INTRODUCTION Two Player Card & Bidding game Simulation of World War I (The Great War) SIDES One Player is the Entente Powers (EP): Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Greece, USA The other Player is the Central Powers (CP): Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey THE DECK Players share a common deck. ARMY TOKENS Each player has a set of Army Tokens (AT) AT is an abstract Measure of Men & Material. VICTORY The first player to capture the Western Front wins the War. If the EP captures the Eastern Front he wins the War. After 18 turns the player who has captured the most Fronts wins, otherwise it is a Stalemate. THE FRONTS There are 6 Fronts: Front Title: Notes: Western Front Major Front Eastern Front Major Front: Russian Front Balkan Serbian, Salonika Fronts Italian Isonzo Front Turkish Caucasus, Dardanelles, Mesopotamia, Palestine Fronts War at Sea TERRITORY MARKERS There are 3 Territory Markers at each Front. CAPTURE OF FRONTS If you acquire all 3 Territory Markers at a Front, you capture the Front. For every Front you capture, your opponent produces 1 less AT per turn and His hand size decreases by 1. GAME LENGTH The game is divided into 18 Turns: 1914 Late: Central Players Turn 1914 Late: Entente Players Turn 1915 Early: Central Players Turn 1915 Early: Entente Players Turn 1915 Late: Central Players Turn 1915 Late: Entente Players Turn 1916 Early: Central Players Turn 1916 Early: Entente Players Turn 1916 Late: Central Players Turn 1916 Late: Entente Players Turn 1917 Early: Central Players Turn 1917 Early: Entente Players Turn 1917 Late: Central Players Turn 1917 Late: Entente Players Turn 1918 Early: Central Players Turn 1918 Early: Entente Players Turn 1918 Late: Central Players Turn 1918 Late: Entente Players Turn USA ENTRY The US enters the War in Early 1918. The EP hand size increases by 1. The EP gets an additional 2 AT per turn. SETUP Each player starts with 50 Army Tokens. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn is divided up into 5 Phases: Planning Phase Mobilization Phase Campaign Phase Casualty Phase Shell Shock Phase PLANNING PHASE Each player fills his hand to 7 cards. MOBILIZATION PHASE Each player gains 6 AT. Event cards can be played to gain additional AT. Some Event cards cause your opponent to lose AT. CAMPAIGN PHASE To each of the 6 Fronts, players may bid AT and Strategy Cards (SC). Bids are done in secret. Players should use a screen to hide their bids. Note according to the title of the Phase, whose turn it is. The current player may not bid defense cards The other player may not bid attack cards. A player may not bid cards to a Front with a Bonus greater than The number of AT he has there. There is no bidding for Fronts that are already captured. Players must bid if possible, a minimum of 10 AT to the Major Fronts (West & East) The Bids are then all simultaneously revealed. The highest bid at a Front (by at least 4 points) wins 1 Territory Marker (MT) for that Front. If neither side wins by at least 3, it is a stalemate, and neither player gets an MT. When you win a Territory Marker, take it from your opponent if he has any. CASUALTY PHASE For every Major Front a player lost at he loses 2 AT. For every Lesser Front a player lost at he loses 1 AT. For every Major Front a player won at he loses 1 AT. For every Stalemate at a Major front, both players lose 2 AT. For every Stalemate at a Lesser front, both players lose 1 AT. At both Major Fronts, each player may play 1 Casualty Card to Cause his opponent to loose additional AT. SHELL SHOCK PHASE Players may discard any cards from their hand they don’t want. Discard down to Max hand size. Discard all cards played this turn. AT not lost in Mobilization or Casualty Phase can be used next turn. WAR AT SEA FRONT Unless they specifically say so, strategy cards cannot be Played to the War at Sea Front. CARD LIST NOTATION E = Entente C = Central Powers B = Both Players S = Strategy A = Attack D = Defense K = Casualty V = Event W = West Front Only R = East Front Only M = Main Front: West or East Front T = Turkish Front Only L = Balkan Front Only