Players control Viking clans that raid settlements on the Mainland. 
The player with the most loot at the end of 20 turns is the winner.

Viking Units	Cost	Move	Attk	Carry	Notes
Long Ship	4	4	-	4	
Dragon Ship	7	5	-	6	
Scout		2	3	2	-	
Vikings		2	2	4	-	
Berserkers	3	2	6	-	
Chieftan	-	2	-	-	All units in stack get +1 Attack

Mainland Units Table	
D6	Type		        Attk
1-3	Peasant Militia	        1
4-5	Men at Arms	        3
6	Knights		        5

The Map
Use a Hex map. Units are represented by counters. The Viking 
villages are located on seperate Islands north of the mainland. Draw 
only the contours of the landmasses. The contents will be determined 
by the Exploration Table. Be sure to include several Bays and rivers 
that penetrate into the mainland. Viking Villages must be adjacent 
to water for the construction of ships.

Exploration Table
D6	Terrain		Notes:
1-3	Wilderness	Requires 1 move point to enter
4-5	Rough		Requires 2 move points to enter
6	Settlement	

Mainland Settlements Table
1D10	Type		Psnts   M@A	Knghts	Walls	Loot
1-2	Farm		1	0	0	0	1D6	
3-5	Village		3	1	0	0	3D6
6	Church		2	0	0	0	2D6							
7-8	Town		4	4	1	1	6D6	
9	Castle		2	0	3	3	6D6	
10	City		0	6	2	2	10D6

Turn Sequence
1. Planning- Roll high to determine who goes first
2. Fate- Roll on Event Table
3. Movement- Boarding or unboarding costs the ship one move point and other units all of their move points
4. Exploration- Roll on the Exploration Table for every unexplored Hex adjacent to a Viking unit
5. Battle- Collect Loot if all defenders of a settlement are defeated
6. Recruit- New units appear in Home Village
7. Replenish & Rebuild- On the turns after being looted a settlement will rebuild on a roll of 1 on D6

Each unit has an attack value. Add these to get each sides attack total.
Each side rolls dice equal to their attack total. 
Each roll of 1 causes 1 casualty. 
Walls are the first casualties. 
Looting is done at the end of the battle if there are no defenders left. 

1 Ship per hex. Up to 10 Vikings per hex.  
A stack of units is known as a raiding party.

The chieftan is the last unit in a hex to be killed. 
If killed, any one nonship unit that player controls becomes the next chieftan. 

Settlement Tactics
Peasants are killed before Men at Arms, and Men at Arms are killed 
before Knights.  If both sides kill each other off, the settlement 
wins. Settlements can only replenish or rebuild if no Vikings are 
adjacent. If a settlement won a battle but suffered casualties, 
those loses will be replenished at the end of the turn.

Event Table		
D10	Event		Notes:	
1	Plague		Random settlement destroyed. It may rebuild later		
2	Storm at Sea	Random Ship you control sinks
3	Patrol		Random Party  you control encounters 1D6 Random Mainland units		
4-5	Difficulties	Random Party  you control may not move or attack this turn
6-7	Godspeed  	Random Party  you control gets to move twice this turn
8-0	No Event

Loot must be returned to the Viking village for it to count or to be used. 
Use seperate counters to indicate stashes of Loot. 

Viking Villages
The Viking Villages generate 1 Loot per Turn in Recruit Pahse. 
Viking Players start with a Chieftan and 4D6 Loot. 
Vikings may not attack each other. They may cooperate on Raids.

Optional Hostile Clans Variant
Vikings may attack each other. Each village also starts with 10 
Viking Defenders who may not leave their home Island. 
Lone Scouts cannot be attacked. 

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