INTRODUCTION 2 Player card game. Inspired by the Naval Battle of Trafalgar October 21, 1805. One player controls the British Fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Nelson. The other player controls a French/Spanish Allied Fleet commanded by Villeneuve. VICTORY The first player to win 3 hands wins the Battle. THE DECK Players share a common deck. There are 4 Suites in the Deck: Strategy, Tactics, Morale, and Fighting Each Suite has 11 cards. In addition there are 2 Admiral cards for a total of 46 cards. TURN SEQUENCE Each turn is divided into 4 Phases: Strategy Phase Tactics Phase Fight Phase Morale Phase STRATEGY PHASE Each player is dealt 8 cards. If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. TACTICS PHASE Players may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements. FIGHT PHASE Players reveal their hands. A Hand may have up to 2 cards from each suite, and one Admiral card. Excess cards for a single suite are ignored. Each player adds up the point values of all his playable cards to get a battle total. The player with the highest Battle Total wins the Hand. If tied, the hand is a draw. MORALE PHASE All cards from both players hands are discarded. Keep track of how many hands have been won by each player. CARD LIST NOTATION S = Strategy Card T = Tactics Card F = Fight Card M = Morale Card A = Admiral Card COMMON DECK CARD LIST Card Name Type Points Notes Nelson A 12 Can only be used by British Player Villeneuve A 12 Can only be used by French Player Cut Enemy Line S 11 Timing S 10 Separate the Van S 9 Double the Rear S 8 Risky Approach S 7 Decisive Action S 6 Formation S 5 Blockade S 4 Strongest opposing Tactics card Negated Reserve S 3 Strongest opposing Strategy card Negated Melee S 2 Can be used as a Fight card Columns S 1 Can be used as a Tactics card Local Superiority T 11 Exploit Gap T 10 Seamanship T 9 Ship Handling T 8 Signals T 7 Maneuver T 6 Lay a Course T 5 Favorable Winds T 4 Can be used as a Strategy Card Engage Closely T 3 Your Fight Cards get +2 each Come About T 2 Your Strategy Cards get +2 each Enemy Disordered T 1 Strongest opposing Tactics card Negated Courage M 11 Bravery M 10 Leadership M 9 Loyalty M 8 Duty M 7 Patriotism M 6 Discipline M 5 Resolve M 4 Can be used as a Fight Card Gallantry M 3 Can be used as a Strategy Card Training M 2 Your Fight Cards get +2 each Rally M 1 Strongest opposing Fight card Negated Ships of the Line F 11 Defeat in Detail F 10 Concentrate Fire F 9 Raking Fire F 8 Broadsides F 7 Gunnery F 6 Carronades F 5 Carnage F 4 Strongest opposing Morale card Negated Hard Fighting F 3 Can be used as a Morale card Shred Rigging F 2 Strongest opposing Tactics card Negated Sharpshooters F 1 Opposing Admiral card Negated BATTLE PROGRESSION RULES In the first 2 turns, you cannot use Fight cards, however, you can Use up to 3 Strategy and Tactics cards instead. After turn 5, you can use up to 3 Fight cards.

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