Card game between rival Wizards.

The first player to accumulate 25+ Fate points is the winner.

Players share a common deck.

There are three types of points players must keep tract of:
Lore Points: Used for Bidding to acquire cards.
Heka Points: Used to play Spell cards.
Fate Points: Used to determine the winner at the end of the game.
Points are represented by tokens (Counters, markers, stones)
Use Blue stones for Lore.
Use Red stones for Heka.
Use Yellow stones for Fate.
Individual cards may specify other additional Token types.

Each player starts with a hand of 7 cards.
Place 5 cards face up in the center of the Table. These are the Bid cards.

Each turn is divided into 4 Phases:
Research Phase
Mysteries Phase
Bid Phase
Magic Phase

Each player generates Lore Tokens.
Each player automatically gets 7 Lore Tokens.
Certain cards generate additional Tokens. 

There will be 5 or less cards face up in the center of the Table. 
These are the Bid cards.
If there are fewer cards, draw replacement cards from the deck.

Using Lore points, players bid on the five Bid cards. 
A player may bid with some, none, or all of his lore tokens.
Lore tokens may be saved from turn to turn.
A player may bid on some, none, or all of the Bid cards.
If you win a bid, keep the card (it goes to your hand) and discard the tokens you bid.
If you lose a bid, you get back the tokens you bid.
In a tie, all bidders have their bid returned. 
At the end of the phase put a time token on all remaining Bid cards.
A Bid card with 3+ time tokens is discarded.
Maximum hand size is 12 cards. Discard excess cards.

You may play cards from your hand.
Cards are played face up one the table near you.
Certain cards you have in play will generate Heka or Fate tokens for you.
Fate tokens are saved from turn to turn.
Heka tokens are lost at the end of this phase if they are not used.
Cards that have the trait ‘permanent’ remain in play. 
Non-permanent cards are discarded at the end of this phase. 
To play some cards requires a specific amount of Heka to be used up.
To play some cards requires the presence of other cards with certain traits.
An Interrupt card can be played to negate a Spell card just played.

If a Scry card is played in Magics phase, you may look at an 
Opponents’ hand, or the next 7 cards in the deck.

A Wizard can only have one Wand.
A Wizard can only have one Knife or Sword.
A Wizard can only have one Location.
A Wizard can only have one Familiar.
A Wizard can only have one Body Type.
A Wizard can only use one card with the Time trait per turn.
Wizards that have used evil cards cannot use good cards.

P = Permanent
O = Object
S = Spell
F = Fire
E = Earth
A = Air
W = Water
R = Spirit 
D = Divination
N = Nature
HX= Card generates X Heka points in Magics Phase
KX = Card uses up X Heka to be played in Magics Phase
{…} = To be played, this Card requires another card with this trait to be in play.
L1 = Card generates 1 Lore point in Research Phase
FX = Card generates X Fate points in Magics Phase
F(X) = Card is worth X Fate points at end of game
Q = Enchantment
Y = Alchemy
L = Location 
V = Event
B = Symbol
M = System of Magic
G = Grimore (Book)
Z = Organization (Allies, Secret Societies)
T = Time

