Basic Fantasy Tactical Skirmish Combat game for 2+ players. 

Crush your enemies into small piles of plastic and pewter. 

Use plastic warriors from Kid’s toy-sets. 
Ruleset appropriate for Fantasy, Ancient, and Medieval. 
Warriors are also referred to as Units. 

Large Hexes. Big enough for mounted units. 
Max one Unit per space. 

Six sided dice are needed. 

Use Cards from Candyland: 6 Colors: Equal numbers of…
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Use glass stones or pebbles. 
These are used to keep track of which units have had their turn. 

Use Poker Chips. 
This keeps track of how much Damage the unit has taken. 

Place Warriors onto the map according to the scenario. 

Place an Action Token next to each unit. 
Players roll high on 1D6 to see who goes first. 
Players take turns activating one unit at a time. 
When you activate one of your Units, remove its Action Token. 
Then draw 2 Cards for the current Unit. 
Use these cards to have the Unit Move and Attack. 
A Unit may make a max of 1 Move and 1 Attack per turn. 
Discard cards when used or if they are un-useable. 
Continue to the next unit until no units have any Action Tokens. 

Card Color:		Action:
Red			Move 1 Space
Orange			Move 1 or 2 Spaces
Yellow			Attack into Adjacent Space (Range = 1) and Hit on 1-3
Green			Defend against an attack on 1-3
Blue			First Special
Purple			Second Special 

Use Red and Orange Cards. 
Facing does not matter. 
No stacking. 
You cannot Move through other Units. 

Use Yellow Cards. 
When you attack roll 1D6 to see if you hit
If you roll a 1, 2, or 3, you hit and the target Unit takes 1 Damage. 

When a Unit is hit, it may immediately draw 1 card to try to defend. 
If it is a Green card, roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1, 2, or 3, the attack is negated and no Damage is taken. 

These effects happen automatically without needing a card to be played:
> Light Armor or Thick Skin: If a Unit with light Armor is Hit roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1 the Damage is absorbed. 
> Heavy Armor or Tough Hide: If a Unit with Heavy Armor is hit roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1 or 2 the Damage is absorbed. 
> Mithril Armor or Hard Shell: If a Unit with Force Field is hit roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1, 2, or 3 the Damage is absorbed. 
> Skeletal Form:  If a Skeleton Unit is hit by a sword, spear, or arrow, 
roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, 2, or 2 the Damage is absorbed.
> Force Field: If a Unit with Force Field is hit roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4 the Damage is absorbed. 
> Invulnerable: If a Unit with Force Field is hit roll 1D6. 
On a roll of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 the Damage is absorbed. 
> Spirit Form: Immune to normal physical Attacks. Can only be harmed by 
Spells, Magical and Enchanted Weapons and Units. 
> Poison: If a Poisoned Attack fails to Hit roll again: On a roll of 1-2 on 
1D6 the Attack causes 1 Damage. 
> Martyr: If an adjacent friendly unit is attacked, this unit may switch 
places with it and take the attack instead. 
> Drain: If the attack causes damage, the Attacker draws 1 extra card next turn. 
>Slay X: Where X is a specific unit type such as Dragon or Goblin. The 
affected target type is always automatically hit and green cards cannot be 
used in defense. 
Note: Some units will have several layers of Passive Defenses. When hit, 
they will get to roll for each.  

Depending on the identity of the Unit and its 
Equipment layout Special cards will have a variety of 
Effects including Attacks, Defenses, Movement, and More. 

Most Units have only 1 Hit, that is, 1 point of Damage is 
Enough to destroy them. 
Important Heroes and Large Monsters will have extra Hits. 

