Board & Card game for 2+ players.
Based on the Dungeons & Dragons Underdark Setting.
Quest for the Underdark Maps

The Map is a Track 40 spaces long with start & end spaces.

Each player has a Pawn of a unique color to represent his Adventuring Party
20 & 6 sided dice are needed.

You control a party of adventurers (initially six).
Adventurers are also referred to as Characters.
Characters differ in Race and Class.
There are 3 Class types:
Mage, Rogue, and Fighter.

Players share a common Event Deck.
The deck has 2 types of cards: Aid cards & Foe cards
There are 2 types of Foe cards: Traps & Creatures
There are 2 types of Creatures: Monsters & Intelligent
Aid cards include: Prestige Classes, Weapons, Armor, Items, One use Items, & Spells.
Every Aid card is specific for either Mage, Rogue, or Fighter Characters. 

Return your party to the Start space with the Underdark Maps. 

Roll on the Terrain table for each space on the board.
Each player gets 6 characters.
Roll on the Random Adventurer table to generate your party.
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards.
Players roll high on 1D20 to see who goes first.
Players pawns start in the start space.
A Token representing the Underdark Maps is placed in the End Space.
Note: the Start Space is a 'safe' area: No battles, no traps, no Navigation rolls.

Phase I
Players take turns moving their Parties towards the End space.
Phase II
The party that reaches the End space first gains possession of the Underdark Maps.
To win, that party must turn around & move back to the Start space.
This party becomes known as the Map party.
Opposing Parties can now move in either direction.
If an opposing party defeats the Map party in battle, they gain possession of the 
Underdark Maps and become the new Map party.

Each space of the track will be one of several types:
1D20	Type:			Type	Extra	Notes:
1	City			C	O	Intelligent Foes get +3
2	Dungeon			C	F	Intelligent Foes get +3
3	Shaft			N	O	Navigable
4	Lava Tubes		N	F	Navigable
5	Mine			C	F	Navigable
6	Cave			N	F	Navigable
7	Cavern			N	O	Monster Foes get +3
8	Abyss			N	O	Barrier
9	Bone Cave		N	F	Monster Foes get +3
10	Labyrinth		C	F	Barrier
11	Web Cave		N	F	Barrier
12	Rift			N	O	Barrier
13	Vault			N	O	Navigable
14	Portal			C	F	Roll on Portal Table
15	Earth Node		C	F	Mages get +3
16	Sickstone		N	F	Danger
17	Magma			N	F	Danger
18	Sea Cave		N	W	Barrier
19	River Canyon		N	W	Barrier
20	Quickstone		N	F	Danger
C = Civilized; N = Natural; O = Open; W = Water, F = Confined

1D6	Notes:
1-2	Go Back 1D6 Spaces
3-4 	Fight a Planar Foe of Level = 1D20
5-6+	Go Forward 1D6 Spaces
Get +1 to the roll per Mage in your party.
This is called the Portal roll.

1D20	Card Name		Class	Notes:	
1	Chitine Renegade	R	Spiderlike Humanoids
2	Imaskari Wizard		M	Ancient Isolated Humans
3	Male Drow Wizard	M	Dark Elves 
4	Duergar Fighter		F	Grey Dwarves
5	Gloaming Sorcerer	M	Winged Glowing Humanoids
6	Grimlock Barbarian	F	Blind Brutish Humanoids
7	Kuo-Toa Exile		R	Amphibious Humanoids
8	Slyth Druid		M	Amorphous Humanoids
9	Svirfneblin Guide	R	Deep Gnomes
10	Derro Scout 		R	Insane Dwarves
11	Illithid Wizard		M	Mind Flayers
12	Minotaur Marauder	F	Bull Headed Humanoids
13	Orog Mercenary		F	Deep Orcs
14	Quaggoth Warrior	F	Savage Humanoids
15	Tanarukk Bodyguard	F	Demon Orcs
16	Troglodyte Raider	R	Reptilian Humanoids	
17	Kuo-Toa Monk		F	-
18	Slyth Ranger		R	-
19	Female Drow Cleric	M	Priestess of Lolth
20	Reroll for Race		X	Pick Class

Players take turns.
Each turn has 7 Phases:
1. Event Phase
2. Difficulties Phase
3. Recruit Phase
4. Attachments Phase
5. Move Phase
6. Encounter Phase
7. Battle Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Event Deck
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it.
Max hand size = 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

If your party is in a Barrier space roll 1D20.
This is the Barrier Roll.
Add 1 for every Rogue in your party.
On a roll of 10 or less your party cannot find its 
way and you may not move in Move Phase.
If your party is in a Danger space roll 1D20.
This is the Danger Roll.
Add 1 for every Rogue in your party.
On a roll of 10 or less you must discard 1 random party member.
Barrier & Danger Roll are collectively called Navigation Rolls.
If your party has the Underdark Maps they get +5 to Navigation Rolls.

If you have less then 6 Characters roll 1D20.
This is the Recruit Roll.
On a roll of 18+ gain 1 new party member.
Add 3 to the roll if you are in a City or Mine Space.

You may attach “Attachment” cards from your hand to 
Appropriate party members. These include:
Prestige Classes, Weapons, Armor, and Items.

Move your party 1D6 spaces.
This is known as the Move Roll.
(Forward in Phase I or either way in Phase II.)

If you are in a space not occupied by an opposing party, any 
Opponent may play a Foe card on you. 
If your opponent plays a Trap card on you roll 1D20.
This is the Trap Roll.
Add 1 for every Rogue in your party.
On a roll of 10 or less you must discard 1 random party member.