Card Name:			Notes:
Oak Wand			P, O, H1, F, {Q}
Rowan Wand			P, O, H1, F, {Q}
Yew Wand			P, O, H1, F, {Q}
Ash Wand			P, O, H1, F, {Q}
Hawthorn Wand			P, O, H1, F, {Q}
Divinatory Meditation		S, F2, K3, {D} (Scry)
Oak Tree Grove			P, L, H1	
Crystal Ball			P, O, D	
Athame (Knife)			P, O, Q
Boline (Knife)			P, O, Q
Double Edged Knife		P, O, Q
Ceremonial Sword		P, O, Q
Obsidian Knife			P, O, Q
Candle 				P, O, H1, F (3 uses)
Tablet				P, O, H1, E
Stone Disc			P, O, H1, E
Elemental Balance		P, K9, E, A, W, F, H1
Chalice				P, O, H1, W
Incense Burner			P, O, H1, A
Sweet Music			S, F2, H2, {A}
Dedication			Q, H2
Consecration			Q, H2
Runes				{Q} H2
Symbols				{Q} H2
Carvings			{Q} H2
Amethyst Stone			P, O, H1
Quartz Crystal			P, O, H1
Inscription			Q, H2
Copper Wire			P, O, H1
Empower				Q, H2
Pledge				Q, H2
Disconnected			V, Interrupt
Unfriendly Spirits		R, V, Interrupt
Magic Carpet			P, O, F(5), K5 {Q, A}
Love Potion			O, F4, K4 {Y, F}	
Satyrion Root			O, Y, H1
Mandrake Root			O, Y, H1
Ritual Magic			S, H7
Blight				P, S, F(4), H4 {N} (evil)
Break Enchantment		S, F6, H6 (Discard target Permanent spell)  	
Tarot Cards			P, O, D 
The Philosophers Stone		O, K10, F12, {Y, E, W}
Kabbalah			P, M, L1, N
Druid Lore			P, M, L1, N
Egyptian Magic			P, M, L1, N
Witchcraft			P, M, L1, N
Pact with the Devil		P, V, F10, L-2 {R} (evil)
Consort w/Malevolent Spirits	S, R, H3 (evil)
Herbalism			P, M, Y, L1
Alchemy				P, M, Y, L1
Astrology			P, M, D, L1
Reverence of Nature		P, M, N, L1
Evil Eye			P, S, F, K2 (evil)
Blood Sacrifice			S, H6 (evil)
Manipulate Others		V, K2, F2 (evil)
The Key of Solomon		P, G, L1, R
Great Leader			P, V, K6, F(5)
Ring of Solomon			P, O, R, H2 {Q}
Wisdom				P, M, L1
Teachings of an Angel		V, L10, K3, {R}(Good)
Oracle				P, M, D, L1
Build Wonders			P, K7, F(8) 
Levitations			S, F4, H4 {A}
Predictions			S, F4, H5 {D} (Scry)
Arrange Events			V, F5, K5 {D}
Guardian & Guide		V, F4, K4
Prophesy			S, F7, H8 {D} (Scry)
Breathe Life into Objects	S, F3, K4, Q
Study with Famous Sorcerer	V, K2, L6, N
Learn Magic from Devils		V, K2, L6, R (evil)
Magic Guardians			P, O, K5, F(4) {Y}
Important Patrons		P, K2, F(2)
Amass Wealth			P, K2, F(2)
Escape Lynch Mobs		K4, F2
Summon Ghosts			S, R, H5
Magic Drawing			S, H4
Escape Prison			K4, F2
End Plague			K4, F4 {N}
Establish Wizards School	P, K6, F(6)
Summon Djinn			S, H8
Found City			P, K5, F(5)
Summon Relic			S, P, F(7), K7
Transmute Metals		S, F(6), K6
Low Magic			F2, K2
High Magic			F5, K5 {M}
Write Scholarly Text		P, F(4), K4, G
Magical Marvels			P, F(6), K6
De Occulta Philosophia		P, G, L1
Malleus Maleficarum		P, G, L1
Numerology			P, M, L1, D
Illusions			S, K2, F2
Necromancy			P, M, S, L1 (evil)
Black Magic			P, M, L1 (evil)
White Magic			P, M, L1 (good)
Doctor of Medicine		P, M, L1, N
Cure Diseases			K4, F4, N
Catholicon			O, F4, K4 {Y} (Magical Elixir)
Theories & Discoveries		P, M, F(4), K4, G
Die grosse Wundartzney		P, G, L1
Occult Arts			P, M, L1
The Magus			P, G, L1
Crystal Mirror			P, O, D 
Sigils				B, H4 
Incantations			V, H5
Magic Squares			B, H4, D (Planetary Numerology)
Pentagram			B, H5, R
Pentacle			B, H5, E
Enochian Magic			P, M, L1, R (Language of Angels)
Monas Hieroglyphica		P, G, L1, R
Rosicrucian Brotherhood		P, Z, L1
Hermetic Philosophy		P, M, L1
Metaphysics			P, M, L1
Ultiusque Cosmi Maloris		P, G, L1, D
Harmony with the Cosmos		V, H7 (good)
Tap the Power of Nature		S, H6, N
Immortality			P, F7, K8 {Y}
Clairvoyance			S, F2, K2 (Scry)
Telepathy			S, F2, K2 (Scry)
The History of Magic		P, G, L1
Transcendental Magic		P, M, L1
Healer				S, K3, F3, {N}
Vanish				S, K3, F3
Order of the Golden Dawn	P, Z, L1