> Attack 1 (1-4) = Attack of Range  1 and Hits on roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4
> Indirect 2 (1-3) = Attack of Range 1 or 2 and Hits on roll of 1, 2, or 3
Indirect Attacks can be made over other Units in the way
> Defend (1-2) = Negate an Attack on a roll of 1 or 2
> Move 3 = Unit can move 1, 2, or 3 spaces
> Receive (1-2) = Negate an Attack on a roll of 1 or 2 made by an adj enemy 
and do 1 Damage to them. Opponent may defend against this attack.  
> Second 1 (1-2) = If the unit already attacked this turn, use this card to 
Make a second Attack of Range 1 that hits on a roll of 1 or 2
> Stun 1 (1-4) = An Attack of range 1 that does no damage. If unit is 
Hit on a roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4 it loses its Action Token and does not get 
Another Action Token next turn.  
> Parry (1-3) = Negate an Attack on a roll of 1 or 2. Use only against 
Non-flexible Hand Held Weapons. 
> Flex 1 (1-3) = Attack of Range 1 and Hits on roll of 1, 2, or 3. A crushing 
Attack cannot be defended against by Shields or Parrying. 
> Pierce 2 (1-4) = Attack of Range 1 or 2 and Hits on roll of 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Light and Heavy Armor do not protect against Pierce Attacks.
> Crush 1 (1-3) = Attack of Range 1 and Hits on roll of 1, 2, or 3. A crushing 
Attack cannot be defended against by anything. 
> Push 1 (1-3) = An Attack of Range 1 that does no Damage. If unit is 
Hit on a roll of 1, 2, or 3 It must move away from the attacker 1 Space. If 
it cannot, it then automatically takes 1 Damage. Cavalry that is pushed is 
Unhorsed, and may spend its next action getting back on. 
> Swipe 1 (1-3) = 2 Attacks of Range 1 against 2 enemy units that are adjacent 
To both this Warrior and each other. Attacks hit on a roll of 1, 2, or 3. 
> Inspire 3 (1-4) = Target Friendly Unit up to 3 spaces away is inspired on a 
Roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4. An Inspired Unit draws 1 extra card on its turn. 
A Unit can be Inspired a max of once per turn. 
> Rally 3 (1-3) = Target Friendly Unit up to 3 spaces away is Rallied on a 
Roll of 1, 2, or 3. A Rallied Unit draws 1 extra Action Token on its turn. 
A Unit can be Inspired a max of once per turn. 
> Flying 3 = Unit can move 1, 2, or 3 spaces. It can move over other Units.
> Trap 1 (1-3) = Attack of Range 1 that hits on a roll of 1, 2, or 3. A Trapped 
Unit takes no Damage, but must use its next turn to try to escape on a roll of 
1-4 on 1D6. If it fails, it must try again the following turn. 
> Revive 1 (1-2) = Bring Back Friendly Dead Unit on a roll of 1 or 2 on 1D6
> Stun All 2 (1-3) = Effects all Enemy Units in Range
> Inspire 2 (1-3) = All Friendly Units up to 2 spaces away are inspired on a 
Roll of 1, 2, or 3. An Inspired Unit draws 1 extra card on its turn. 
> Lure 2 (1-4) = Target must move 1 Space towards Luring Unit. 
> Slow = Orange Cards can only be used to move 1 Space
> Berserk = Green Cards can also be used for Attack 1 (1-3)
> Burst X (1-3/1) = Attack of Range X (X as Defined by Unit) and Hits on a roll 
of 1, 2, or 3. It also hits Adjacent Units on a roll of 1 on 1D6. 
> Switch: Cause 2 friendly adjacent units to switch spaces. 
> Deploy: A friendly unit (within 5 Spaces) gets to take its turn immediately 
(out of turn). It also gets to move an extra 1 or 2 Spaces.  

