Each player controls a Covenant of Wizards.
Players try to build up the prestige of their Covenant by 
Accumulating Victory Points.

The first player to have 25 victory points is the Winner. 

Every Wizard you control is worth 1 VP (victory point).
Every Resource you control is worth 1 VP (victory point).
Other cards will also be worth a stated number of VP if you control them.
Completed Quests are worth 5 VP each.

Players share a common deck.

There are 7 card types:
W = Wizards
S = Spells
F = Followers
Q = Quests
E = Events
I = Items
D = Duel 

Six sided dice are needed.

Players start with a hand of 7 cards each.
The oldest player goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
Research Phase
Event Phase
Duel Phase
Summon Phase
Adventure Phase

Draw 1 card. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
Max hand is 8 cards.
Discard excess cards.

Conduct Wizard actions in this Phase.
A Wizard only gets one action per turn.

You must play a Wizard Duel card to start a Duel.
Choose which of your Wizards will fight.
Your opponent chooses one of his Wizards to fight.
Both of you roll 3D6. 
The Higher Duel roll wins. 
The Lower Duel roll is slain.
Certain spells, Items will add to the roll.

Put 1 Wizard or Item or Follower or Resource card into play.
Cards in play stay in play until they are slain, destroyed, etc.
Items must be attached to a Wizard you control.

You may go on a Quest.
Play a Quest card.
Decide which of your Wizards & Followers are going.
Wizards that dueled or performed an action this turn cannot go on a Quest.
Roll 3D6 to get the Danger Level.
Roll 2D6 to get the Quest Level
Add 1 to the Quest level for each participating Wizard/follower.
If the Danger level is higher, that many Wizards/followers are slain.
If you still have Wizards/followers left, roll again:
Roll 3D6 to get the Danger Level.
Roll 2D6 to get the Quest Level
Add 1 to the Quest level for each participating Wizard/follower.
If the Quest Level is equal or higher, you complete the Quest.
Put the completed Quest into your Quest Pile.
Some Items and Spells can increase your Quest Level.
Discard slain Wizards/followers, spells, and uncompleted Quests.

Conjuror = Use an action to draw a card (on a roll of 4-6 on 1D6)
Adventurer = Gain +2 to Quest rolls. Play an extra Wizard on your turn.
Dueler = Gain +2 to Duel rolls
Scry = Use an action to Look at opponents hand or next 5 cards in deck. Max hand size +1.
Nature = Gain +1 to Duel & Quest rolls. Play an extra Follower on your turn.
Stealth = Use an action to steal an Item (on a roll of 6 on 1D6)
Maker = Use an action to Search deck for Item & put it in your Hand (on a roll of 6 on 1D6)
Maker = Play an extra Item on your turn.

Card Name:		Type	Notes:
Magician		W	Adventurer
Artificer		W	Maker
Sorcerer		W	Conjuror
Arcanist		W	Adventurer
Seer			W	Scry
Shapechanger		W	Nature
Illusionist		W	Stealth
Elementalist		W	Dueler
Necromancer		W	Conjuror
Mentalist		W	Dueler
Battle Mage		W	Dueler
Druid			W	Nature
Warlock			W	Conjuror
Enchanter		W	Maker
Alchemist		W	Maker
Mystic			W	Scry
Animist			W	Nature
Shadow Mage		W	Stealth
Rune Master		W	Adventurer
Sage			W	Scry
Slay the Dragon		Q	Quest Level +2. Worth 7 VP
Defeat the Giant	Q	Quest Level –1. Worth 4 VP
Banish the Demon	Q	If completed draw 2 cards
Rescue the Mage		Q	If completed Search deck for Wizard & put it in your Hand
Seal the Portal		Q	If completed opponent misses his next turn
Destroy the Artifact	Q	If completed destroy target Item
Kill the Lich King	Q	Quest Level +2. Worth 7 VP
Save the Village	Q	If completed Search deck for follower & put it in your Hand
Find the Treasure	Q	If completed Search deck for Item & put it in your Hand
Explore the Ruins	Q	If completed Search deck for Item & put it in your Hand
Flying Ship		I	Quest +2
Ancient Grimore		I	Worth 2 VP. Draw 2 cards when put into play
Spell Forge 		I	Draw extra card in Research phase. Discard if not a Spell
Deck of Many Things	I	Wizard gains Conjuror Ability
Staff of Power		I	Dueling +2
Wand of Wonder		I	Gain +1 to Duel & Quest rolls
Black Cauldron		I	Wizard gains Maker Ability
Orb of Seeing		I	Wizard gains Scry Ability
Crown of Command	I	Worth 2 VP. Steal a Follower when put into play
Magic Ring		I	Wizard gains Stealth Ability
Ranger			F	+1 to Destroy the Artifact
Apprentice		F	Attach to Wizard (gains Dueling +1)
Slew of Fighters	F	+1 to Save the Village
Champion		F	+1 to Slay the Dragon
Hero			F	+1 to Defeat the Giant
Elves			F	+1 to Seal the Portal
Dwarves			F	+1 to Explore the Ruins
Faeries			F	+1 to Rescue the Mage
Imp Familiar		F	Attach to Wizard (gains Dueling +1)
Guardian Beast		F	Discard to prevent Item from being Stolen
Wizard Hunter		E 	Kill target Wizard
Tricks & Traps		E 	Danger Level +2
Treachery		E	Steal target Wizard
Theft			E	Steal target Item
Explosion		E	Destroy target Resource
Magical Vortex		E	All players must discard all cards
Wizards Duel		D	5 copies of this card in deck
Library			R	Give 1 Wizard Adventurer ability on your turn
Laboratory		R	Give 1 Wizard Maker ability on your turn
Observatory		R	Give 1 Wizard Scry ability on your turn
Menagerie		R	Worth 2 VP
Greenhouse		R	Worth 2 VP
Planar Gateway		R	Give 1 Wizard Stealth ability on your turn
Monolith Arena		R	Give 1 Wizard Dueler ability on your turn
Magic Pool		R	Give 1 Wizard Conjure ability on your turn
Crystal Mine		R	Worth 2 VP
Enchanted Grove		R	Give 1 Wizard Nature ability on your turn
Dimension Door		S 	Steal Target Item
Shatter			S 	Destroy Target Item
Meteor Swarm		S	Destroy Target Resource
Divination		S	Look at opponents hand
Prophecy		S	Look at next 7 cards in deck
Legend Lore		S	Search deck for Quest & put it in your Hand
Healing			S	Prevent Wizard/Follower from getting killed
Reincarnation		S	Put Wizard in Discard into your Hand
Invisibility		S	Steal Target Item
Planar Shift		S	Steal Target Resource
Fireball		S	Gain +1 to Duel or Quest roll
Lightning Bolt		S	Gain +1 to Duel or Quest roll
Circle of Protection	S	Gain +1 to Duel or Quest roll
Feeblemind		S	Gain +2 to Duel
Control Monster		S	Gain +2 to Quest
Charm			S	Steal Target Follower
Poison Potion		S	Slay target Wizard
Dispell			S	Negate target Spell
Alter Reality		S	Negate target Action, Event or Duel
Probability Shift	S	Reroll target Dieroll

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