Conjuration			S, F2, K2
Faith & Reason			H6
Macrocosm & Microcosm		H8 D
Channel Spirits			H7, S, R
Law of Thelema			P, M, L1
Ordo Templi Orientis		P, Z, L1
Ritual Sex			H7 N
Skyclad Ritual			H6 N
Book of Shadows			P, G, L1
Wicca Coven			P, Z, L1
Goddess Worship			P, M, L1, N
Shamanism			P, M, L1, N
Pagan Rituals			H6 N
The Great Rite			H9 N
Initiation Ritual		H7
Fellowship of Isis		P, Z, L1
Church of All Worlds		P, Z, L1
Blessings			S, F3, K3, Q
Curses				S, F3, K3 (Evil)
Exorcisms			S, F4, K4, R
Rural Wizard			P, F(3) K3
Theology of Deep Ecology	P, M, L1, N
Freemasons			P, Z, L1
The Book of the Dead		P, G, L1
True Names			H8 {G} R
Reincarnation			F7, K7 {R}
Words of Power			H7 {M, G}
Part Waters			F5, K5 {W}
Control Supernatural Entity	F4 K4{R}
Astral Projection		P, S, K7, F(4), L1 {R}
Visualization			P, M, H1
Omens				V, K4, F4 {D} (Scry)
Shapeshifting			S, K3, F3 {N}
Summer Solstice			T, H6, Y
Winter Solstice			T, H6, D 
Spring Equinox			T, H5, N
Fall Equinox			T, H5, R
Power of Invisibility 		S, F2, K2, {A}
Circle of Protection		P, S, F2, K2, Negate Interrupts by Spirits
Transformation			S, F3, K3 {N}
Truthsayer			S, F1, K2, {D} (Scry)
Weather Control			S, F4, K4 {A, W}
Blood Sacrifice			H9 (Evil)
Salmon of Knowledge		P, L1, K(6), F7
Supernatural Sight		S, F2, K3, {D} (Scry)
Spirit Guide			P, H1 (Familiar) R
Totem Animal			P, H1 (Familiar) N
Power Animal			P, H1 (Familiar) N
Bird or Reptile			P, H1 (Familiar) 
Demon or Imp			P, H1 (Familiar) (Evil)
Visions				V, K3, F3 {D} (Scry)
Dreamcatcher			P, O, H1
North				B, H3, E
South				B, H3, F
East				B, H3, A
West				B, H3, W
Secrets of the Universe		P, L1, K(6), F7
Psychic Warfare			S, Interrupt
Body				H2, E
Intellect			H2, A
Will				H2, F
Emotions			H2, W
Archangel Raphael 		H4, A
Archangel Michael		H4, F
Archangel Uriel			H4, E
Archangel Gabriel		H4, W
Materia Medica			P, G, L1, Y
Purity of Purpose		H5
Magic Talismans			P, O, K4, F(3) {G}
Ankh				B, H4
Like Attracts Like		M, H4
Seal of Solomon			B, H6
As Above, So Below		M, H4
Magic Amulets			P, O, K3, F(2) {N}
Bilocation Magic		S, K4, F3 (Two Places at the Same Time)
Name of God			H12 (Good)
Reanimate the Dead		K4, F3, {R} (Evil)
Ceremonial Magic		S, H5
Flying				S, K3, F3 {A}
Riddles & Clear Thinking	M, L1
Perfect the Mind		M, L1
Focus the Will			M, L1
Celestial Bodies		H5, D
Precious Metals			H4, Y
Purification			S, Q, K2, F
Ether				R, H5
Choleric Body Type		P, F, H1
Sanguine Body Type		P, A, H1
Melancholic Body Type		P, E, H1
Phlegmatic Body Type		P, W, H1
Wheel of the Year		B, H6 {M} 
Chanting			H4
Intuition			H4
Full Moon			T, H5, N
New Moon			T, H5, N
Zodiac				B, H6, D
Spells of Attraction		S, F2, K2
Spells of Enhancement		S, F2, K2
Spells of Success		S, F2, K2
Spells of Protection		S, F2, K2
Spells of Healing		S, F2, K2
Spells of Harmony		S, F2, K2
Spells of Insight		S, F2, K2
Major Arcana			H4, D
Minor Arcana			H2, D
Negative Energy Rebound		Interrupt (only vs Wizard that has used evil cards)
Hallucinogenics			H7 {N}
Lemegeton			P, G, L1, W, A, R
Grimorium Verum			P, G, L1
Power of the Divine		H8, R (Good)
Invocation			H4, Q
Correspondences			H6
Magic Circle			H6 {Q}
The Sun				B, H6, F
Male Energies			H5
Female Energies			H5
Charm				F1 K1
Charge				H4 {O} Q
Ley Line			P, L, H1
Ley Node			P, L, H2
Ley Center			P, L, H3
Dowsing				H5, W, E (Scry)
Pendulum			P, O, D, H1 {Q}
Halloween			T, H7
Imbole				T, H7
May Day				T, H7
Lammas				T, H7
Music of the Spheres		H9, N
Rule of Three			H3
Tabula Smaragdina		P, G, L1 (The Emerald Tablet)
Distilled Quintessence		H8, Y
Calcination			H4, Y
Torture of the Metals		H6, Y