Unit Type:		Blue Card:		Purple Card:		
Horse or Fast		Move 3			Move 4			
Bow and Arrow		Indirect 2 (1-3)	Indirect 3 (1-2)		
Crossbow		Pierce 2 (1-3)		Attack 3 (1-2)
Sling			Indirect 3 (1-2)	Indirect 3 (1-2)
Harquebus		Pierce 2 (1-4)		Pierce 3 (1)
Blunderbuss		Attack 2 (1-3)		Attack 2 (1-2)
Shield			Defend (1-3)		Defend (1-2)
Empty Hand		Move = 1		Defend (1-2)
Dagger			Attack 1 (1-3) 		None
Spear or Lance		Push 1 (1-3)		Attack 1 or Receive (1-2)
Pike 2H			Receive 1 (1-3)		Push 1 or Receive (1-3)
Javelin			Indirect 2 (1-2)	Indirect 2 (1-3)		
Mace or Club		Attack 1 (1-3)		Stun 1 (1-4)		
Sword or Scimitar	Attack 1 (1-3)		Parry (1-3)
Main Gauche     	Parry (1-4)		Parry (1-3)
Staff     	   	Stun 1 (1-3)		Parry (1-4)
Dual Wielding		Defend (1-2)   		Second 1 (1-3)
Great Sword 2H		Swipe 1 (1-2)		Attack 1 (1-3)	
Small Axe		Attack 1 (1-3) 		Attack 1 (1-2)	
Thrown Hand Weapon	Attack 2 (1-2) 		None
Battle Axe 2H		None			Swipe 1 (1-3)		
Flail			Flex 1 (1-3)		None
War Hammer or Pick	Pierce 1 (1-3)		None		
Halberd or Polearm	Attack 1 (1-4)		Receive (1-3)
Fork			Attack 1 (1-3)		Pierce 1 (1-2)
Whip			Stun 1 (1-3)		Rally 1 (1-3)
Horn, Flag, Leader	Inspire 3 (1-4)		Rally 3 (1-3)			
Fangs			None			Attack 1 (1-3)
Claws			Attack 1 (1-3)		None
Horns or Tusks		None			Pierce 1 (1-3)
Wings or Flyer		Flying 3		Flying 4
Net or Lasso or Web	None			Trap 1 (1-3)
Bola			Trap 2 (1-3)		None
Elemental Form  	Crush 1 (1-3)		Defend (1-3) 
Fire Attack, Breath     Attack 1 (1-4)		Attack 2 (1-3)
Freeze Attack, Breath	Trap 1 (1-4)		Stun 2 (1-3)
Air Attack		Push 2 (1-3)		None
Water Attack		None 			Flex 2 (1-3)
Poison Gas		Attack 1 (1-2)		Attack 1 (1-2)
Lightning Attack     	Attack 1 (1-4)		Stun 2 (1-3)
Tail Swipe		None    		Stun 1 (1-4)
Giant Stomp/Strength	Crush 1 (1-3)    	None
Trample			Push 1 (1-3)		Push 1 (1-2)
Kick			Attack 1 (1-3)		None
Catapult or Boulder	None    		Crush/Indirect 4 (1-2)
Ballista		None    		Pierce 4 (1-3)
Cannon Ball		Crush 4 (1-3)    	None	
Grenade, Bomb, Shell	Burst X (1-3/1)		None
Tentacle		Flex 1 (1-2)		Trap 1 (1-2)
Death Touch or Lethal	None     		Attack 1 (1-5)
Regeneration		Defend (1-3)    	Regain 1 Lost Hit
Multi-Attack		Swipe 1 (1-3)		Second 1 (1-3)
Swarm 			Defend (1-5)		Flex 1 (1-3)	
Invisibility		Defend (1-5)		Attack 1 (1-4)
Angelic, Demi-God	Attack (1-4)		Defend (1-4)
Elite, Veteran		Defend (1-3)		Attack (1-3)
Petrify			Crush 2 (1-3)		Crush 2 (1-2)	
Mage			Blue Mage Spell 	Purple Mage Spell
Priest			Blue Priest Spell	Purple Priest Spell
Necromancer		Blue Necro Spell	Purple Necro Spell
Heal			Revive 1 (1-2)   	None
Charm   		Lure 2 (1-4)    	Trap 1 (1-3) or Defend (1-3)
Taunt   		Lure 2 (1-4)    	None
Cause Fear    		Push 2 (1-3)    	None
Stealth			Flex 1 (1-4)		Defend (1-4)
Trickery or Wit		Stun 1 (1-4)		Trap 1 (1-3)   	
Hide 			Defend (1-4)		None
Small 			Small (1-3)		None
Ambush or Pounce 	Receive 1 (1-3)		None
Surprise or Stalk	Attack 1 (1-4)   	None
Music 			Inspire All 2 (1-3) 	Stun All 2 (1-2)
Screech			None 			Stun All 2 (1-4)
Master Archer		Attack 4 (1-5)		Second 3 (1-3)
Tracker			Move 2 			Move 2
Tactics			Switch 			Deploy

A Unit can have multiple Types. For Example 
A Single Unit might have a Sword, Horse, and a Shield, so 
A special Card could be used by it for any of those effects. 

For a Unit to cast a spell, It must first play a Blue or Purple card, then 
It must play a second card. The combination of the 2 cards will 
Determine what spell is cast. Each type of Magic User will have his 
Own spell list of 12 possible Spells. For lists with more than 12 cards 
there will be additional 2 color card combinations(Such as R/R = Red/Red)  

Spell:			Cards	Notes
Magic Missile		B/R	Pierce 2 (1-5)
Fire Ball		B/O	Attack 3 (1-4) Adj Units Hit on roll of 1
Lightning Bolt		B/Y	Attack 4 (1-3) Adj Units Stunned on Roll of 1-2
Cone of Cold		B/G	Trap 2 (1-4) Adj Units Trapped on Roll of 1-2
Paralyze		B/B	Stun 2 (1-5)
Mesmer			B/P	Trap 1 (1-3) Adj Foes Trapped on Roll of 1-3
Prismatic Spray		P/R	Mage gets Force Field for next 4 turns
Teleport		P/O	Mage or Adj Unit gets Flying 7
Haste			P/Y	Rally 2 (1-6)
Polymorph		P/G	Transform 2 (1-3) Unit into another of up to 1D6 Hits
Summon Elemental	P/B	Summon (1-3) 1 Elemental
Earthquake		P/P	Stun 3 (1-3) Adj Units Stunned on Roll of 1-3
Flash			R/R	Stun 1 (1-4) Adj Units Stunned on Roll of 1-2
Enchant			R/O	Create a Magic Item that lasts for 2D6 Turns
Phantasmal Forces	R/Y	Summon (1-4) 1 Phantasm
Invisibility		R/G	Self or Target 1(1-4) Gets Invisibility for 1D6 Turns