N = Card can used for War at Sea Front Late = Do not use until second half of 1916 Very Late = Do not use until start of 1918 WASO = War at Sea Only CARD LIST Name User Type Force Notes General Hindenburg C SM 4 General Ludendorf C SM 5 General Moltke C SM 3 General Joffre E SW 5 General Petain E SW 4 General Haig E SW 5 Mustafa Kemal C ST 5 General Allenby E ST 5 General Pershing E SW 5 Very Late Czar Nicolas E SR 3 Shattered Armies B K 3 Joint Offensive B AN 2 Fluidity B SN 2 Support Allies B SN 2 Concentration B SN 4 Expeditionary Force B AN 2 Zeppelin Raids C V -1 Poison Gas B SM 5 Tanks B A 3 Late Massed Tanks E AM 5 Late Light Tanks E AM 3 Very Late Howitzers B S 5 Artillery B S 5 Breakthrough B A 5 Overrun B S 5 Atrocities B SL 2 Withdrawal B D 1 Major Battle B SN 3 Air Power B S 2 Air Support B S 2 Major Operation B AN 2 Revolution B V -4 Mutiny B V -4 Succession B V -2 Abdication B V -2 Uprising B V -4 Assassination B V -3 Election B V -2 Coalition B V +2 Trench Warfare B D 3 Armored Cars B S 1 Machine Guns B D 3 Vast Battle B SM 5 Capture City B A 3 Strategic Victory B SN 5 Executions B V -4 Treason B V -3 Railways B V +4 Landings B AN 2 Evacuation B V +2 Checked B DN 3 Extended B DN 2 Envelopment B AN 4 Re-deploy B SN 3 Logistics Problems B S 3 Disaster B K 3 Interlocking Offensives B A 3 Mass Mobilization B V +4 High Command B SN 3 Resume Fighting B SN 2 Food Shortages B V -2 Inflation B V -3 Renew Offensive B A 2 Divert Forces B SN 2 Outflank B A 4 Send Troops B SN 2 Salient B S 3 Breathing Space B V +2 Independent Offensive B V 2 Attack Stalled B DN 3 Drain Reserves B K 2 Simultaneous Attacks B AN 3 Attrition B K 2 Series of Offensives B AN 2 Limited Offensive B AN 2 Stalemate B DN 3 Centralized Government B V +4 Mass Production B V +3 Mobilize Manpower B V +4 Technology B V +2 Static Front B D 2 Fortress B D 3 Interior Lines C DM 5 Initial Gains B AN 2 Launch Offensive B AN 3 Force Retreat B SN 4 Campaign B SN 2 Economic Collapse B V -5 Economic Ruin B V -5 Master Plan B SN 4 Second Battle B SN 3 Third Battle B SN 2 Reinforcements B V +2 Fresh troops B V +2 Reduce Strength B K -1 Territorial Gain B AN 4 Counter Attack B DN 5 Tactical Defensive B D 5 Deadlock B DN 2 Entrenchments B D 4 Strategic Offensive B AN 4 Industrialization B V +4 Backwardness B V -2 Mass Maneuver B SN 2 Bombardments B SN 2 Partial Gains B AN 1 Rolling Barrage B AM 2 Aerial Reconnaissance B SN 4 Firepower B SN 3 Slaughter B K 2 War Finance B V +4 Munitions Production B V +2 War Economy B V +4 War Effort B V +3 Organized Labor B V +2 Labor Strikes B V -2 Call for Peace B V -2 Nationalism B V +3 Failure to Exploit Gains B S 4 Propaganda B V +2 Rhetoric B V +1 Great Power Status B V +3 Idealism B V +2 Modern War B S 2 Civil-Military Discord B V -3 Total War B V +4 Home Front B V +2 Appalling Cost B K -4 Replace Generals B V -2 Intelligence B SN 2 Long Front B SN 2 Invasion Route B A 3 Repulse B DN 5 Epic March B K 1 Epidemic B V -2 Headlong Assault B A 1 War of Exhaustion B K 2 Escalation B V +2 Futile Offensive B A 2 Heavy Casualties B K 2 General Mud B D 3 Position Warfare B DM 3 Counterfire B DN 3 Penetrations B A 3 Defensive Lines B D 4 Close Gap B DN 3 Local Actions B SN 1 Strong Points B D 4 Communication Problems B S 2 Meat Grinder B K 2 Conscripts B V +2 Volunteers B V +3 Spring Offensive B A 4 They Shall Not Pass E DM 5 Big Push B A 4 Demoralized B SN 3 Spearhead B AN 4 Colossal Defeat B K 5 Rout B K 3 Immense Carnage B K 4 Anarchy B V -3 Pressure Defenses B A 2 New Tactics B S 4 Late Stormtroopers C AM 5 Late Poor Morale B SN 3 Resistance Collapses B A 5 Massive Attack B AN 5 Infiltration B A 3 By-Pass Strong-points B A 3 Mop-Up Operations B AN 2 Surprise B A 4 No Mans Land B DM 4 Stabilize the Line B DM 4 Uncoordinated Attack B DN 3 Unsupported Attack B DN 3 Tunnels B AM 2 Counter Offensive B DN 5 Submarine Warfare B S 3 WASO U-Boats C S 3 WASO Convoys E S 3 WASO Destroyers B S 2 WASO Cruisers B S 2 WASO Battleships B S 2 WASO Bridgeheads B A 2 Fight to Standstill B D 4 Punch Gap B A 4 Naval Blockade B V -4

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