If in Move phase you landed on an opposing party, or an opponent played a 
Creature Foe on you in Encounter Phase, you must fight.
Determine the Force Total of your Party…
Force Total = 1D20 + (# of Party Members + # of Attachments) + 
(2 X # of Spells & One use Items you play from your hand) 
You may only play one Spell per Mage in your Party.
Note: the 1D20 is referred to as the Battle Roll. 
Determine the Force Total of the opposing party the same way.
Reroll ties. The side with the higher total wins.
The loser must discard one random Character.
The winning party gets the Attachments of the discarded character.
The Force Total of a Creature Foe = 1D20 + Foe Level.
If you defeat a Creature draw a card. 
If you lose vs a creature, discard a random character.
At the end of the turn, discard any Foe card and 
All played Spells & one use Items.

If a character with Armor is killed roll 1D6.
This is called the Armor Roll.
On a roll of 4+ the Armor is discarded instead.

Card Type:		Force	Notes:
W = Weapon		+1	Max 1 per Character
A = Armor		+1	Max 1 per Character
I = Item		+1	Max 3 per Character
U = One Use Item	+2	1 Use then Discard
C = Prestige Class	+1	Max 1 per Character
S = Spells		+2	1 Use then Discard

Card Name:			Type	Notes:
Razored Armor			A
Razored Shield			I
Steel Fins			I
Flutter Blade			W
Pincer Staff			W
Tentacled Hide			A
Stonemail			A	+1 to Armor Rolls
Virile Madness Potion		U
Stalactite Blade		W
Bloodthirsty Blade		W
Trespasser Greatsword		W	+1 to Battle Rolls
Barbed Whip			W
Cortical Exoarmor		A	+1 to Armor Rolls
Gauntlet of Disintegration	I
Inquisitor			C	+1 to Recruit Rolls
Vengeance Taker			C	+1 to Battle Rolls
Body Tamer			C	+1 to Battle Rolls
Judicator			C 	+1 to Battle Rolls
Tunnel Fighter			C	+1 to Battle Rolls

Card Name:			Type	Notes:
Dart Thruster			W	-
Spidersilk Armor		A	-
Spelunkers Kit			I	+1 to Barrier & Trap Rolls
Acid Vials			U	-
Stungas Flasks			U	-
Palm Spikes			W	-
Sickstone Poison		U	-
Hand Crossbow			W	-
Death Armor			A	-
Rope of Climbing		I	+1 to Barrier & Trap Rolls
Lurker Cloak			I	-
Flash Pellets			U	-
Glove of Venom			W	-
Tunnel Runner			C	+1 to Move Rolls
Cave Lord			C	+1 to Barrier & Trap Rolls
Vermin Keeper			C	+1 to Battle Roll
Underdark Guide			C	+1 to Barrier & Trap Rolls
Universal Key			I	+1 to all rolls in Civilized Spaces

Card Name:			Type	Notes:
Nightscale Armor		A	-
Detect Thought Ring		I	-
Cloak of Stone			I	-
Rod of Webspinning		W	-
Staff of Shadow			W	-
Deep Diviner			C	+1 to Barrier Rolls
Nodecaster			C	+1 to Move & Portal Rolls
Shadowcrafter			C	+1 to Battle Rolls
Arachnomancer			C	+1 to Battle Rolls
Amorphous Form			S	Discard for +2 to Trap Roll
Stone Metamorphosis		S	Discard for +2 to Barrier Roll
Node Door			S	Discard for +2 to Move Roll
Burrow				S	Discard for +2 to Move Roll
Blindsight			S
Camouflage			S	-
Wall of Dispell Magic		S	+3 vs Mages & Parties with Mages
Spiderskin			S
Tremorsense			S	Discard for +2 to Trap Roll
Hail of Stone			S
Viscid Glob			S
Darkvision			S
Mineralize Warrior		S
Eradicate Earth			S	Discard for +2 to Move Roll
Stone Sphere			S
Tunnel Swallow			S

Card Name:			Locations
Awkward Space			N
Tight Space			N
Narrow Ledge			N
Tunnel Collapse			N
Rolling Boulder			N
Rock Slide			N
Falling Stalactites		N
Poisonous Gasses		N
Lungrot Disease			N
Dart Trap			C
Spiked Pit Trap			C
Pendulum Trap			C
Scythe Trap			C
C = Civilized; N = Natural
Notes: You can play a Trap if your adversary is on a 
terrain of the corresponding type.

Card Name:			Type	Level	Notes:
Carrion Crawler			M	2
Lurker				M	3
Gargoyles			M	5	+2 in Open Spaces
Mimic				M	3
Gelatinous Cube			I	4	+2 in Confined Spaces
Trolls				M	5
Stone Giant			M	8
Insect Swarm			M	6
Umber Hulk			M	10
Gibbering Mouther		M	4
Basilisk			M	9	
Xorn				M	12	+2 in Confined Spaces
Giant Spider			M	6	+4 in Web Cave
Black Dragon			M	15	+2 in Open Spaces
Purple Worm			M	13
Lich				I	17	Mage
Minotaurs			I	7	+4 in Labyrinth
Mind Flayer Slavers		I	14	Mage
Wererats			I	5
Beholders			I	20	Mage
Troglodyte War Party		I	6
Grimlock Hunters		I	8
Duergar Raiders			I	7
Kuo-toa Patrol			I	4	+4 in Water Spaces
Drow Scouts			I	9	
Chitne Hunters			I	3	+4 in Web Cave

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