2+ Player card game.
Players are Elder Vampires vying to be the uncontested Prince of a city
Based on the White Wolf RPG Vampire the Masquerade and 
The associated Deckmaster card game Jyhad.

Vampire the Masquerade & Jyhad are licensed, trademarked, copyrighted properties.
This is merely a fan site

Be the first to control cards with a combined political value of 20+ or
Kill all the opposing Elder Vampires.

Players share a common deck.

Each player controls an Elder Vampire seeking to become the new Prince.
This vampire has a Force of 5 and cannot attack, it can only defend when attacked.
Cards that discard or control a target Vampire cannot be used against these Vampires.
Modifier cards cannot be attached to these Vampires.
These Vampires cannot Block.
These Vampires cannot be targeted for attack until a players third turn (and after).

Name your Elder Vampire.
Determine what clan your Elder Vampire belongs to.
If you control other Vampires of the same clan, they get Politics +1.
Each player starts with a hand of 7 cards.
The oldest player goes first.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 5 phases:
Fate Phase
Recruit Phase
Event Phase
Attack Phase
End Phase

Draw 2 cards.
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
You may win a political victory in this phase if you control 20+ points. 

Put Vampire, Location, and Political cards into play.
You may attach modifier cards to your Vampires

Play Event cards.

You may attack with some, none or all of your Vampires.
You may target any opposing Vampire.
The attacked player may block an attack with any one of his Vampires.
Attacks are not combined. They are resolved in succession.
Combat cards may be played to negate attacks or increase a Vampires force.
Compare the Forces of the Attacking & Blocking (or Target) Vampire.
The Vampire with the lower force is killed (discarded).
In case of a tie, neither Vampire is killed.

Damage cards may be played on Vampires that were in combat last phase.
You may play a Damage card to prevent a Vampire from being killed.
Immobilized Vampires cannot attack or block. Their Force = 1.
Maximum hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

P = Political organization that supports you
E = Event
L = Location you control
C = Combat Event
M = Modifier (Disciplines, Traits, Retainers)
D = Damage (Can be played on Vampire that has been damaged)
V = Vampire
The number to the right of the V is the number of that card in the deck
Vampires with a starting base Force + Politics = 4 or 5 are “Elder” Vampires

Card Name			Type	Force	Politics	Notes
Primogen 			P	-	4	(City Ruling Council)
Justicar 			P	-	3	(Clan Judges)
Archon 				P	-	3	(Justicar Servant)
Camarilla 			P	-	2	(Global Sect)
Conclave			P	-	3	(Meeting)
Inner Circle 			P	-	5	(Camarilla Leaders)
Clan 				P	-	3	
Methuselah 			P	-	4	(Ancient Vampire)
The Masquerade			C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Haven				C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Escape				C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Warning				C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Pax Vampirica			C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Inconnu				E	-	-	Discard target Elder Vampire
Goloconda			E	-	-	Discard target Elder Vampire
Torpor				D	-	-	Target Vampire Immobilized 3 turns
Aggravated Wounds		D	-	-	Target Vampire Immobilized 3 turns
Vampire Hunter			E	-	-	Discard target Vampire (Attack)
Sunlight			E	-	-	Discard target Vampire (Attack)
Bood Hunt			E	-	-	Discard target Vampire (Attack)
Diablerie			E	-	-	Discard target Vampire (Attack)
Wassail				E	-	-	Discard target Vampire (Madness)
Werewolf Attacks		E	-	-	Each player must discard a Vampire
Anarch Rebellion		E	-	-	Each player must discard a Vampire
Elysium				L	-	4	(Operas, Theatres, Museums)
Papillon			L	-	3	(Night Clubs, Bars, Brothels)
Canaille			L	-	2	(Poor Areas, Slums)
Barrens				L	-	1	(Graveyards, Parks)	
Underground			L	-	1	(Subways, Sewers)
Blood Bank			L	-	3	(Medical Facilities)
Chantry				L	-	4	(Mansion of Previous Prince)
Turf War			E	-	-	Control target Location
Sabat Activity			E	-	-	Discard target Political card
The Jyhad			E	-	-	Discard target card
Switch Sides			E	-	-	Control target Political card
Influence			E	-	-	Control target Political card
Blood Bond			E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Regnant				E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Thrall				E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Threats				E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Promises			E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Seduction			E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Firearms			C	+2	-	
Guns				C	+2	-	
Automatic Weapons		C	+2	-	
Fire				C	+3	-	
Wooden Stake			C	+2	-	
Frenzy				C	+3	-	
Stealth				C	-	-	Target Attack cannot be blocked
Trapped				C	-	-	Target Attack cannot be blocked
Press Combat			C	-	-	Target Attack cannot be blocked
Evasion				C	-	-	Negate target Combat card
Fledgling Kindred		V2	1	0	(Neonate)
Childe				V2	1	0	(Neonate)
Ancilla				V4	2	1	(Adolescent Cainite)
Caitiff				V2	2	0	(Clanless Vampire)
Brujah				V2	4	1	(Rebels)
Gangrel				V2	4	1	(Wandering Shapeshifter Gypsies)
Malkavian			V2	3	1	(Insane)
Nosferatu			V2	3	2	(Hideous)
Toreador			V2	2	2	(Artists)
Tremere				V2	3	2	(Warlocks)
Venture				V2	2	3	(Traditional Politicians)
Animalism Discipline		C	+3	-	(Control Animals)
Auspex Discipline		E	-	-	Look at opponents hand
Celerity Discipline		C	+3	-	(Speed)
Dominate Discipline		E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Fortitude Discipline		C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Obfuscate Discipline		C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Potence Discipline		C	+3	-	(Strength)
Presence Discipline		E	-	-	Control target Vampire
Protean Discipline		C	-	-	Negate target Attack (Change Form)
Thaumaturgy Discipline		C	+3	-	(Blood Magic)
Ritual Magic			C	-	-	Negate target Attack
Progeny				M	+1	+1	
Brood				M	+1	+1	
Coterie				M	+1	+1	
Elder				M	+1	+1	
Kine Servants			M	+1	-	(Mortals)
Ghouls				M	+1	-	
Praxis Dispute			E	-	-	All players discard their hands 
Domain Dispute			E	-	-	All players discard their hands
Intrigue			E	-	-	Look at opponents hand
Contacts			E	-	-	Draw 3 cards
Great Wealth			E	-	-	Draw 3 cards
Control Mafia			E	-	-	Opponent must discard 3 cards
Control Police			E	-	-	Opponent must discard 3 cards
Spies				E	-	-	Look at opponents hand

Wanted to do something less complicated than Jyhad. 
One difference between this & Jyhad is that in Jyhad opponents were 
Methuselahs fighting on a global scale to destroy one another.
This is a smaller scale: Players are Elders fighting to control a single city.

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