Players are young apprentices at their first semester of Wizards school.

Players share a common deck.

There are 6 fields of study that adepts accumulate lesson points in:
1. Divination
2. Conjuration
3. Alchemy
4. Transformation
5. Invocation
6. Extra Curricular Activities

The semester lasts 17 weeks.
The game ends at the end of turn 17.

The player who, at the end of the game, has accumulated the most lesson points in the most 
Fields of Study is the winner.
If there is a tie, then the tied player with the most lesson points wins.

Roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first.
Players start with 2 cards in their hands.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1. Fates Phase
2. Study Phase
3. Cram Phase
4. Distractions Phase
5. Lessons Phase

Draw 2 cards. 
Max hand size is 9 cards. Discard excess cards.
Spells that allow you to draw extra cards are played in this phase.

Roll 2D6. This is the Study roll:
Gain that many Study points.

You may play up to two cards that allow you to gain more study or lesson points.
A Study card adds 1D6 Study Points.
A Lesson card adds 1D6 Lesson Points to the indicated Field of Study.
You may play Experience cards on yourself.
An experience card will cause you to gain 1D6 experience points but lose 1D6 Study Points.

The opponent to your right may play a card that causes you to lose study points.
A Distraction card causes you to lose 1D6 Study Points.
You play an Event card that negates the Distraction card.
Your opponent may play Experience cards on you.
An experience card will cause you to gain 1D6 experience points but lose 1D6 Study Points.

Distribute Study points acquired this turn as evenly as possible to the: 
Divination, Conjuration, Alchemy, Transformation, and Invocation Fields of Study.
Study points are converted into Lesson Points when they are distributed.
Experience points are always applied to the Extra Curricular Activities Field of Study.
Keep a running total of your accumulated points for each Field of study.