Resurrect		B/R	Bring Back Friendly Dead Unit on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6
Cure			B/O	Negate (1-4) Poison, Polymorph, Curse, Weakness, Petrify
Circle of Protection	B/Y	Priest and Adj Friendly Units get Force Field this turn
Turn Undead		B/G	Attack 1 (1-5) Adj Units hit on 1-3. Vs Undead Only
Bless			B/B	Inspire 2 (1-5) Adj Friendly Units Inspired on Roll of 1-3
Holy Word		B/P	Rally 3 (1-4) Adj Friendly Units Rallied on Roll of 1-2
Smite			P/R	Crush 1 (1-6) 
Wrath			P/O	Attack 4 (1-3) Adj Units Hit on roll of 1-3
Holy Armor		P/Y	Range 2 Target gets Force Field for 3 Turns   
Awe			P/G	Stun 1 (1-6) and Adjacent Foes Stunned on Roll of 1-4
Control Mind		P/B	Control Unit 2 (1-5) For 1D6 Turns
Summon Angel		P/P	Summon (1-3) 1 Guardian Angel 

Animate Dead    	B/R	Summon (1-4) 1 Zombie or Skeleton 
Summon Undead   	B/O	Summon (1-3) 1 Ghost or Vampire
Touch of Death		B/Y	Attack 1 (1-5)
Raise Dead		B/G	Bring Back Friendly Dead Unit on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6
Curse			B/B	Range 4 (1-4) Unit Draws 1 less card each turn
Weakness		B/P	Trap 2 (1-5) and Adjacent Foes Trapped on Roll of 1-3
Drain Energy		P/R	Stun 1 (1-6) and Caster draws 1 extra card next turn
Fear			P/O	Push 2 (1-5) and Adjacent Enemy Units Pushed on roll of 1-3
Summon Swarm    	P/Y	Summon (1-3) 1 Rat or Bat Swarm   
Dark Ritual		P/G	Caster Draws 3 extra cards next turn
Dominate		P/B	Control Unit 2 (1-5) For 1D6 Turns
Cursed Ground   	P/P	Target Hex 3 All Units entering this Hex are Attacked (1-3)
Misdirection		R/R	Move Foe 3 (1-5) up to 2 spaces in any direction
Darkness		R/O	All Units within 3 Hexes draw 1 less card their next turn

Spell:			Cards	Notes
Summon Warrior 		B/R	Summon (1-4) 1 Orc, Lizardman, Goblin, etc. 
Flame Strike		B/O	Attack 4 (1-4) Adj Units Hit on roll of 1
Lightning Storm		B/Y	Attack 3 (1-3) Adj Units Stunned on Roll of 1-2
Freeze			B/G	Trap 2 (1-3) Adj Units Trapped on Roll of 1-3
Reincarnate		B/B	Bring Back Friendly Dead Unit on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6
Blood Ritual		B/P	Caster Draws 3 extra cards next turn
Blood Fury 		P/R	Rally 2 (1-4) Adj Friendly Units Rallied on Roll of 1-2
Wind Walk		P/O	Shaman and 1 Adj Unit gets Flying 5
Blood Rage		P/Y	Inspire 3 (1-5) Adj Friendly Units Inspired on Roll of 1-3
Telekinesis		P/G	Push 3 (1-4)
Spirit Call     	P/B	Summon (1-3) 1 Elemental or Ghost
Tornado 		P/P	Attack 3 (1-3) Adj Units Hit on Roll of 1-2
Shout			R/R	Stun 2 (1-5) and Adjacent Foes Stunned on Roll of 1-3

Call of the Wild	B/R	Summon Randomly 1 Bear, Warthog, or Dire Wolf
Force of Nature		B/O	Summon 1 Treant
Savage	Swipe		B/Y	Swipe 1 (1-3)
Rejuvenate		B/G	Bring Back Friendly Dead Unit on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6
Bark Skin		B/B	Self or Range 1 Unit gains Heavy Armor and 1 Hit
Tangling Roots		B/P	Trap 2 (1-5) and Adjacent Foes Trapped on Roll of 1-3
Forest Walk		P/R	Move 6
Giant Size		P/O	Range 1 Unit gains 2 Hits, Giant Strength, and Boulder 
Summon Swarm    	P/Y	Summon 1 Insect Swarm   
Energize		P/G	Inspire 1 (1-5) Adj Units Inspired on roll of 1-3 
Bestial Fury		P/B	Rally 1 (1-4) Adj Units Rallied on roll of 1-3
Rust			P/P	Destroy (1-3) Target and Adj Metal Armor and Weapons
Wind Gust		R/R	Push 2 (1-5)

Resurrect, Reincarnate, Raise Dead, Rejuvenate Spells: 
Dead Unit reappears in empty space next to Spell-caster. 
If the first spell does not work, neither will a second one of this type.  

