Card and Board game for 2-6 players. 
Each player takes the role of a Demon Hunter. 

The game ends the end of the turn the Demon Deck has been exhausted. 

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game is the winner. 
Players get VP for killing creatures. 

The Map depicts Europe in the Late 1800’s. 
Cities are connected by paths. 
Full List of Cities includes: 
#	City:		Port:		Notes:
1	Dublin		Y		Research Rolls here are at -1
2	London		Y		Search Rolls here are at +1
3.	Amsterdam	Y		-
4.	Copenhagen	Y		Healing Rolls here are at +1
5.	Paris		N		Zombies get +1F
6.	Berlin		N		Search Rolls here are at -1
7.	Munich		N		-
8.	Danzig		Y		Werewolves get +1F
9.	Vienna		N		-
10.	Prague		N		-
11. 	Budapest       	N		Healing Rolls here are at -1
12. 	Warsaw		N		-
13. 	Cracow		N		Witches get +1F
14.	Belgrade       	N		-
15.	Moscow		N		Travel Rolls here are at -1
16.	Constantinople	Y		Demons get +1F
17.	Bucharest	N		Vampires get +1F
18.	Madrid		N		-
19.	Rome		Y		Research Rolls here are at +1
20.	Venice		Y		Travel Rolls here are at +1
Each city is linked to 1-4 other nearby cities. 

Each player gets a pawn of a unique color. 
These are used to mark the location of the Demon Hunters on the Map. 

Six, Ten, and Twenty sided dice are needed. 

There are 3 Decks: 
The Character Deck
The Research Deck
The Creature Deck

These are advantageous traits that the characters start the game with. 

These cards aid the Demon Hunters in their quest. 
Players acquire these during play. 
Card Types include: 
Events, Spells, Weapons, Armor, Items, and Companions. 

These cards need to be small to fit easily on the map: Each 
City needs room for its own pile of Creature cards. 

A Character can only have: 
1 Armor card in Play
2 Weapon Cards in Play
2 Companion Cards in Play
Max Hand size is 7 Cards

Cards in Hand = Players keep a Hand (Base Max of 7) of Research cards. 
Cards in Play = When referring to Character and Research cards, these cards 
are face up on the table in front of the owning player. Creature cards when 
drawn are placed face up next to the City they are infesting. 
Victory Pile = When a player defeats a Creature, the Creature card is placed in 
that players Victory Pile to determine Victory at the end of the game. 
Hits = A numerical representation of how many wounds a Character can suffer 
before being defeated. When Healed, hits are restored. A player cannot be 
healed for more than his normal allotment of hits. Basic Starting number of Hits is 5. 

The items and weapons found as research cards are special. 
It is assumed that characters always have access to basic equipment and 
weapons (Swords, Crossbows, etc.) as well as uncommon ammo such as Silver 
Bullets and enough money to cover their travel expenses. 

Shuffle the Decks. 
Each player should name their Character. 
Each player starts with 5 Hits. 
Each player draws and keeps 5 Character Cards. 
Each player rolls 1D20 to determine their starting City. 
Players roll high on 1D20 to see who goes first. 
Randomly distribute the X top cards of the creature deck to random cities, where 
X = to the number of players. (Max Monsters in any one city at start is 2) 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases:
1. Destiny Phase
2. Evil Phase
3. Action Phase
4. Fate Phase

The current player draws the top Research card from the 
Deck and places it in his hand. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

For each player roll 1D6: on a roll of 4+ 
Flip over the Top card of the Creature Deck and 
For each new creature roll 1D20: 
Place the Creature on the indicated City. 

The Current player may take 2 Actions. 
There are 6 possible Actions: 
1. Rest Action
2. Travel Action
3. Search Action
4. Recruit Action
5. Research Action
6. Trade Action
You may do a max of 1 Research Action per turn. 

Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess. 
If at the end of a turn, any city has 5 or more creatures, it is 
overrun and all players lose. 

