Card game. Adventuring parties compete to claim the most treasure.

After going through the deck once, the player with the most 
treasure points wins the game.

Players will have to make the cards, about 140+ in all.
The card title is required but text is optional.
Players can always refer to the rules for the card text.
Illustrations are highly recommended.
Players will also need two six sided dice (2D6).

Shuffle the deck.
Each player draws 7 cards.
Roll high on 1D6 to determine turn order.

Players take turns. 
The player whose turn it is, is the active player.
Each turn has 5 phases:
1 Draw phase 
2 Recruit phase
3 Adventure phase
4 Recovery phase
5 Discard phase

Active Player draws 3 cards.

The player may play any Heroes in his hand to his 'Adventuring Party'.
The party may contain up to 4 Heroes.
Heroes in the party are placed face up on the table. They are in play.
Magic items may be attached to heroes that can use them.
Heroes can receive the benefit of only one weapon at a time.
Excess magic items may be carried.
Heroes may exchange magic items but not spells.
Spell cards may be attached face down to mages, priests and heroes with spell levels.
A Hero can attach a number of spell cards equal to his spell level.
Each player also has a treasure pile separate from the party.

The active player may pass or declare that he is going adventuring.
To conduct an adventure a player must have a party with at least one hero.
All Heroes in the party must go.
The active player plays a Location card face up and 1 Treasure card face down under it.
Any opposing player may play one guardian card, face up, on top of the location card.
If an opponent does not play a guardian, the active player gets to put the 
Treasure in his treasure pile.
If a guardian is played determine the Guardian value. The guardian value is equal to:
The Guardians CBT (Combat) score + Location bonuses + 2D6.
Any opponent may play appropriate event cards to increase the Guardian value.
If the Guardian is a mage or priest any opponent may discard a spell card from his 
hand to give the Guardian +1D6 CBT.
Compare the guardian value to the party value. The party value is equal to:
The CBT (Combat) score of all Heroes + special bonuses + 2D6.
The active player may play appropriate event cards to increase the Party value.
Spell casting heroes may each play one of their attached spells.
Events & Spells are discarded as soon as they are used unless otherwise specified.
Some spells and events cause the party to retreat.
A retreating party suffers no damage, but the treasure is discarded.
If the Guardian value is greater than the Party value, the treasure is discarded 
and the party receives 1D6 hits distributed by the active player.
Any Hero reduced to 0 (or less) Hits is killed (discarded).
A Hero cannot be given more hits than will reduce him to 0 unless 
the hero has Martyr ability.
If the Guardian value is equal or less than the Party value, the party keeps the 
treasure and the party receives only (1D6 - 3) hits.
After resolution of the adventure discard the Location and guardian cards.
Magic items may be recovered from dead heroes by surviving party members only 
if the party won the adventure.

All Heroes in active players party heal one Hit point of Damage.

From the Party, the player may discard heroes, magic items, and spells.
A player must discard down to 7 cards in his hand.

1 Warrior	3	4	0	Fighter
2 Wizard	1	1	4	Mage
3 Wood Elf	2	3	1	Scout & Archer; Infravision 
4 Dwarf	        3	2	0	Fighter; Infravision, +2 vs Giants, 
                                        +1 in Underground, Martyr
5 Cleric	2	2	2	Priest; +2 vs Undead; May use armor & 
                                        blunt weapons
6 Enchantress	1	1	3	Mage, +4 vs Fey
7 Ranger	3	3	0	Scout, Fighter & Archer, +1 vs Humanoids 
8 Barbarian	4	5	0	Fighter & Scout; +2 vs Spellcasters, 
                                        May not use Magic Items or Spells
9 Beastmaster	3	3	1	Fighter; +4 vs Animals, Scout, Cannot use armor
10 Druid	2	2	2	Priest; +3 vs Animals & Plants & Fey, Scout
11 Thief	2	2	0	Thief & Archer; +4 vs Traps
12 Bard	        1	1	1	Thief; Fellow adventurers CBT +1 each
13 Paladin	3	3	1	Fighter & Priest; +2 vs Undead, Martyr
14 Knight	3	3	0	Fighter; +4 vs Dragons, +2 vs Monsters
15 Halfling	1	2	0	Thief; +4 vs Traps, +2 vs Giants, +1 vs Humanoids
16 Priestess	1	1	3	Priest; +2 vs Undead, Other heroes in 
                                        party may be Martyrs
17 High Elf	2	2	2	Fighter & Mage; Infravision
CBT = Combat Value; Spells = Spell level; Hits = Hit Points

