6 Spell Paralyze A +7 Spell Protection Charm D +5 Spell Invisible Chains D +5 Spell Mystic Bolt A +4 Spell Hurl Fire Balls A +5 Spell Throwing Darts A +3 Missile Bow & Arrows A +4 Missile Crossbow A +4 Missile Thousand Knives A +2X Missile: X = Action cards you discard Flying Claw A +3 Missile Caltrops A +3 Missile Throwing Knives A +3 Missile Blowgun A +3 Missile Rope Dart A +3 Missile Throwing Needles A +3 Missile Warriors N +3 Guards N +3 Soldiers N +3 Mercenaries N +2X X = Action cards you discard Thugs N +3 Honor Guard N +3 Monks N +3 Cultists N +3 Sect Members N +3 Hopping Zombies N +3 Clan Members N +3 Bandits N +3 Pirates N +3 Assassins N +3 SECRET SOCIETIES Each player picks one at the start of the game: Secret Society: Special Ability: Righteous Fists They may Recruit 1 Extra Fighter on their Recruit Phase Society of Red Spears Fighters with Weapons get +2 Skill White Lotus Society Draw 1 extra Recruit card per turn Yellow Turbans They may take an extra Fate & Duel Phase on their Turn LINKS Wiki Definition HKMA Wuxia Pien China

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