You may not rest if you are in a city with Creatures. 
Roll on the Healing Table: 

1D10	Recover: 
1-3	0 Hits (Festering Wounds)
4-7	1 Hit
8+	2 Hits (Miraculous Recovery) 

Roll on the Travel Table: 
A “Space” is the distance on the map of the link from one 
city to an adjacent connected city. 

1D10	Move: 
1-2	0 Spaces (The Carriage has a broken Axle) 
3-8	1 Space
9+	2 Spaces (Catch the last Train)

You can only search if there is 1 or more Creatures in the City you are at. 
Roll on the Search Table: 
A “random creature” means OF the creatures that are at that city. 

1D10	Result: 
1-2	You cannot find a Creature to fight
3-4	A Random Creature Surprises you * 
5-8	You encounter a Random Creature
9+	Pick a Creature and surprise it **
* You get -1 Force in the first turn of the Fight 
** You get +1 Force in the first turn of  the Fight
If there is a Fight, immediately resolve it according to the fight rules. 

Put one Weapon, Item, Armor, or Companion card into play. 
Note the limits as described in the basic Limits section. 
You may first place a card in play back into your hand to make 
room for the new one to be put in play. 
Exception: If during Combat you lose a weapon (as a result of a Wound Table Roll) 
you may immediately put another weapon from your hand into play. 

You may not research if you are in a city with Creatures. 
Roll on the Research Table. 
Draw the indicated number of Research cards from the top of the deck and 
put them in your hand: 

1D10	Result: 
1-2	Nothing	
3-4	1 Card
5-8	2 Cards
9+	3 Cards

If you are in the same city as 1 or more other Demon Hunters, you may take 
the Trade Action: All of you may trade Resource cards, in Hand or in Play. 

Roll 1D20 (The Battle Roll) and add any Force bonuses you might have. 
If this number is equal to or greater than the Strength of the Creature you defeat it. 
Place defeated creatures in your Victory Pile. 
If your modified roll was less, the Creature remains in play and roll on the Wound Table. 
If you are reduced to zero Hits skip your next turn and return to play with just 1 Hit. 
If after losing a Battle Roll, you still have hits you may decide to either 
continue the combat or flee. 
If you decide to continue, make another Battle Roll against the same creature. 
If you decide to flee, you may stay in the city or move 1 space. 
If you move, it does not consume an action. 

1D20	Damage
1	You lose 3 Hits
2-5	You lose 2 Hits
6-7	You lose 1 Companion *
8-15	You lose 1 Hit
16-17	You lose 1 Weapon *
18+	You lose Nothing 
* If you do not have a weapon or companion lose 1 Hit instead. 
If fighting a creature of 1VP add 1 to your Wound Table roll. 
If fighting a creature of 3+VP subtract 1 from your Wound Table roll. 

Weapon Bonuses are cumulative. 
For instance, if you have the Holy Sword and you are 
fighting a Demon you get a total of +4F from the weapon. 
You can only have 2 Weapons in play at a time (you can 
keep extras in your hand). Only 1 of your in play weapons 
can be a ranged Weapon. 
Small Weapons do not count against the Weapon Limits. 

Some of these are combat specific. 
Others are used when appropriate. 
They are discarded when played. 

If an Event or Spell or Item is described as Single use, it is only used for 
one target battle roll and is then discarded. 

Combat Spells (that are not specifically single-use) last an entire fight 
against a single creature card, even if it requires multiple Battle rolls. 
A Hunter can only use one spell per combat. 
After the Fight, the spell is discarded. 

A Character can have a max of 1 Armor in play. 

Creatures will have one or more traits (Zombie, Beast, etc.) 
Certain weapons, spells, etc. will give Force bonuses vs. certain types. 