Before play, each player takes the identity of one (random) Wizard.
Each Wizard described in the Wizard Card List has Special Abilities.

* King Solomon 
Cannot use Evil cards. 
Gets +1 to bids for Spirit cards.
Spirit cards cost 2 less Heka to play.
* Merlin 
Cannot use Evil cards.
Gets one extra Lore token per turn.
* Virgil
Cards cost one less Heka token to play.
* Faust
Starts game owning the “Pact with the Devil” card in play.
* Agrippa
Gets +1 to bids for ‘Systems of Magic’ cards.
* Paracelsus
Gets +1 to bids for Alchemy, Medical & Healing cards.
* Dr John Dee
Gains one extra Fate point every time he plays a Spirit card.
* Robert Fludd
 Starts with the traits of: Alchemy, Divination, Spirit, and Nature.
* Count Saint-Germaine
Gains one extra Fate point every time he plays a Spell card.
* Eliphas Levi
Gets +1 to bids for Nature cards. 
* Aleister Crowley
Gains one extra Fate point every time he gains a Book or an Organization.
* Gerald Gardner
Cards that generate Heka generate one extra Heka point for him.
* Alexander Sanders
Gains one extra Fate point every time he gains a ‘Systems of Magic’ card.
* Oberon Zell-Ravenheart
Gains one extra Fate point every time he plays a Nature card.

Each player should have a tray with 5 compartments corresponding to the 
5 available cards up for bid.  Distribute your Lore tokens to the compartments. 
Use a barrier to keep other players from seeing your Bid.
Players take down their barriers all at once. 

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