S = Study
D = Distraction
L = Lesson
E = Event
X = Experience

Card Name:		Type:	Description:
Burn the Midnight Oil	S	Item
Enchanted Sleep		D	Spell
Wish Spell		E	Spell: Draw 3 cards
Unfriendly Competition	D	Enemy
Turn into Frog		D	Spell: Must have 20 points in Transformation
Inspiration		S	Smart
Read Magic 		S 	Spell
Breakthrough		E	Smart: Negate a Stupid Card & Draw a card
Trapped by Demon	D	Creature
Eureka!			E	Smart: Negate a Challenge Card & Draw a card
Forget Spell		D	Spell
Manual of the Planes	L	Item: Book: Conjuration Lesson
Recitation		S	Effort
Tome of Knowledge	S	Item: Book
Library Card		E	Search the Deck for a Book card & put it in your hand
Cram for Test		S	Effort
Study Partner		S	Help
Study Group		S	Help
Wise Old Owl		L	Creature: Lesson in any Field
Magic Mirror		D	Item
All Nighter		S	Effort
Favorite Professor	L	Help: Lesson in any Field
Find Familiar		E	Draw 3 cards
Turn Undead		E	Spell: Negate a Demon or Undead Distraction
Holy Water		E	Item: Negate a Demon or Undead Distraction
Speak in Tongues	D	Spell
Curse			D	Spell
Memory Drills		S	Effort
Silence			E	Spell: Negate a Noise Distraction
Fraternity Test Bank	S	Help
Teachers Pet		E	Negate a Punnishment Card
Memory Potion		S	Item
Brain Food		S	Item
Explore the Castle	X	Adventure
Stop Time		S	Spell
Crystal Ball		S	Item
Caught			E	Negate an Adventure card
Elixir			E	Item: Negate a Sickness Distraction
Balm			E	Item: Negate a Skin Distraction
Will o’ Wisp		E	Undead: Negate a Darkness Distraction
Discovery		X	Adventure
Confusing Material	D	Stupid
Mental Brick Wall	D	Stupid
Flickering candles	D	Darkness
Wailing Cats		D	Creatures: Noise
Fever			D	Sickness
Legend Lore		E	Spell: Draw 3 cards
Gossip			E	Negate an Effort Card
Flu			D	Sickness
Undead Poets Society	X	
Cooties			D	Skin
Befriend Castle Ghost	E	Undead: Draw 2 Cards
Heebie Jeebies		D	Skin
Bookworms		E	Creatures: Negate a Book Card
Howling Wolves		D	Creatures: Noise
Bats in the Belfry	D	Creatures: Noise
Tommy Knockers		D	Creatures: Noise
Chores			D	Drudgery
Enchanted Broomstick	E	Spell: Item: Negate a Drudgery card
Visit Home		D	
Mail Call		E	Draw 2 Cards
Trick Question		D	Challenge
Paradox			D	Challenge
Impossible Puzzle	D	Challenge
Little Devil		D	Creatures: Demon
Skeleton in the Closet	D	Undead
Banshee			D	Undead: Noise
Strange Brew		X	Drug
Never Ending Story	D	Item: Book
Dirty Glassware		E	Opponent loses 1D6 Alchemy Lesson Points
Gremlins		D	Creatures
Relatives Visit		D	
Active Social Life	X
Dungeon Detention 	D	Punnishment 
Sneak off Schoolgrounds	X	Adventure
Suspension		D	Punnishment 
Dust to Dust		S	Spell: Negate an Item Card
Pool Hall		X
DisturbanceintheForce	D
Spell Backfires		E	Negate a Spell Card
Blow up Laboratory	E	Opponent loses 1D6 Alchemy Lesson Points
Faulty Memory		E	Opponent must discard 2 random cards
Dunce Cap		D	Item
Demerits		E	Negate an Experience Card
Hazing			D	Target gains 1 Experience point
Busy Work		D	Drudgery
Teacher dislikes you	D	Enemy: Punnishment 
Illusions		D	Spell: Must have 5 points in Evocation
Magical Pipeweed	X	Drugs
Magic Mushrooms		X	Drugs
Dragon Ale		X	Drugs
Wood Nymphs		X	Creatures
Cauldron Coffee		E	Negate a Drugs Card
Wards			E	Spell: Negate a Spell
The Hermetic arts	E	Distribute your Study points how you like this turn
Star Charts		L	Item: Book: Divination Lesson
Deans Inspection	D	Target must discard X cards in his hand
Ritual Sacrifice	E	Spell: Discard X cards & Draw X+1 cards
Banish Spell		E	Negate any Creature card
Potion Recipe Book	L	Item: Book: Alchemy Lesson
Demonic Tutor		S	Must have 20 points in Conjuration
Possession		D	Must have 10 points in Conjuration
Metaphysics		L	Evocation Lesson
Troll Dissection	L	Transformation Lesson
Smelling Salts		E	Negate a Drugs Card
Levitation Workshop	L	Evocation Lesson
Sorcery 101		S
Witchcraft 101		S
Herbalists Bible	L	Item: Book: Alchemy Lesson
Young Love		X	Romance
Endless Stairwell	D	Challenge
Lost in the stacks	D	Challenge
Wizardry 101		S
Mysticism 101		L	Divination Lesson
Soothsaying		E	Look at next 10 cards in Deck
Wand Technique 101	S
Coed Dorm		X	Romance
Love Philter		X	Romance: Item
Bad Attitude		E	Negate a Smart Card 
Wizard Duel		X	Enemy: Challenge
Practical Jokes		E	Switch Hands with Opponent
Philosophic Congelation	S
Pentagram Art Class	L	Conjuration Lesson
Class Officer Duties	X
Work Study		D	Drudgery
Hocus Pocus		E	Spell: Draw 2 Cards
Mage Ball Practice	X
Teleportation Accident	D	Spell: Injury
Pixie Dust		X	Drugs
Grimore:Mythical Beasts	L	Item: Book: Transformation Lesson
Spell Book		S 	Item: Book
Thesis Defense		D
Tardy again		D	Punnishment
Play by the Rules	E	Negate an Experience card and draw a card
Kobolds ate my Hmwork	D	Creatures
Fireball Practice	L	Evocation Lesson
Spirit Guide		S	Undead
Thinking Cap		S	Item
Natural Ability		S	Smart
Magical Adventures	X	Adventure
Raw Talent		S	Smart
Visit Infirmary		E	Negate a Sickness, Injury, or Skin card
Practice makes Perfect	S	Effort
Celebrity Family	D
Thinking out of the Box	S	Smart
Navel Contemplation	D	
Tarot Readings		L	Divination Lesson
Flying Lessons		L	Evocation Lesson
Artificing class	L	Transformation or Alchemy Lesson
History of Magic	S
Snipe Hunting		X	Adventure
Magical Glue Incident	D	Stupid: Skin
Abre Qad Habra		E	Spell: Draw 2 Cards
Dead Language Recital	S	Effort

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