STR = Strength
VP = Victory Points
F = Force
I = Item
C = Companion
W = Weapon
R = Ranged Weapon
S = Spell
E = Event
A = Armor
SU = Single Use

Name:			Notes:
Vampire Slayer		+3F vs. Vampires
Scholar			+1 to Research Table Rolls
Dragon Slayer		+3F vs. Dragons
Wizardry       		Put a non-SU combat spell in your hand instead of discarding it
Demon Hunter		+3F vs. Demons
Exorcist       		+3F vs. Nightmares
Witch Hunter		+3F vs. Witches
Beast Master		+3F vs. Beasts
Charisma       		You may have 1 extra Companion in play
Weapon Master		You may have 1 extra Hand Weapon in play
Arcane Master		All Spells you cast get a further bonus of +1
Cunning			All Events you play get a further bonus of +1
Wolf Hunter		+3 vs. Werewolves
Swift Sword		+3 vs. Zombies
Monster Slayer		+3 vs. Large Creatures
Righteous Anger		+1F 
Endurance		+1 to Travel Table Rolls
Skilled Swordsman	+1F if you are using a Sword or Blade card
Skilled Marksman       	+1F if you are using a Ranged Weapon card
Swift Reflexes		+1 to Wound Table Rolls
Constitution		+1 to Healing Table Rolls
Great Strength		+1F
Intelligence		Maximum Hand Size +1
Wisdom			Maximum Hand Size +1
Stamina			+1 Hit
Grim Determination	+1 Hit
Arcane Tattoos		+1 to Wound Table Rolls
Willpower		+1 to one target roll on your turn
Courage			+1F
Toughness		+1 Hit
Fortitude		+1 Hit
Tracker			+1 to Search Table Rolls
Talent for Violence	+1F
Terrible Rage		+1F for each Card you discard
Sixth Sense		+1 to Search Table Rolls
Nobility       		You may have 1 extra Companion in play
Equestrian		+1 to Travel Table Rolls
White Magic		You may play an extra spell in Combat
Medical Arts		+1 to Healing Table Rolls
Occult Contacts		+1 to Research Table Rolls

Name:			STR	VP	Type
Nefarious Nybbas       	11	1	Nightmare
Succubi			12	1	Nightmare
Incubi			13	1	Nightmare
Blight			10	1	Nightmare
Horror			14	1	Nightmare
Gargoyles		14	1	Beast
Death Wings		12	1	Beast
Kratichs       		10	1	Beast
Crone			13	1	Witch
Warlock			19	2	Witch
Hag			15	2	Witch
Macabre			16	2	Nightmare Witch
Coven			17	2	Witch
Sorceress		18	2	Witch
Behemoth       		23	3	Large Dragon
Ancient Dragon		21	3	Large Dragon
Great Wyrm		19	2	Large Dragon
Lake Serpent		17	2	Dragon
Carrion Drake		15	2	Dragon Beast
Hell Hounds		15	2	Demon Beast
Demon Dogs		16	2	Demon Beast
Cerebi			17	2	Demon Beast
Death Dogs		14	1	Zombie Beast
Cursed Human		10	1	Zombie
Skeletons		11	1	Zombie
Walking Dead		12	1	Zombie
Wretched Undead		13	1	Zombie
Harlequin		16	2	Zombie 
Frankenstein Monster	20	3	Zombie
Ghoul			18	2	Large Zombie
Puppet Master		21	3	Zombie Witch
Lesser Vampyre		13	1	Vampire
Night Stalker		17	2	Vampire
Blood Sucker		15	2	Vampire
Creeping Mist		19	2	Vampire
Vampire Brides		20	3	Vampire Witch
Nosferatu		19	2	Vampire Zombie 
Bat Fiend		21	3	Large Vampire
Vampire Lord		24	4	Vampire
Pig Demon		12	1	Demon
Spider Demon		13	1	Demon
Demon Warriors		14	1	Demon
Tentacle Demon		18	2	Demon
Great Horned Fiend	20	3	Large Demon
Demon Lord		22	3	Large Demon
Demon Horde		24	4	Demon
Mister Hyde		19	2	Creature
Lycanthrope		14	1	Werewolf
Lupine			15	2	Werewolf
Feral Beast		16	2	Werewolf Beast
Wolf Man		17	2	Werewolf
Hunting Pack		19	2	Werewolf
Changeling		15	2	Werewolf
Abduction		-	-	Lose a Random Companion
Full Moon		-	-	Draw 2 Creature Cards
All Hallows Eve		-	-	Draw 3 Creature Cards