Scouts are +1 CBT in Wilderness locations

1 Dungeon			Underground; Trap Guardians +3
2 Fairy Circle Ring		Fey Guardians +3
3 Giants Playground		Giant Guardians +3
4 Ruins			        Monster Guardians +2	
5 Temple			Demon Guardians +4
6 Maze				Singular Guardians +2
7 Caves			        Underground; Humanoid Guardians +2
8 Caverns			Underground; Dragon Guardian +3
9 Mine				Underground; Place 2 treasures
10 Graveyard			Undead Guardians +2
11 Forest			Wilderness; Animal & Plant Guardians +2 
12 Swamp			Wilderness; Swarm & Plant Guardians +2
13 Crypt			Undead Guardians +2
14 Catacombs			Underground; Undead Guardians +3
15 Tower			Spellcasting Guardians +3
16 Desert 			Wilderness; Desert Guardians +3
17 Castle			Weapon Guardians +1
18 Volcano			Fire Guardians +2
19 Ice Formation		Cold Guardians +2
20 Shipwreck			Water Guardians +2

1 Darkness			Retreat
2 Scry				Look at opponents hand & discard one of his cards; 
                                Play in recruit phase
3 Invisibility			Discard Guardian and claim treasure
4 Fireball			CBT +4; +4 vs Cold & Plants, Fire guardians immune
5 Freeze			CBT +3; +4 vs Fire, Cold guardians immune
6 Heal				Heal 1D6 Hits in Recovery Phase
7 Cure				Negates effects of Poison & disease
8 Ressurection			Bring back Hero that died this turn with 1 Hit; 
                                Cast in Recovery phase
9 Lightning Bolt		CBT +5; +3 vs Singular Guardian
10 Blessings			All your heroes CBT+2 
11 Control Animals		CBT +10 vs Animals
12 Polymorph			CBT +10 vs Singular Guardian 
13 Haste			Target Hero CBT X 2; Hero suffers 1 Hit
14 Detection			CBT +8 vs Traps & Surprise Guardians
15 Sleep			CBT +6 vs nonswarm Humanoids and animals
16 Deflect Missiles		CBT +6 vs Archers and Ranged Attackers
17 Charm			CBT +8 vs Monsters
18 Fear			        CBT +6 vs Humans & Humanoids
19 Illusion			CBT +1D6 vs intelligent guardians
20 Divination			Look at top 15 cards in deck in recovery phase, place them back in same order

1 Spell Book			Mage: Spells +1
2 Skeletal Lockpicks		Thief: +3 vs Traps
3 Boots of Speed		Hero: CBT +2; Thief or Scout: CBT +1
4 Arrows of Slaying		Archer: CBT +3; Three uses
5 Magic Bow			Archer: CBT +2
6 Enchanted Armor		Fighter: Hits +1
7 War Hammer		        Fighter: CBT +1; +3 vs Giants; Dwarf: CBT +4
8 Disrupting Mace		Fighter: CBT+1; +2 vs Undead & Demons; Cleric: CBT+3 
9 Flame Sword		        Fighter: CBT +1; +4 vs Cold, +2 vs Plants; 
                                Negates regeneration bonus 
10 Frost Sword		        Fighter: CBT +1; +3 vs Fire, Negates Fire spells vs party
11 Eldritch Sword		Fighter: CBT +1; Spells = 1; +2 vs Spirits 
12 Snake Staff			Priest: CBT +2
13 Battle Axe			Fighter: CBT +1; +4 vs Humanoids
14 Gauntlets of Might		Hero: CBT +1, Hero becomes a fighter
15 Mithril Armor		Fighter: Hits +2
16 Spell Shield			Fighter: CBT +1; Immune to guardian spells
17 Potion of Healing		Heal 1D6 Hits to party in Recovery Phase; One use
18 Staff of Striking		Priest: CBT +4;  Five uses
19 Potion of Giant Strength	Hero: CBT +7, One Use
20 Holy Water			Priest: vs Undead +9; One use
21 Bearskin			Scout: CBT +2
22 Assassins Dagger		Hero: CBT +1, Thief: CBT +1
Bonuses are cummulative. For instance a fighter wearing boots of speed would be +2, a thief would be +3

