INTRODUCTION Card game for 2-4 players. Early 19th Century Whale Hunting Theme. SCALE Each Player represents one Whaling Ship of European/American Identity. One Game represents one Whaling Season. GAME END The Game ends when players have gone through the deck twice. VICTORY At the end of the game the player with the most Blubber Tokens wins. BLUBBER TOKENS Use change to represent Blubber Tokens. Blubber Tokens represent all valuable parts of the Whale including Meat and Bone. Every time a player catches a Whale, he is awarded Blubber Tokens. THE DECK Players share a common deck. There are 6 Card Types: Whale, Sea, Catch, Difficulty, Event, Modifier SETUP Shuffle the Deck. The player with the most Blubber goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 4 Phases: Sail Phase Event Phase Hunt Phase Catch Phase SAIL PHASE Fill your hand to 7 cards. When the deck runs out the first time, shuffle the Discard and draw from it. EVENT PHASE You may play (discard) 1 Event card in this Phase. HUNT PHASE Discard 1 Catch card from your hand to go Hunting. (If you have no catch cards you get a Mulligan and the phase ends) To Hunt draw a random card from any opponents hand. (The player fans out the cards in his hand face down) If you draw a Whale card, you have caught a Whale of the indicated Type: Gain Blubber Tokens as stated on the card. Any player may play a Modifier card to increase or decrease the value of the catch. If you draw a Difficulty card the Phase ends and you must Skip your next Turn. If you draw a Sea, Catch, Event, or Modifier card nothing happens. Discard the Catch card you played and the card you drew. You may normally go hunting only once on your turn. CATCH PHASE If you got a Mulligan this turn, discard your entire hand. Fill your hand to 7 cards. Clarification: If you did not have a Mulligan, you do not discard your hand: Just fill your hand to 7 cards. CARD LIST NOTATION BT = Blubber Tokens W = Whale S = Sea C = Catch CE = Catch or Event CM = Catch or Modifier D = Difficulty E = Event M = Modifier CARD LIST Card Name: Type Notes: Sperm Whale W Worth 5 BT. 4 Copies of this card in Deck Right Whale W Worth 4 BT. 4 Copies of this card in Deck Finback Whale W Worth 3 BT. 4 Copies of this card in Deck Arctic S Horn Sound S Beaufort Sea S Bay of Biscay S Greenland Fishery S Atlantic Ocean S North Sea S Coastal Waters S Tropical Waters S Massachusetts Bay S Nantucket S West Indies S Gulf of Mexico S Cape Verde Islands S Coast of Africa S Guinea S Brazil S Spitsbergen S Carolinas S South Pacific S Pack Ice D Miss next 2 Turns Storm D Off Course D Bad Luck D Over Fishing D May be used as a Catch Card Dangerous Voyage D May be used as a Catch Card Depleted Stocks D Extinction D Search Deck for a Whale card & remove it from the game Mocha Dick D Lose 2 BT Ship Wreck D Lose 3 BT War D Lose 3 BT Hand Held Harpoons C Migration CE As Event Look at Opponents Hand Whale Oil CM As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT Lances C Water Spout CE As Event Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn Whaling Ship C Exploitation CM As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT Harpoon Gun C Lookouts CE As Event Look at Opponents Hand Expedition CE As Event Draw 2 Cards Long Journey CE As Event Draw 2 Cards Whale Fleet C Hunting Grounds CE As Event Look at Opponents Hand Whale Boats C Capture C Butchery CM As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT Give Chase C Headsman C Prize CM As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT Men of Sail CE As Event Look at Opponents Hand Hunting Season CE As Event Look at Opponents Hand Commercial Whaling CM As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT Captain Ahab C If you use this to Hunt get an extra turn Confiscation E Steal 2 BT from an Opposing Player Voyage of Discovery E Draw 3 Cards Fair Weather E Draw 2 Cards Gam E Look at opponents Hand Second Sighting M Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn Pack M Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn Large School M Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn Experienced Sailors M Negate a Difficulty Card Dead M Whale worth –1 BT Drift Whale M Whale worth –1 BT Suckling M Whale worth –1 BT Profit M Whale Worth +1 BT Big One M Whale Worth +1 BT *************************************************************************************** OPTIONAL RULES *************************************************************************************** WHALING NATIONS Each player at the start of the game can choose 1 Nation. English: Good Sailors: When Hunting, the first Sea Card they draw in a Turn is discarded, and they may draw again. Dutch: Free Trade: Every Whale they catch is worth +1 BT. Americans: Industrious: Get an extra Hunt Phase every turn. Norwegians: Whaling Nation: Hand Size = 8 cards. Basques: Traditional Expertise: When Hunting, if they draw a Catch Card they may keep it and put it in their hand. *************************************************************************************** Whale Hunters Solo Dice Version Original 2 player dice game by Lloyd Krassner Adaption to solo play by Rob Dey Intro A whaling cruise from Nantucket to the south pacific. Game ends when boat and crew reach the south pacific or ship and/or crew is lost at sea.Voyage is profitable if BT is twice the origional crew. Will you and your crew turn a profit or never return to tell your tales? Set Up 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d20 Die result tables (below) tokens for keeping track of Hull, Rigging, Crew and cargo (Blubber Tokens ref to in doc as BT) Ship and crew Determine your ship and crew stength as noted on the ship chart below. If any stat falls to Zero, your Ship sinks (hull) is dead in the water and you and crew starve (rigging) or the ship becomes derilect (crew) The Cruise Each ground has two turns each. A turn starts with 1d6 roll. if result is 1, a d20 result is compared to the event chart for event resolution. A 1d6 of 2-3 is calm sailing alowing repairs. +1 to any rigging and hull damage. 5-6 is a whale sighting. The hunt Apon sighting a whale, ID your target with a 1d4 on the Whale ID chart. Next Determine the Hunt modifier with a 1d20 roll on the hunt modifier chart. Resolving the hunt is done with a 1d8 roll for whale strenght and a 1d10 roll for crew strenth, also adding the modifier where called for. Higher roll wins and kill, if made is scored. If tied, add to origional rolls 1d4 each. Repeat 1d4 until tie is broken. Notes Cruise can be rearranged to suit your taste of home port or can be shortened by reducing number of hunting grounds. Also Whale can be changed to any other type of sea life as to better suit your taste SHIP Name: Hull (1d20) Rigging (1d20) Crew (1d20) Additional crew can be taken in first turn in port areas. Number taken is a 1d6 roll. Recruiting cost is 1 turn and total crew can not excede 20. Port areas are Nantucket, Brazil, Bay of Biscay and spitsbergen. Hunting Route Nantucket Massachusetts Bay Carolinas Coastal Waters Gulf of Mexico Brazil West Indies Tropical Waters Cape Verde Islands Coast of Africa Bay of Biscay North Sea Atlantic Ocean Greenland Fishery Horn Sound Spitsbergen Arctic Beaufort Sea Guinea South Pacific SAILING EVENTS 1d6 1,4 1d6 Event 2-3 1d6 No Event 5-6 1d6 Whale Sighting Whale Sighting ID 1d4 1 Sperm Whale W Worth 5 BT. 2 Right Whale W Worth 4 BT. 3 Finback Whale W Worth 3 BT. 4 Beluga Whale W Worth 2 BT Whale Strenght 1d8 Crew Strenght 1d8 HUNT MODIFIERS/EVENTS- 1d20 01 Hand Held Harpoons +1d4 Catch roll 02 Migration If whale sighted, false sighting. If no whale sighted no whales this or next turn 03 Whale Oil As Modifier Whale worth +1 BT 04 Barbless Lances +1d4 Whale roll 05 Water Spout +1d6 Whale strenght roll 06 Whale boats Struck 1d4 crew lost 07 Harpoon Gun +1d6 Catch roll 08 Whale Fleet +2 Catch roll 09 Whale Boats +1d4 Catch roll 10 Capture Whale Captured regarless of catch roll 11 Butchery Whale worth +1 BT 12 Give Chase Second roll if first catch roll fails 13 Prize Whale worth +1 BT 14 Commercial Whaling in area Whale worth -1 BT 15 Captain Ahab Second roll if first catch roll fails 16 Second Sighting Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn 17 Large School Get an extra Hunt Phase this Turn 18 Dead Whale worth –1 BT 19 Suckling Whale worth –1 BT 20 Big One Whale Worth +1 BT -EVENTS- 1d20 01 Pack Ice d4 damage hull 02 Storm d4 damage rigging 1d4 Crew lost 03 Off Course Lose 1d6 turns 04 Bad Luck 1d8 1-4 1d4 Crew 5-8 1d4 BT lost 05 Over Fishing No catch next this or next fishing ground 06 Dangerous Voyage 1-3 1d6 1d4 BT lost 4-6 1d6 1d4 crew lost 07 Depleted Stocks No catch this area 08 Extinction Remove one Whale species from game 09 Recruitment Gain 1d6 Crew 10 Salvage cargo +1d4 BT 11 War Lose 3 BT 12 Whaling Ship Repair 1d6 damage Rigging and Hull 13 Confiscation Lose all BT 14 Fair Weather Repair 1d4 Damage Rigging and Hull 15 Experienced Sailors All damage repaired 16 Pirates Lose all BT plus 1d4 crew 17 Shoals 1d6 Hull damage 18 Loose cargo lose 1d6 BT 19 Whale strike 1d4 Hull damage 20 Illness 1d4 Crew NOTE- Event rolls 9, 12, 14, 15 can be saved for later use at the cost of one turn per roll used ************************************************************************************ LINKS Whaling Wikipedia

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