Board & Card game for two players.
Based on the Aztec sport of the same name.

The first player to score 4 points is the winner.
The other player’s team is sacrificed to the gods.

13 x 7 grid.
Columns are long. Rows are short.
Spaces 4-10 of the first and last columns are walled out.
Space 7 of the second column is one player’s basket.
Space 7 of the sixth column is the other player’s basket.

Use a pawn to represent the Ball. 
There are also 2 pawns to represent 2 Blockers.

The deck contains 2 of each card described in the card list.

The ball begins in a corner space of the board
The blockers are placed one in front of each basket.
Players start with a hand of 7 cards.
The oldest player goes first.
You may not score on the first turn of the game.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 3 phases:
1. Action Phase
2. Move Phase
3. Draw Phase

Play zero, one, or more action cards.
You may discard any cards from your hand you do not want.

Discard a move card to move a pawn.
Pawns may move orthogonal or diagonal. 
Pawns may not move through other pawns.
You may make as many moves as indicated by the action cards you played.

Draw cards from the deck to fill your hand to 7 cards.
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.
Your hand is kept face up on the table for all to see.

If you move the ball into your opponent’s basket, you score one point.
Your turn ends.
Place the ball in a corner square.

Card Name	Notes:
Action 1	You may play 1 move card this turn	
Action 2	You may play 2 move cards this turn
Action 3	You may play 3 move cards this turn
Action 4	You may play 4 move cards this turn
Move 1		Move the ball or a blocker 1 space
Move 2		Move the ball or a blocker 2 spaces
Move 3		Move the ball or a blocker 3 spaces
Move 4		Move the ball or a blocker 4 spaces
Move 5		Move the ball or a blocker 5 spaces
Move 6		Move the ball or a blocker 6 spaces
Move 7		Move the ball or a blocker 7 spaces
Move K		Move the ball or a blocker like a knight in chess

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