Summoned Units start adjacent to the Spell Caster that summoned them. 
They will remain for the duration of the Battle or until killed. 
They cannot be brought back to life if killed. 
A Spell-caster can summon a max of 5 Hits worth of Units per battle. 

Fire Drake: Fire Breath, Wings, Claws, Bite, Tough Hide, Tail Swipe, 5 Hits
Ground Drake: Fast, Claws, Bite, Tough Hide, Tail Swipe, Trample, 4 Hits
Ice Drake: Freeze Breath, Wings, Claws, Bite, Tough Hide, Tail Swipe, 3 Hits
Swamp Drake: Poison Gas, Wings, Claws, Bite, Tough Hide, Tail Swipe, 3 Hits
Sky Drake: Lightning Breath, Wings, Claws, Bite, Thick Skin, Tail Swipe, 2 Hits
Dire Wolf: Claws, Bite, Fast, Tracker, Thick Skin, 2 Hits
Ogre: Pole Arm, Thick Skin, 2 Hits
War Troll: Claws, Thick Skin, Heavy Armor, War Hammer, Regeneration, 3 Hits
Cave Troll: Claws, Club, Thick Skin, Hide, 2 Hits
Hill Giant: Spear, Thick Skin, Giant Strength, Thrown Boulder, 3 Hits
Stone Giant: Club, Tough Hide, Giant Stomp, Thrown Boulder, 3 Hits
Frost Giant: Battle Axe, Tough Hide, Giant Stomp, Thrown Boulder, 4 Hits
Fire Giant: Bow & Arrows, Tough Hide, Giant Stomp, 4 Hits
Storm Giant: Mace, Tough Hide, Giant Stomp, Lightning Attack, 5 Hits
Skeleton: Skeletal Form, Undead
Ghost: Spirit Form, Undead, Death Touch
Zombie: Regeneration, Undead, Bite
Djinn: Elemental Form, Flying, Mage, Scimitar, 2 Hits
Golem: Elemental Form, Hard Shell, 3 Hits
Vampire: Flying, Claws, Bite, Drain, Regeneration, Undead, 2 Hits
Hydra: Multi-Attack, Regeneration, Fire Breath, Bite, 3 Hits
Minotaur: Horns, Battle Axe, 2 Hits
Medusa: Petrify
Naga: Light Armor, Bow & Arrows, Tail Swipe, Poison
Chimera: Horns, Bite, Claws, Wings, 2 Hits
Manticore: Claws, Bite, Poison, Wings, 2 Hits
Unicorn: Horn, Fast, Kick, Cure and Bless Spells
Pegasus: Wings, Kick
Griffon: Wings, Claws, Bite, 2 Hits
Cockatrice: Wings, Thick Skin, Petrify
Siren: Music, Charm, Bite
Harpy: Screech, Wings, Claws
Sphinx: Trickery, Claws, Wings, 3 Hits
Banshee: Spirit Form, Screech, Undead, Death Touch
Earth Elemental: Elemental Form, Hard Shell, 2 Hits
Fire Elemental: Elemental Form, Fire Attack, 2 Hits
Air Elemental: Elemental Form, Air Attack, Flying, 2 Hits
Water Elemental: Elemental Form, Water Attack, Regeneration, 2 Hits
Phantasm: Charm, Flying 
Guardian Angel: Wings, Sword, Shield, Angelic, 2 Hits
Lemures: Swarm, Bite, Martyr, Infernal
Imps: Wings, Slings, Small, Taunt, Infernal
Lesser Devil: Wings, Whip, Fork, Infernal
Succubus: Wings, Whip, Charm, Infernal
Greater Demon: Claws, Bite, Horns, Fire Attack, 2 Hits, Infernal
Ice Demon: Claws, Freeze Attack, Thick Skin, 2 Hits, Infernal
