Card game for 2 or more players.
Simulates a Medieval Tournament complete with jousting, melees, etc.

Win the most Victory Points by the end of the game.

When there are no cards left in the deck the game ends.
All players must play any Contest cards remaining in their hands.
These final Contests are scored in the regular manner.

Players share a common deck.
There are 3 types of cards:
Chivalry, Contest, and Special cards.
Chivalry cards are further divided into 4 types:
Knight, Weapon, Horse, and Shield.
Each Chivalry card has a Force value of 1 to 10.

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The most Chivalrous player goes first.
Each player is dealt a hand of 7 cards. 

Players take turns.
Each turn has 4 phases:
Draw Phase
Play Phase
Contest Phase
Score Phase

Draw the top card of the deck or discard.
If the deck runs out the game ends.

You may put a Knight Combo into play.
A Knight Combo consists of 1 of each of the 4 types of Chivalry cards:
The force values of these cards do not have to match.
A Combo represents a Knight, his Weapon, his Horse, and his Shield
You may play special cards in this Phase.

You may skip this phase or play a Contest card.
The player with the highest score in the indicated category wins the Contest.
For Example:
You play the Melee Contest. 
The player with the most Force points in Weapons wins.
You have 3 combos with 3 weapons with a total Weapon point score of 15.
Your 2 opponents have total scores of 11 and 6. You win.
In case of a tie the current active player wins.
Contests cannot be played until after every player has had their first turn.

The winner of a Contest played last phase earns Victory Points (VP).
X = Number of players.
The winner gets X VP.
Second place gets X-1 VP.
Third place gets X-2 VP and so on.
Maximum hand size is 7 cards. 
Discard excess cards at the end of your turn.

V = Chivalry card
K = Knight
W = Weapon
H = Horse
S = Shield (Family Crest)
C = Contest
X = Special

Card Name:		Type	Force	Notes:
Squire			K	1
Young Knight		K	2
Cavalier		K	3
Crusader		K	4
Templar			K	5
Green Knight		K	6
Red Knight		K	7
Black Knight		K	8
White Knight		K	9
Famous Knight		K	10
Dagger 			W	1
Flail			W	2
Mace			W	3
Morning Star		W	4
Battle Ax		W	5
Long Sword		W	6
Broad Sword		W	7
Bastard Sword		W	8
Great Sword		W	9
Lance			W	10
Old Nag			H	1
Light Horse		H	2
Riding Horse		H	3
Fine Stallion		H	4
Heavy Horse		H	5
Courser			H	6
Charger			H	7
Noble Steed		H	8
Destrier		H	9
War Horse		H	10
Cock			S	1
Boar			S	2
Antelope		S	3
Bear			S	4
Basilisk		S	5
Angel			S	6
Unicorn			S	7
Gryphon 		S	8
Lion 			S	9
Dragon			S	10
Melee			C	-	Highest Weapon Score Wins
Joust			C	-	Highest Horse Score Wins
Heraldry		C	-	Highest Shield Score Wins
Quest			C	-	Highest Knight Score Wins
Challenge		C	-	Highest Scoring Combo Wins
Royal Hunt		C	-	Most Combos Wins
Kings Favor		C	-	Most Chivalry Cards Wins
Court Intrigue		C	-	Highest Score with all Cards Wins
Romance			C	-	The most cards with the same Force Wins 
Feast			X	-	Draw 3 cards
Nobility		X	-	Draw 3 cards
Valor			X	-	Draw 3 cards

Coat of Arms

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