Name:				Type	Notes: 
Iconic Crucifix			I	+1F vs. Vampires
Mystic Amulet			I	+1F vs. Demons
Wolfs Bane Necklace		I	+1F vs. Werewolves
Holy Water			I	SU +5F vs. Demon
Stake Bomb			I	SU +5F vs. Vampire
Silver Bolt			I	SU +6F vs. Werewolves
Burning Oil			I	SU +6F vs. Beasts
Templar Shield			I	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Grappling Hook Launcher		I	SU Ranged Wpn +4F or +5 to Wound Table Roll
Relic Dagger			W	+1F Small
Battle Axe			W	+2F +2F vs. Zombies
Holy Sword			W	+2F +2F vs. Demons
Crusaders Sword			W	+3F
Legendary Spear			W	+2F +2F vs. Large Creatures
Hammer & Stake			W	+1F +4F vs. Vampires
Silver Dirk			W	+1F +4F vs. Werewolves
Dragon Blades			W	+2F +2F vs. Dragons
Spinning Disc Blades		W	+2F Small
Blessed Scimitar       		W	+1F +4F vs. Demons
Black Axe			W	+2F +2F vs. Witches
Studded Whip			W	+2F +2F vs. Beasts
Repeating Crossbow		R	+1F and +1F per Card you Discard (Max 5)
Wrist Crossbow			R	+1F Small
Iron Crossbow			R	+2F +2F vs. Large Creature
Double Crossbow			R	+2F +2F vs. Vampires
Brace of Pistols       		R	+2F +2F vs. Werewolves
Hunting Rifle 			R	+3F
Heavy Calibre Revolver		R	+2F Small
Pump Action Shotgun		R	+2F per Card you Discard (Max 2)
Blessing       			S	+2F
Incantation			S	+2F
Exorcism       			S	+4F vs. Demons
Detect Evil			S	+3 to Search Table Roll
Protection from Evil		S	+3 to Wound Table Rolls
Holy Word			S	+3F vs. Zombies and Vampires
Cantrip				S	+4F vs. Nightmares
Magikal Armor			S	+3 to Wound Table Rolls
Sigil				S	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Turn Undead			S	SU +6F vs. Zombies
Charm				S	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Haste				S	+3 to Travel Table Roll
Augury				S	+2 to any target Dieroll
Alchemy				S	Draw 3 cards
Divination			S	Look at next 7 cards in any deck
Nordic Runes			S	+2F per card you discard
Chant				S	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Ritual				S	+3F and Discard 1 Card
Druidic Magic			S	+4 vs. Beasts
Abjuration			S	SU +5F
Fire Resistance			S	+4F vs. Dragons
Protection from Magic		S	+4F vs. Witches
Creature Migration		E	Move 1 Creature 1 Space
Sanctuary			E	+3 to Healing Table Roll
Library				E	+5 to Research Table Roll
Vatican Contacts       		E	+5 to Research Table Roll
Dodge				E	+3 to Wound Table Roll
Angry Mob			E	Remove Target Zombie in play from game
Test of Faith			E	+3 to Wound Table Roll
Country Inn			E	+2 to Healing or Travel Table Roll
Evil Stench			E	+5 to Search Table Roll
Rumors				E	+3 to Search or Research Table Roll
Find Lair			E	+5 to Search Table Roll
Terrorized Village		E	+5 to Search Table Roll
Apothecary			E	+3 to Healing Table Roll
Godspeed       			E	Gain 1 extra Action this Turn
Good Weather			E	+5 to Travel Table Roll
Know Weakness			E	SU +4F
Prophecy       			E	SU +5F
Heed the Call			E	+5 to Travel Table Roll
Soft Underbelly			E	SU +3F +2F vs. Dragons
Throw Acid			E	SU +3F
Sharp Steel			E	+2F this turn
Absinthe       			E	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls this turn
Armor of St. Gyprien		A	+1 Hits and +1 to Wound Table Rolls	
Dragon Scale Vest		A	+2 to Wound Table Rolls
Hospitalier Chain Mail		A	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Fiery Noblewoman       		C	+2F
Fresh Apprentice       		C	+1F and +1F per card you discard (Max 3)
Mechanic Friar			C	+1F and Hand Size +1 
Dour Woodsman			C	+1F and +1 to Search Table Rolls
Good Doctor			C	+1F and +1 to Healing Table Rolls
Stout Veteran			C	+1F and +1 to Wound Table Rolls
Highwayman			C	+1F and +1 to Traveling Table Rolls
Procurer       			C	+1 to Search & Research Table Rolls
Dueling Partner			C	Use an extra Weapon in Combat
Old Magician			C	Play an extra Spell in Combat
Gypsy Prince			C	+1F Discard for +5F
Professor			C	+1F and +1 to Research Table Rolls