Demon Lord: Claws, Wings, Leader, Sword, Fire Attack, 4 Hits, Infernal
Lich: Undead, Regeneration, Claws, Necromancer, 2 Hits
Insect Swarm: Swarm, Wings, Poison, 2 Hits
Rat Swarm: Swarm, Bite, Claws, 2 Hits
Bat Swarm: Swarm, Wings, Bite, 2 Hits
Bear: Claws, Bite, Heavy Armor, 2 Hits
Boar: Fast, Tusks
Frog: Harmless, Small, Slow
Giant Spider: Bite, Poison, Web
War Elephant: Trample, Tusks, Thick Skin, 3 Hits
Sprites: Fey, Wings, Small, Trickery
Fairies: Fey, Wings, Small, Taunt
Redcaps: Fey, Dagger, Small, Surprise
Nymphs: Fey, Charm, Claws
Dryads: Fey, Fast
Fairy Queen: Fey, Leader, Druid, Wings
Sylvan Elves: Fey, Bow & Arrows
Wisp: Fey, Spirit Form, Charm
Beholder: Flying, Mage, 2 Hits
Mind Flayer: Drain, Mesmer, Mage
Centaur: Fast, Kick, Bow & Arrows or Club, 2 Hits
Phoenix: Wings, Fire Attack, Regeneration, 2 Hits
Armored Warhorse: Kick, Fast, Heavy Armor 
Satyr: Music, Kick
Amazons: Charm, Bows & Arrows or Spear
Barbarian: Berserk, Axe or Battle Axe
Ranger: Elite, Tracker, Bow & Arrows, Sword
Gnome: Blunderbuss, Small, Light Armor
Cyclops: Club, Bite, 3 Hits
Lion: Claws, Bite, Leader, 2 Hits
Tiger: Claws, Bite, Stalk, 2 Hits
Panther: Claws, Bite, Pounce
Gorilla: Claws, Bite, Thick Skin, 2 Hits
Rhino: Horn, Tough Hide, Trample, 2 Hits
Snake: Bite, Poison, Stealth, Slow
Eagle: Claws, Wings
Gargoyle: Claws, Wings, Taunt, Hard Shell, 2 Hits
Iron Golem: Slow, Giant Strength, Hard Shell, 3 Hits 
Treant: Tough Hide, Claws, 3 Hits
Pack of Hounds: Swarm, Fast, Bite
Titan: Lightning Attack, Giant Stomp, Heavy Armor, 6 Hits
Chaos Monster: Tentacles, Bite, Regeneration, 4 Hits
Death Knight: Undead, Heavy Armor, Skeletal Form, Leader, Great Sword
Paladin: Heavy Armor, Sword, Shield, Horse, Lance, Elite, Priest
Bard: Music, Sword, Charm, Horse
Halfling Burglar: Small, Stealth, Sword, Dagger, Light Armor
Assassin: Dagger, Stealth, Poison, Lethal
Bodyguard: Sword, Martyr, Elite, 1 Fate, Light Armor
Duelist: Sword, Main Gauche, Elite, 1 Skill, Dual Wield
Tactician: Tactics, Leadership, Sword
Goblin Grenadier: Small, Grenade (Range = 2), Dagger
Goblin Kite: Flying, Bomb (Straight Down: Range = 0)
Dwarven Demolition Team: Bomb (Range = 1), Sword
Dwarven Miner: Hammer and Pick
Dwarven Mortar: Shell (Range = 3), Slow, Crew, 3 Hits
Dwarf Giant Slayer: War Hammer, Slay Giant, Elite
Imperial Cannon: Cannon, Slow, Crew, 3 Hits
Long Neck: Slow, Trample, Tail Swipe, Tough Hide, 4 Hits
Mini-Raptors: Swarm, Bite, Claws, Fast
Raptor: Fast, Bite, Claws
Carnosaur: Fast, Bite, Tough Skin, 2 Hits
T-Rex: Fast, Tough Hide, Bite, 3 Hits
Pterodactyl: Wings, Claws
Triceratops: Horns, Tough Hide, 3 Hits
Stegosaur: Slow, Tail Swipe, Thick Skin, 2 Hits

