INTRODUCTION Card game for 2 players. One player is the Achaeans (Greeks). The other player is the Trojans. VICTORY The first player to win 7 hands wins the war. THE DECKS Each player has a unique deck. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn is divided into 6 phases: Muster Phase Summon Aid Phase Attack Phase Battle Phase Victory Phase Rally Phase MUSTER PHASE Each player fills their hand to 10 cards. If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it. SUMMON AID PHASE Each player may discard up to 5 cards and draw new ones. ATTACK PHASE Both players play a meld from their hands. A Meld may contain: 1 Hero Card 1 God Card 1 Warrior Card 1 Strategy Card 1 Arms Card 1 Trait Card 1 Companion Card 1 Honor Card 1 Defense Card 1 Event Card BATTLE PHASE Players take turns (Greek first) doing 1 Action (of the following): 1. Activate 1 special ability of a Meld card. (These abilities can be used only once per turn) 2. Add 1 card from their hand to the Meld. (A card just drawn this phase or to replace 1 lost card, not to exceed Meld Limits) This continues until both players are done doing all actions they want to and can. VICTORY PHASE Players add up the Force value of their Meld. The side with the higher force wins the hand. Ties, remain, just that, ties. The losing Hero is removed from the game. RALLY PHASE All Meld cards are discarded. Players discard their hands down to 5 cards or less. CARD LIST NOTATION H = Hero Card C = Companion Card G = God Card W = Warrior Card S = Strategy Card A = Arms Card E = Event Card T = Trait Card (Play only if Hero in Meld) F = Force O = Honor (Play only if you won last hand) D = Defenses (Play only if you lost last hand) Summon = Search deck & put this card in your hand Behold = Play an extra card of the indicated type in Meld Remove = Use this card as an Event for the following Effect Spy = Look at opponents Hand in Attack Phase King or Prince = The Meld may contain an extra Warrior card Heroic = Play an extra Trait card in your Meld or... Search deck for a Trait card and put it in your hand Commander = Warrior card gets Force +3 Healer = Return Hero removed from the game to your hand Kill or Destroy = Remove Target card from the game Negate = Discard target card in opposing Meld Negotiator or Inspiration = Draw 2 cards Archer = Discard target opposing Hero Ally = This Hero may be used as a companion Prophecy = Look at next 10 cards in either deck Steal: Treat target card in opponents Meld as if it was in your Meld GREEK DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Notes Achilles H 10 Summon: Myrmidons Agamemnon H 8 King Menelaus H 5 Aegis of Zeus A 10 Summon: Honor Sacrifice E 2 Inspiration Great Ajax H 9 Heroic Little Ajax H 6 Heroic Bravery T 5 Vengeance T 6 Honor T 5 Wrath T 7 Fleetfoot T 4 Hero may Ally One-Man Army T 6 Negate: Warriors Strength T 5 Antilochus H 5 Ally Automedon C 3 Summon: Chariot War Chariot A 5 Calchas C 4 Prophecy Wooden Horse S 15 Diomedes H 8 King Euryalus H 5 Commander Eurybates C 2 Summon: Warrior Eurypylus H 4 Summon: Warrior Idomeneus H 6 King Machaon C 2 Healer Meges H 3 Commander Menelaus H 6 King Meriones H 4 Commander Nestor C 1 Negotiator Neoptolemus H 8 Kill King Odysseus H 8 Negotiator Patroclus H 5 Ally Teucer H 6 Archer Athena G 8 Negotiator Hera G 8 Negate: Target Action Poseidon G 9 Myrmidons W 9 Oathtakers W 6 Argosian Shield Bearers W 5 Arcadian Spearmen W 5 Athenian Infantry W 7 Spartan Hoplites W 8 Cretan Archers W 7 Ithican Skirmishers W 5 Rhodian Chariots W 5 Thessalian Troops W 5 Mycenaean Bowmen W 6 Pylians W 5 Hecatomb E 2 Negate: God Plunder O 1 Steal: Arms Spoils O 1 Summon: Arms Captives O 1 Summon: Companion Ransom O 1 Negotiator Prize O 1 Summon: Trait Glory O 1 Summon: Trait Fame O 1 Summon: Warriors Funeral D 5 Desecrate Body O 5 Greek Camp D 6 Walls & Ditch D 7 Sceptre of Authority A 7 Play only if King in Meld Will of the Gods G 7 Summon: Event God in Disguise G 6 Honored by the Gods S 5 Summon: God Armor of Hephaestus A 8 Family Squabble E 2 Negate: God Return Spear S 3 Summon: Arms Healing Herbs E 2 Healer Fleet of a 1000 Ships S 5 Summon: Warriors Philoctetes H 6 Archer Bow of Heracles A 5 Archer All Out Attack S 7 Summon: Warriors Cunning Plan S 6 Rally the Troops S 5 Omen S 7 Prophecy Attack a God S 4 Negate: God Boars Teeth Helmet A 3 Raid S 2 Summon: Honor Libations S 2 Summon: God Shield Wall S 6 Negate: Archer Jagged Rock A 3 Great Ash Spear A 5 Immortal Horses C 5 The Fates E 9 TROJAN DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Force Notes Aeneas H 9 King Anchises H 4 Summon: God Cassandra E 2 Prophesy Dolon C 2 Spy Euphorbus H 7 Ally Glaucus H 6 Prince Hecabe E 2 Summon: Hero or Companion Hector H 10 Heroic Helenus C 2 Prophesy Paris H 6 Archer Polydamas H 5 Ally Pandarus H 5 Archer Polydorus H 4 Ally Helen of Troy C 9 Summon: Hero Guardian T 7 Champion T 6 Heroic Duty T 5 Gleaming T 4 Priam H 3 King or Negotiator Sarpedon H 7 Prince Plague S 9 Play only if God in Meld Apollo G 8 Kill: Warrior or Hero Artemis G 5 Aphrodite G 7 Healer Hermes G 6 Spy Ares G 5 Summon: Event Trophy O 1 Inspiration Strip Armor O 1 Steal: Arms Trojan Infantry W 7 Dardanian Archers W 5 Lycian Shield Bearers W 5 Thracian Hoplites W 6 Phrygian Javalineers W 5 Abydosian Charioteers W 6 Paphlagonian Spears W 5 Dardanian Troops W 5 Scaean Gate D 8 Summon: Warriors Strife E 2 Negate: Hero Sworn Oath E 2 Opponent must discard 2 cards Feast of the Gods E 2 Negate: God Zeus G 10 Deceptive Dream S 9 Play only if God in Meld Obsession E 2 Negate Hero Duel S 5 Achilles Heel E 2 Kill Hero Walls of Troy D 10 Forewarned S 8 Summon: Warriors Amazons W 9 Penthesilea H 7 Summon: Amazons Memnon H 6 Summon: Ethiopians Ethiopians W 5 Tale of Ilium E 2 Prophecy Divine Intervention G 6 Negate: Event Homer E 2 Both players draw 5 cards Test of Valor S 8 Ox Hide Shield A 4 Breastplate A 4 Shattered Sword E 2 Destroy: Arms Bronze Tipped Spear A 4 Saved by the Gods G 5 Healer Break Truce S 5 Thunder Bolts G 6 Cause Despair S 7 Close Formation S 5 Four Horse Chariot A 5 Breach Wall S 7

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