Each player controls an A-10 Thunderbolt II (The Warthog) on Close Air Support Duty.

Players keep one Thunderbolt card in front of them that represents their plane.
Each player also draws 1 random pilot card.
Place 5 Fuel Markers on this card.
Place 5 Ammo Markers on this card.
Each player draws 3 cards for their hand.
All planes start their first turn at Base.

Players share a common Deck.
Cards not in the common deck include the Pilot cards and Thunderbolt cards.
Card types found in the common deck include:
Mission Cards
Munitions Cards
Enemy Cards
Event cards

Ten sided Dice are required (D10).

The player who has Mission cards with the most Mission Points at the end of the game wins.

Each plane holds 5 units of Fuel.
Use counters to represent Fuel units.
When a plane runs out of fuel it must return to base.

The Warthog is equipped with a 30 mm GAU-8/A Gatling Gun.
Each plane holds 5 units of ammo.
Use counters to represent ammo units.
When a plane runs out of ammo it can no longer use its gun until it reloads at base.

Planes must Abort Mission and return to base when they take 3 total hits or damage.
Use counters to represent Hits or Damage.

Players take turns.
Each turn has 6 Phases.
1. Briefing Phase
2. Loiter Phase
3. Base Phase
4. Incoming Phase
5. Mission Phase
6. End Phase

Draw 2 cards from the Deck.
If the Deck runs out the game is over.
Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards.

Remove one Fuel counter if you are not at Base.
If you have no fuel counters or 3 damage counters you must return to base.
If you voluntarily aborted the mission in your last Incoming Phase you must 
return to base.
If these conditions are not met, you may still choose to return to base.
A plane may spend several consecutive turns at base to repair damage.

Skip this phase if you are not already at base, or did not return to 
base in Loiter Phase. You may do all of the following:
Repairs: Remove one Damage marker.
Rearm: Gain 5 Ammo units (5 Max) 
Refuel: Gain 5 Fuel units (5 Max)
Munitions: Add Munitions cards from your hand to your plane (5 Max)
Munitions cards are placed face up next to your plane card. 
If you did not skip this phase, then at the end of this phase immediately skip 
to End phase.

The active player may play one Mission card.
Your opponent (a non-active player) may play one Enemy card regardless if a 
Mission was played or not.
Roll 1D10 for Combat Initiative.
1-5 The Enemy attack first
6-10 The player attacks first
Roll 1D10 for Attacks.
1-5 The Attack misses.
6-10 The Attack hits.
If an enemy is hit it is destroyed and the card is discarded.
If the player is hit his plane receives one Damage Counter.
Continue trading attacks until: 
The enemy is destroyed, or 
The player has 3 hits, or
The player voluntarily aborts the mission
When you receive your third damage counter you must immediately skip to End phase.
Every time the player attacks he must use up (discard) one ammo counter or one 
munitions card.
The Gatling gun can be used against any target. Other Munitions are more limited.
Only one Enemy card can be played this phase unless the Mission card says otherwise.
Attacks vs Enemy Fighters are at –1.
Enemy Fighters will make 3 passes and then break off combat.

To complete the mission played last phase the active player must destroy the target.
Roll 1D10 to attack the target:
1-5 The Attack misses or minor damage.
6-10 The Attack hits. The Mission target is destroyed.
Every time the player attacks he must use up (discard) one ammo counter or one 
munitions card.
All Mission Targets are Ground Targets.
Continue attacking until the target is destroyed or you run out of ammo and munitions.
If you destroyed the target, put it in your Mission Completion pile.
If you did not destroy the target, discard it.

Next players turn.

Target Name		MP	Notes:
Tank Column		1	Vehicles
Major Airfield		3	Any number of Air cards may be played
Minor Airfield		2	Opponent may play 1 extra Air card
Munitions Storage Area	1	
Radar Facility		2	SAM cards are Initiative +2
Ammo Dump		1	
Supply Convoy		1	Vehicles
Troop Concentration	X	1 MP per Hit inflicted up to 3
APCs			1	Vehicles
Truck Park		1	Vehicles
Communications Outpost	2	One opponent may draw a card
Forward Observers	1	Attacks vs Mission Target at -2
Artillery Battery	2	Opponent may play 1 extra AAA card
SAM Site		3	Any number of SAM cards may be played
AAA Site		2	Any number of AAA cards may be played
Docked Warship		3	Opponent may play 1 extra AAA or SAM card
Bridge			2	
Engaged Armor		2	Enemy Attacks at +1. Vehicles
Radar Post		1	
Infantry Positions	1
Dug in Tanks		1	Attacks vs Mission Target at –1. Vehicles
Bunker			1	Attacks vs Mission Target at –1
Staging Area		3	Opponent may play 1 extra enemy card
MP = Mission Points

