Board & card game for 2 players.
Battle between  two rival Wizards.
Each figure represents a Wizard or a Summoned Creature. 

Reduce the opposing Wizard to zero Hit Points.

Use an 8x8 chessboard.

Use chits or miniatures to represent units.

# = Number of that type of unit each player has in setup.
Move = The types of Move Cards the unit can use.
Range = The types of Attack Cards the unit can use.

Name:			Move	Hits	Dam	Notes
Wizard			1-2	12	1	Casts Spells; Not a Creature
Skeletons		1-2	1	1	
Zombies			1	2	1	Regenerate
Dwarves			1	2	1
Kobolds			1	1	1
Wolf			1-3	2	1
Troll			1-2	3	1	Regenerate
Giant			1-4	3	2
Iron Golem		1-2	4	2
Dragon			1-5	4	2	Fly
Hydra			1	3	2	Regenerate
Vampire			1-4	2	2	Regenerate, Fly
Balrog			1-3	5	2

Each Player starts with one Wizard unit.
Players place their Wizards in opposite corners.
Units may not stack. 

Players share a common Spell deck. 
The deck has 1 copy of each spell in the Spell List.

There is no limit to the number of Spells you can cast per Turn or Phase.
You can only summon creatures on your own Turn.
You can only attack on your own Turn.

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 5 phases:
Power Phase
Move Phase
Summon Phase
Battle Phase
Spell Attack Phase

Draw 3 cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Max hand size = 7 cards.
Discard excess cards.

Every unit you control may move once on your turn.
A unit may move up to a number of spaces equal to its move rating.
Unit move ratings are listed in the Unit Table.
Units cannot move through other units except for Flyers.
Moves are diagonal or orthogonal. 
Instead of a normal move, you may cast a Move Spell on any unit you control.

Cast (discard) a Summon card to summon the creature indicated on the card.
The summoned unit appears in a space orthogonally adjacent to your Wizard.  
Units with the regenerate ability regain one lost Hit Point in this phase.

Units you control may automatically make one ‘free’ attack against an 
Enemy unit that is orthogonally adjacent.
The attack does damage equal to the units damage rating.
Unit damage and hit point ratings are listed in the Unit Table.
If the target unit is reduced to zero hit points it is destroyed.
Your opponent may play a Defense Spell to negate an Attack.

Play (discard) a Spell Attack card to have your Wizard attack.
The attack card has a range rating: This is the range of the attack.
Attacks are diagonal or orthogonal. 
The enemy unit that is the target of the attack takes damage according 
to the Spell description. 
You cannot cast spells through units.
Your opponent may play a Defense Spell to negate an Attack.

Attack Spells may target any opposing unit.
Counterspells when cast negate the effects of a spell just cast by your opponent.
Control Spells cannot target enemy Wizards.
Control Spells give you permanent control over the target creature.
A target hit by an Immobilization Spell cannot move, attack, or cast spells until 
the end of that players next turn.

M = Movement
A = Attack
D = Defense
S = Summon (Summons 1 Unit)
X = Special
Z = Counterspell
C = Control Spell
I = Immobilization 
Type = Purpose of card
Dam = The amount of damage the spell inflicts

Card Name:			Range	Type	Dam	Notes
Magic Missiles			1-3	A	1
Shock				1-2	A	2
Fireball			3-4	A	2
Touch of Death			1	A	3
Lightning Bolt			5-6	A	2
Disintegrate			3	A	3
Cone of Cold			2-3	A	2
Ice Storm			3-5	A	1
Petrification			2	A	3
Stone Bolt			4-5	A	2
Earthquake			4-6	A	1	Flyers Immune
Dispell				-	Z	-		
Spellshield			-	Z	-	
Negate				-	Z	-	
Abjuration			-	Z	-	
Charm 				1	C	-
Posses				2	C	-
Dominate			3	C	-
Command				4	C	-
Teleport			5	M	-	
Gate				6	M	-	
Fly				4	M	-	
Haste				3	M	-	
Portal				7	M	-	
Phase				K	M	-	
Call				2-6	M	-	Move Enemy unit 3 spaces
Banish				3	A	-	Target Creature Destroyed
Shield				-	D	-	
Protection			-	D	-		
Wall of Ice			-	D	-
Invisibility			-	D	-
Illusion			-	D	-
Flash				1	I	-
Paralyze			3	I	-
Hold				5	I	-
Sleep				4	I	-
Web				2	I	-
Demon Strength			1-4	X	-	Target gets Damage +1 Permanently
Heal				0-4	X	-	Target regains 1 lost Hit
Cure				0-1	X	-	Target regains 2 lost Hits
Lore				-	X	-	Draw 2 cards
Forget				-	X	-	Opponent discards 2 random cards
Scry				-	X	-	Look at opponents hand
Divination			-	X	-	Look at next 10 cards in deck
Summon Skeletons		-	S	-	
Summon Zombies  		-	S	-	
Summon Dwarves  		-	S	-	
Summon Kobolds  		-	S	-	
Summon Wolf     		-	S	-	
Summon Troll    		-	S	-	
Summon Giant			-	S	-	
Summon Iron Golem		-	S	-	
Summon Dragon			-	S	-	
Summon Hydra			-	S	-	
Summon Vampire  		-	S	-	
Summon Balrog			-	S	-	

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