This action uses up 2 Actions: Go from a Port City to any other Port City. 

For every 10 VP worth of Creatures in your Victory Pile, you gain 1 Character Card. 

If a Hunter is reduced to zero hits by a Werewolf or Vampire he is killed 
permanently, the player is out of the game. His pawn remains on the board as a 
strength 10 creature of the appropriate type. 
If using the Unique Character cards below and the Vampire and Werewolf cards still 
remain unclaimed, these may be assigned instead of certain Death.  

Always keep the top 5 cards of the Resource Deck Face-up.
Refer to these as Opportunity Cards (OC).  
When drawing a card you may pick from any one of the OC's. 
As an action (Call it the Fresh Start Action), you may cause all the 
current OC's to be discarded and next 5 cards to be flipped face-up.  

If 2 (or more) players are in the same city with a Creature, the current player, if 
he succeeds on his search roll, may invite some, none, or all of the other players 
to Fight the creature with him. The others may join or not. 
Each player makes a separate Battle roll, but with a +5 Team Bonus. 
It is therefore possible for some Hunters to win and some to lose. 
Losers roll on the Wound Table as normal. 
If there is more than one winner the winner with the highest natural Battle roll 
gets to put the creature in his Victory Pile.

Include these 5 cards in the Character card deck. 
A player can only ever have 1 of these (Discard excess uniques and redraw). 
Remove them from the deck after Setup is complete. 
1. Demon Blood = the Demon Hunter is part Demon: He gets F+1 and +1 to Travel Table Rolls. 
2. Repentant Vampire = The DH is a Vampire: He Gets F+1 and +1 to Healing Table Rolls. 
3. Self Loathing Werewolf = The DH is a Werewolf: He may discard his weapons and armor in 
play for F+7 for current Combat. (Discard 3 random cards from hand if no weapons in play)
4. Amnesiac Immortal = The DH is a Zombie: He gets +2 Hits. 
5. Black Arts = The DH is a Witch: After he uses a spell, he may put it back in his hand 
to be used again in a later turn. 
IF players are using the Fight other Hunters Option Below, they are susceptible to 
cards that work against the creature type that they are. 

If 2 DH occupy the same City they may fight each other: 
If neither wants to fight there will be no fight. 
The current player must use up an action (Fight DH Action) to initiate the combat: 
If both want to fight each other, proceed to combat. 
If the non-current DH does not want to fight, the current DH must make a 
successful search roll or the other DH will escape (ie. Combat ends). 
Both make a Battle roll and add card modifiers as usual. If tied, roll again. 
The higher roll is the winner. The loser must roll on the Wound Table. 
After such an exchange the combat will end unless both still want to fight or 
only one of the DH's wants to fight and he makes a successful search roll resulting 
in another round of Battle Rolls. 
A DH killed by another DH is out of the game: 
This allows the option of winning the game by killing off all the other DH. 

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