Weapon System	Type	Target	Attack	Initiative
MiG-27		FTR	Air	-	+2
MiG-17		FTR	Air	-1	+1
MiG-21		FTR	Air	-	+2
MiG-23		FTR	Air	+2	+2	
Su-25		FTR	Air	-	+2
Su-24		FTR	Air	+2	+2
Su-22		FTR	Air	-1	+1
Su-17		FTR	Air	-1	+1
Su-7		FTR	Air	-2	-
Redeye		SAM	Ground	-	-
Stinger		SAM	Ground	+2	+2
Blowpipe	SAM	Ground	-	-
SA-7A		SAM	Ground	-1	-
SA-7B		SAM	Ground	+1	+1
SA-14		SAM	Ground	+1	+1
ZU-23 		AAA	Ground	-	-
ZPU-4 		AAA	Ground	+1	-1
ZSU-23-4	AAA	Ground	+1	-
40mm 		AAA	Ground	-	+1
2 x 35mm 	AAA	Ground	+1	+1
Mi-24E		HEL	Air	+2	+2
Mi-24A		HEL	Air	+1	+1
Mi-4		HEL	Air	-	-1
Mi-8E		HEL	Air	+1	+1
Mi-8C		HEL	Air	-	-1
FTR = Fighter
HEL = Helicopter
Fighters and Helicopters attack with guns and missiles.
SAM = Surface to Air Missile.  Launchers will be on vehicles or hand held by infantry.
AAA = Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Guns only.

Weapon System Name:		Targets	Attack	Notes
AIM-9L Sidewinders		Air	+3	Heat Seeking
AGM-65B Maverick 500lb Bombs	Ground	+2	E/O = Electrical-Optical Scene Magnification
AGM-65D Maverick 500lb Bombs	Ground	+2	IR = Infra Red Imaging
AGM-65E Maverick 500lb Bombs	Ground	+2	Laser Guided
MK 82 GP Snake eye 500lb Bombs	Ground	+1	--
MK 83 GP 1000lb Bomb		Ground	+1	--
MK 84 GP 2000lb Bomb		Ground	+2	--
ALQ-119 ECM Jammer Pod		Defense	--	Missile Attacks vs this plane are at –1
AGM-88A HARM			Ground	--	+4 vs Radar/Communications sites
CBU-15 Durandal Anti-runway Bmb	Ground	--	+4 vs Airfields
Mk-82 Paveway LG Bombs 500lb	Ground	+2	Laser Guided
Mk-83 Paveway LG Bomb 1000lb	Ground	+2	Laser Guided
Mk-84 Paveway LG Bomb 2000lb	Ground	+3	Laser Guided
Hyper Velocity Rocket Pod	Any	+1	19 Kinetic Rockets
Quad Hellfire Anti-Tank		Ground	--	+4 vs Tanks and Vehicle Targets
MK 20 Rockeye Cluster Bomb	Ground	--	+4 vs Tanks and Vehicle Targets
Pave Penny Laser Tracking Pod	Any	--	All attacks by this plane are at +1
Jammer and Tracking Pods are not weapons.

Card Name			Effect
Secondary Target		Player gets an extra Turn
Air Threat			Play an extra Air Enemy vs opponent in Incoming Phase
Night Vision Imaging System	Initiative and Attack +1 this turn. Play before rolls are made.
Titanium Armor			Negate Hit caused by Enemy Attack
Back up Systems			Negate Hit caused by Enemy Attack
Survivability			Negate Hit caused by Enemy Attack
Self Sealing Fuel Cells		Negate Hit caused by Enemy Attack. Lose 1 Fuel counter.
Fire Control			Attack +2. Play before roll is made
Night Mission			Initiative +1 & Enemy Attacks are at –1 this turn.  Play before roll is made
Poor Visibility			Enemy Attacks are at –2 this turn.  Play before roll is made
ECM Chaff			Enemy Missile Attacks are at –2 this turn.  Play before roll is made
IR Countermeasure Flares	Enemy Attacks are at –2 this turn.  Play before roll is made
Wide Combat Radius		Do not discard Fuel Counter in Loiter Phase
Forward Air Control		Initiative +2. Play before roll is made
Interchangeable Parts		Discard an extra Damage counter in Base Phase.
Mission Capable			Draw 3 Cards
Sorties				Draw 3 Cards
Scramble			Draw 3 cards
Event Cards are discarded as soon as they are played.

Name		Skill
Chuck		Initiative Rolls +1
Razor		Attack Rolls +1
Big Daddy	Hand Size +2
Ice		Enemy Attack Rolls –1
Hawk		Draw +1 card per turn
Travis		Loiter Time +1 (= Fuel Capacity = 6)

Start with 5 cards. Discard Enemy cards from initial 5.
Just draw 1 card at a time.
You are attacked by all Enemy cards you draw.


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