Fantasy Theme card game for 2+ players. 

Be the first to win 5 Hands. 

Players share a common deck. 

There are 8 Card types: 
Heroes, Weapons, Armor, Mounts
Armies, Actions, Traits, and Spells

Each turn is divided into 5 Phases: 
Fate Phase
Destiny Phase
March Phase
Battle Phase
Victory Phase

Each player draws 12 cards. 

If a player draws no Hero in Fate Phase he must reveal his hand, discard it and 
draw 12 new cards. 

Each player may discard up to 6 cards and draw replacements. 

Each player plays a Meld. 
A Meld must contain exactly 1 Hero and up to 1 card from each of the other 7 card types. 
Melds are placed face up on the table visible to all players. 

Players take turns. 
Players cut the deck. The cut with highest Force value goes first.
On your turn you may activate one card in your Meld or pass. 
Each card in your Meld can only be activated once. 
When activated, the special effect of the card takes effect. 
Special effects are of 5 types: 
1. Cause an opponents target card to be discarded 
2. Allow you to add an extra card to your meld from your hand
3. Draw an extra card from the deck and put it into your 
meld if it is the only card in your meld of that type.
4. Steal card from opponent’s hand
5. Put a card into your hand from the discard and put it into your 
meld if it is the only card in your meld of that type. 
(Force Bonuses do not require Activation)
When all players have consecutively passed, the Phase ends.

All cards have a Force Value. 
Add up the Force value of all the cards in your meld including bonuses. 
The player with the highest Force value wins the Hand. 
Discard all cards in play. 
Players may discard any cards in their hand they don’t want. 