1 Skeletons		8	Undead, Regenerate, weapons
2 Kobolds		8	Humanoid, Ambush, weapons
3 Pixies		16	Fey,  If they win no damage but discard 1D6 
                                equipment, Flying, Invisible
4 Goblins		10	Humanoid, Archers, weapons
5 Giant Rats		8	Animal, Disease, Swarm
6 Giant Scorpion	8	Poison, Monster, Singular, Desert
7 Dragon		18	Breath Weapon, Fire, Flying, Singular	
8 Arrow Trap		12	Poison, Archer	 
9 Pit Trap		8	If party loses, they cannot adventure next turn	
10 Poison Gas Trap	10	Poison	
11 Party Encounter	X	This players party becomes the Guardian. 
                                The winning party gets the treasure.
12 Ents		        14 	Fey, Plant
13 Wraith		14	Undead, Spirit, Singular, Cold	
14 Nymphs		6	Fey, Water, Female, vs Human Male Heroes CBT +8
15 Insect Swarm	        10	Swarm, Poison, Flying, Regenerate
16 Orcs		        12	Humanoid, weapons, Archers
17 Ogres		14	Giant, Humanoid, weapons
18 Drow		        14	Humanoid, Mages, Archers, weapons
19 Troglodytes	        10	Humanoid, Monsters, Surprise, Water, weapons
20 Green Slime	        10	Monster, Acid, Regenerates
21 Zombies		10	Undead, Regenerate, Disease
22 Medusa		16	Monster, Petrification Gaze Attack, Female, Singular
23 Minotaur		12	Humanoid, Singular, +2 at Maze Location 
24 Doppleganger	        16	Surprise, Humanoid, Singular
25 Frost Giant		16	Giant, Cold, Singular, weapons, Throw Boulders
26 Fire Giant		16	Giant, Archer, Fire, Singular, weapons
27 Hell Hounds	        12	Monsters, Animals, Demons, Fire, Breath weapon	
28 Gargoyles		14	Monsters, Flying, Stone
29 Sorcerer		10	Mage, Singular
30 Chaos Knight	        12	Fighter, Singular, Demon, weapons
31 Djinn		14	Flying, Spirit, Mage, Desert
Regenerating guardians must be defeated twice in a row.

Any hero receiving damage from a poison guardian is automatically killed.
Heroes that received damage from a disease guardian are CBT-2 until they are completely healed.

The treasure must be in the players treasure pile to have effect
1 Gold & Silver coins	Worth 2 Treasures
2 Golden Goose		Draw +1 card per turn
3 Dragons Hoard		Worth 3 Treasures
4 Cornucopia		Draw +1 card per turn
5 Philosophers Stone	Hand size +1
6 Living Harp		All your Heroes CBT +1
7 Pandoras Box		May be opened once per game to shuffle discard pile into deck	
8 Flawless Gems		Worth 2 Treasures
9 Holy Icon		All your priests +1 Spell
10 Kings Crown		Party may have 5 Heroes
11 Ancient Tome		All your mages +1 Spell
12 Unicorn Horn		Hand size +1
13 Magic Tapestry	Look at opponents hand during your recruit phase
14 Rescue Princess	All your Heroes CBT +1
15 Enchanted Goblet	One Hero in recovery phase may drink from it to be fully healed
1 Theft			If your party contains a thief, steal one of opponents treasures. 
                        Put it in your pile. Play in your recruit phase.
2 Pilfer		If your party contains a thief, steal one of opponents 
                        magic items. Play in your recruit phase.
3 Ambush		Guardian +4 CBT.
4 Fight another Day 	Your Party retreats.
5 Happy Hunting	        Take an extra Adventure phase this turn. 
                        Play after first adventure phase.
6 Lost			Your opponent may not adventure this turn. 
                        Play in his recruit phase.
7 Spy			If your party contains a thief or scout, Look at opponents 
                        hand & discard one of his cards; Play in recruit phase.
8 Tavern		rest at Inn; All your heroes heal an extra hit. 
                        Play in recovery phase.
9 Smite		        Fighter +6 CBT vs singular guardian.
10 Double Trouble	Play two guardians at location. They add their values together.
11 Second Guardian	Play a second one that must be defeated to claim the treasure.
12 Disaster		If the party has lost they receive an additional 1D6 damage.
13 Encounter		Play a nontrap guardian against a party that 
                        has declared they are not adventuring.
			There is no location or treasure involved.
14 Trading post	        Discard your hand & draw 5 new cards in recruit phase.		
15 Tracker		If your party contains a scout,	 draw 10 cards, 
                        keep one,and shuffle the rest back into the deck, 
                        during recruit phase.
16 Martyr		One of your heroes may martyr.
17 Ruined		Destroy one target magic item.
18 Monty Haul	        Two treasures are placed at location. They are claimed together
19 Rise again		Guardian regenerates.

All rules the same, however, players must 
determine who the "Opposing player" is
during the action phase.
For maximum interaction, each other player
going clockwise may pass or oppose.
Only one opposer allowed.
Take event cards out of the deck.
Draw a full hand. Discard location, treasure, and guardian cards.
Play all Hero cards. Do not attach magic items.
Redraw and discard until you have 4 heroes out and a full hand.
Draw one card at a time
If it is a Location card, this becomes your new location. Discard the old one.
If it is a Hero, Spell or Magic item, you may put it in your hand.
If it is a Treasure, you may put it directly into your treasure pile.
If it is a Guardian, your party must immediately confront it.
You loose if at any time you have no heroes in play.
You win if you are able to get all the way through the deck.
   Rule modifications:
Ignore any card instructions that allow you to draw more than one card per turn.
Ignore any card instructions that allow you to meddle with an opponents hand or cards.

Map & Movement options. 
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Italian Cardset by Zak

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