Two player abstract strategy board game. Variant of Backgammon

Checker Board (64 spaces)
16 red checkers
16 black checkers
2 six sided dice

Each player gets one set of 16 checkers.
Each player has his own 'side of the board'
On the back row of a players side, the player places a stack of 8 checkers in each of the two corner spaces
Red moves first

Be the first to move all of your checkers off the board past your opponents back row

Players take turns
On your turn roll the two six sided dice
You may move one checker twice or two checkers once a number of spaces equal to the dice rolls
Checkers may be moved forward, to the left sideways, and to the right sideways
Checkers may not be moved diagonally or backwards
If one of your checkers lands on top of a single opponent's checker the opponent's checker is captured
A stack of two or more checkers may not be captured
A checker may not capture another checker on its second move
A captured checker is immediately placed on top of one of its owners corner stacks by its owner
A checker may not jump over any other checker or stack of checkers
A checker moved off the board past the opponents back row is out of the game
Rolling doubles allows the player to make 4 moves, just as in regular backgammon

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