H = Hero
W = Weapon
D = Armor
M = Mount
X = Army
E = Action
T = Trait
S = Spell

Card Name		Type	Force	Notes:
Lich King		H	10	Put a Spell from the Discard into your hand
Necromancer		H	10	Put an Army from the Discard into your hand
Grandmaster Monk	H	10	Play an extra Action 
Beast Master		H	10	Play an extra Mount
Swashbuckling Rogue	H	10	Actions get +5
Orc Chieftain		H	10	Mounts and Armies get +3
Chaos Warlord		H	10	Play an extra Army
Arch Druid		H	10	Play an extra Spell
Elven Ranger		H	10	Mounts, Weapons and Spells get +2
Warrior			H	10	Play an extra Weapon
Black Knight		H	10	Weapons and Armor get +3
Sword Master		H	10	Weapons get +5
Arcane Wizard		H	10	Spells get +5	
Barbarian King		H	10	Armies get +5
Dwarf Lord		H	10	Armor gets +5
Defender Blade		W	5	Immune to Discard Effects
Sacred Lance		W	5	Mounts get +5
Eldritch Blade		W	5	Play an extra Spell
Vorpal Blade		W	5	Discard opposing Army card
Rune Sword		W	5	Discard opposing Trait card
Great Spear		W	5	Play extra Trait
Mace of Disruption	W	5	Discard opposing Armor card
Flame Tongue Sword	W	5	Draw an extra card
Ent Wood Bow		W	5	Discard opposing Mount
Staff of Power		W	5	Spells get +5
Iron Battle Axe		W	5	Discard opposing Weapon card
Thunder Hammer		W	5	Discard opposing Action card
Banner of Might		W	5	Armies get +5
Dancing Sword		W	5	Play extra Weapon 
Horn of Valhalla	W	5	Play extra Army
Bracers of Defense	D	4	Play extra Trait
Assassins Cloak		D	4	Weapons get +5
Mystic Torc		D	4	Spells get +5
Amulet of the Magi	D	4	Play extra Spell
Gauntlets of Strength	D	4	Play extra Weapon
Great Horned Helm	D	4	Play extra Army
Mithril Hauberk		D	4	Traits get +5
Dragon Scale		D	4	Mounts get +5
Ring of Invisibility	D	4	Discard opposing Action card
Helm of Far Seeing	D	4	Draw an extra card
Spell Shield		D	4	Discard opposing Spell card
Invincible Breastplate	D	4	Discard opposing Weapon card
Seven League Boots	D	4	Play extra Action
Elven Chain Mail	D	4	Actions get +5
Great Tower Shield	D	4	Armies get +5
Pirate Fleet		X	9	Steal card from opponent’s hand
Undead Legion		X	9	Immune to Discard Effects
Goblin Tribes		X	9	Discard opposing Weapon card
Desert Nomads		X	9	Actions get +5
Dwarf Clans		X	9	Play extra Armor
Elf Archers		X	9	Discard opposing Army card
Barbarian Host		X	9	Traits get +5
Orc Warband		X	9	Play extra Army
Naga Warriors		X	9	Play extra Spell
Amazonians		X	9	Discard opposing Action card
Beast Men		X	9	Play extra Mount
Myrmidons		X	9	Play extra Trait
Hawkmen			X	9	Play extra Action
Hoplite Phalanx		X	9	Armors get +5
Demon Hordes		X	9	Spells get +5
Behemoth		M	6	Immune to Discard Effects
Sphinx			M	6	Steal card from opponent’s hand
Dragon			M	6	Discard opposing Mount card
Nightmare		M	6	Play extra Spell
Unicorn			M	6	Spells get +5
Giant Boar		M	6	Traits get +5
Flaming Chariot		M	6	Weapons get +5
War Machine		M	6	Play extra Armor
Giant Eagle		M	6	Play extra Trait
Wyvern			M	6	Actions get +5
Hippogryph		M	6	Discard opposing Action card
Griffon			M	6	Draw an extra card
Pegasus			M	6	Play extra Action
Manticore		M	6	Armies get +5
Basilisk		M	6	Discard opposing Army card
Maneuver		E	7	Mounts get +5
Crushing Blow		E	7	Traits get +5
Sword Breaker		E	7	Discard opposing Weapon card
Block			E	7	Armors get +5
Smite			E	7	Weapons get +5
Slay Beast		E	7	Discard opposing Mount card
Tactics			E	7	Armies get +5
Strategy		E	7	Discard opposing Army card
Surprise		E	7	Play extra Trait
Secret Weapon		E	7	Play extra Weapon
Feint			E	7	Discard opposing Action card
Escape			E	7	Immune to Discard Effects
Find Weak Point		E	7	Discard opposing Armor card
Reinforcements		E	7	Play extra Army
Trick			E	7	Draw an extra card
Strength		T	3	Weapons get +5
Endurance		T	3	Immune to Discard Effects
Charisma		T	3	Play extra Army
Leadership		T	3	Armies get +5
Wisdom			T	3	Draw an extra card
Intelligence		T	3	Play extra Trait
Power			T	3	Spells get +5
Knowledge		T	3	Play extra Spell
Skill			T	3	Play extra Weapon
Agility			T	3	Play extra Action
Stealth			T	3	Actions get +5
Berserk			T	3	Discard opposing Armor card
Stalwart		T	3	Armors get +5
Fearsome		T	3	Discard opposing Trait card
Cunning			T	3	Discard opposing Action card
Summon			S	8	Put a Mount from the Discard into your hand
Shatter			S	8	Discard opposing Weapon card
Inferno			S	8	Discard opposing Army card
Counterspell		S	8	Discard opposing Spell card
Blizzard		S	8	Discard opposing Trait card
Raise Dead		S	8	Put an Army from the Discard into your hand
Petrification		S	8	Discard opposing Action card
Enchantment		S	8	Play extra Armor
Illusions		S	8	Play extra Action
Blessing		S	8	Traits get +5
Bloodlust		S	8	Armies get +5
Plague			S	8	Discard all Armies in play
Planar Gate		S	8	Play extra Army
Force Field		S	8	Armors get +5
Legend Lore		S	8	Draw an extra card


These must contain exactly 40 cards. 
These must contain 5 cards from each of the 8 card types. 

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