When attacking a Mounted Unit, there is a 50% the Mount will 
be targeted instead. This includes the Horse ability, which in this case, 
would mean the unit loses the Horse ability for the rest of the 
game unless somehow remounted.  

Concerning Cannons, Catapults, Siege Engines, War Machines, and the like. 
These Units include a Crew of Operators. These functionaries are 
abstracted into the Units Stats as a whole. 

Ring of Regeneration: Unit gets Regeneration
Seven League Boots: Unit gets Fast
Flying Disk: Unit gets Flying
Vorpal Blade: (Sword) Unit gets Lethal
Eldritch Blade: (Sword) Unit gets Mage
Ancient Grimore: Unit gets Necromancer
Flame Brand: (Sword) Unit gets Fire Attack
Venom Dagger: Weapon has Poison
Sword of Sharpness: May Use Red Card for Attack 1 (1-4)
Rune Sword: (Great Sword) Unit gets Drain 
Cloak of Invisibility: Unit gets Invisibility
Wand Of Fireballs: Cast Fireball Spell for just 1 Purple card
Lightning Staff: Cast Lightning Bolt Spell for just 1 Purple card
Dragon Slayer Spear: Unit gets Slay Dragons
Goblin Bane: Unit gets Slay Goblins
Ring of Power: Invisibility and Wielder draws 1 extra card per turn 
Potion of Strength: Unit can use Boulder and Stomp attacks for 4 Turns
Potion of Healing: Single use Cure Spell
Horn of Blasting: Unit can cast Earthquake Spell for just 1 Purple card
Shield of Blocking: Unit immune to Non-Spell Ranged Attacks
Hammer of Crushing: All its Attacks are Crush
Scroll of Protection: Single Use Circle of Protection Spell
Magic Armor: Unit gets +1 Hit
Crown of Command: Unit can cast Control Mind Spell for just 1 Purple card
Rod of Ruin: Unit can cast Earthquake Spell for just 1 Purple card
Mace of Disrupting: Wielder gets -1 to Rolls to Attack and Stun with Mace
Yew Bow: Increase Range of all Attacks by one
Arrows of Slaying: 3 Uses: Slay All
Notes: Items can be handed off from 1 unit to another adjacent unit at 
either the beginning or end of the turn. Killed units can be looted at the 
end of the turn and Items retrieved. 

Humans are the only race with Priests. 
Humans have Horses. Other Armies rarely have them.
Human Armies benefit from a high level of diversity, ingenuity, 
industriousness, cooperation, and aggressiveness. 
This manifests as an extra 20% Gold when recruiting.   

Long lived Dwarves are very Tough. 
They can use Red Cards to Defend (1-3) 
All Dwarves will have Mithril Armor (Passive Defense).
Dwarf Armies usually contain several Hero Warriors. 
Very rarely they will have a Mage called a Rune Master. 
Dwarves have short Legs. Orange cards only provide a Move = 1. 

Very long lived Elves are very skilled. 
Every High Elf Unit draws an extra card on their turn.
Mages are common. 

Every Forest Elf Unit has the traits Stealth and Hide. 
They favor Bows and Swords.   
Forest Elves rarely use siege engines, guns, or mechanical weapons. 
They will have Druids and a few Mages. 

These Degenerate Elves rely heavily on Mages and Magic Items.  
They will have whole Squads equipped with Flying Discs and 
Fireball Wands. 

Orcs are Ferocious and have a ton of Endurance.
Red cards allow a Move of 1 or 2. 
Green cards defend on a roll of 1-4. 
Yellow cards hit on a roll of 1-4. 
Orcs employ Shamans and occasionally Necromancers  but are 
always led by a Heroic War Chief. 
Orc Armies will often include Ogres, Trolls, and other Monsters. 

Goblins are Small and Weak. 
Green cards only defend on a roll of 1-2. 
Yellow cards only hit on a roll of 1-2.
They are numerous. Every Unit actually represents several Goblins.  
They cannot lift Pikes, Battle Axes, or Great Swords. 
Some Tribes ride Boars or Dire wolves into battle.
Goblins will have Shamans and Mages
Every Unit will have either the Swarm, Poison, Ambush, or Trickery Trait. 

Led by a Necromancer or Lich. 
These will usually be an eclectic mix of undead including 
skeletal versions of other Monster types such as Dragons and Giants.

Lizard Men use primitive weapons: Clubs, Spears, Javelins, Bolas, Nets. 
Their Scaly Hide lets them use Orange cards to Defend (1-3). 
Lizard Men have Shamans.
They have domesticated Dinosaurs and use them as Mounts.  

Dragon Men prefer Swords and Great Swords
They will wear Heavy armor in addition to their Scaly Hides. 
Their Scaly Hide lets them use Orange cards to Defend (1-3).
They have supporting Mages.  
They worship Dragon Gods and will often have Drakes in their Ranks
and will use Ground Drakes as Mounts. 

These will be led by a very powerful Mage. 
They will often have a very odd mix of Monsters.  

These will be led by a Druid. 
They will contain Forest dwelling Plant Creatures and Beasts such as 
Bears, Boars, Wolves, Centaurs, and Treants.
They will occasionally have Fey as well.  

These will be commanded by a Fairy Queen. 
All Fey units have the Hide Ability. 
Their Arracks are weak, so they only hit on a roll of 1-2 with Yellow cards. 
In addition to Fey units, there may be Gnomes, Goblins and Trolls as well. 

These will be led by a Demon Lord and consist of all Infernal Units.
Infernal Units when destroyed return to their plane of Origin. 
Because of this they have no sense of self Preservation. 
Green cards provide no Defense. Instead use them for Attack 1 (1-3).   

Giants love a good Raid. 
They think its great Fun to terrorize the Countryside.
There will be a mix of Giant types with a Storm Giant as Chief. 

Armies are created with gold. 
In general, a Unit costs 1 Gold per Hit it has. 
Armies are also limited by the number of Spell-casters they can have. 
Typically, an Army can have 1 Spell-caster per 20 or less Gold. 

Heroes are exceptional Warriors or Spell-casters. 
They are often the Leaders of Armies. 
A Hero will have 1 or More Levels. 
Hero Levels cost 1 Gold each when building Armies. 
Most Heroes max out at level 10 or less.  
For every Level a Hero has, roll once on the Hero Ability Table:

1D6:	Ability:	Notes:
1	Durability	Hits +1
2	Skill		Draw +1 Card when Drawing
3	Fate		Reroll +1 Die-roll per Turn
4	Relic		Gain 1 Magic Item
5	Special		Unique to this Hero
6	Reroll 

These can add a lot of personality to your Heroes. Some examples: 
> Special Mount: Drake, Unicorn, Pegasus
> Special Companions: Animals, Familiars, Bodyguards, Friends
> Special Skill: Leader, Dual Wield, Poison, Heal, Stealth, Trickery, Tactics
> Spell Like Ability useable by playing a single Purple card: Awe, Fear, etc.
> Improved Basic Card Effects: Red Cards can be used for Move 1 or 2, 
Orange Cards can be Used to Defend (1-2), Blue cards can be used as Purple cards  

Conan the Barbarian: 4 Hits, 3 Skill, 2 Fate, Stealth, Sword, Battle Axe
Gandalf the Grey: 3 Hits, 2 Skill, 3 Fate, Mage, Priest, Druid, Staff, Sword
Wizard of Earthsea: 2 Fate, Mage, Druid, Staff
Elric of Melibone: 2 Hits, 2 Skill, 3 Fate, Mage, Runesword, Archer Companion  
Beast Master: 3 Hits, 2 Skill, 1 Fate, Sword, Panther and Eagle Companions, Trickery
Master of the Hunt: 3 Hits, 1 Skill, 1 Fate, Tactics, Spear, Tracker, 3 Packs of Hounds
Achilles: 2 Hits, 3 Skill, 2 Fate, Invulnerable, Sword, Shield, Spear
Lancelot: 3 Hits, 3 Skill, 1 Fate, Heavy Armor, Sword, Shield, Horse, Lance
Robin Hood: 2 Hits, 4 Skill, Master Archer, Bow & Arrows, Leader, Ambush, Sword

Greek Heroes vs Greek Monsters

Hercules: 5 Hits, 2 Skill, 2 Fate, Giant Strength, Demi-God, Bow & Arrows, Club
Perseus: 2 Hits, 2 Skill, 2 Fate, Leader, Sword, Shield
Icarus: 1 Skill, Wings, Dagger, Sling
Theseus: 2 Hits, 2 Skill, 1 Fate, Stealth, Wit, Sword, Tactics, Bow & Arrows
Bellerophon: 2 Skill, 1 Fate, Pegasus, Spear, Wit
6 Hoplites: Shield, Heavy Armor, Spear
4 Archers: Bow & Arrows, Dagger
2 Slingers: Sling, Sword

Medea: Mage, Charm, Dagger, 1 Skill, 1 Fate, Leader
1 Chimera, 1 Medusa, 1 Hydra, 1 Cyclops, 
2 Centaurs with Bows & Arrows
8 Myrmidons: Sword, Shield, Light Armor

Japanese Army vs Japanese Monsters

1 Shogun: 2 Hits, 2 Skill, 1 Fate, Heavy Armor, Leader, Tactics, Elite, Sword
1 Wu Jen Sorcerer: Mage, Staff
1 Shukenja: Priest 
4 Samurai: Heavy Armor, Elite, Horse, Bow & Arrows, Martyr, Sword  
2 Warrior Monks: 1 Skill, Staff
1 Ninja: Stealth, Surprise, 1 Skill, Lethal, Sword, Trickery, Ambush
4 Bushi: Spear, Light Armor
4 Gunners: Harquebus, Light Armor
2 Signalers: Flag, Light Armor

1 Dark Lord: Necromancer, Staff
1 Ogre Magi: Mage, Pole-Arm, Giant Strength, 2 Hits
1 Typhoon Dragon: Wings, Claws, Bite, Wind Attack, Water Attack, 3 Hits
1 Oni: Infernal, Horns, Claws, Great Sword, Invisible, Flying, 3 Hits
2 Gaki: Spirit Form, Fire Attack
2 Kappa: Hard Shell, Claws, Bite
2 Ghouls: Undead, Bite, Berserk, Fast
2 Hopping Vampires: Undead, Regenerate, Slow
6 Goblin-Rats: Swarm, Bite, Spears
1 Tengu: Wings, Sword, Mage, Elite


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