INTRODUCTION Card Game for 2 (or more) players. Common Deck CCG Format. Fantasy Theme. A Fight breaks out at Ye Olde Dragon Tavern (& Inn). Recruit Characters to “your side” to knock out your opponent’s Characters and drink all his beer. VICTORY Reduce your opponent to zero Beers. TIDBITS Use coins for damage and bottle caps for beers. BEERS Each player starts with 10 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. THE DECK Players share a common Deck. The deck contains 1 copy of each card listed. CHARACTERS Characters have 2 Stats: Hits & Strength Each Character has one or more traits, such as Mage or Fighter. SETUP Each player draws 7 cards. The biggest player goes first. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 3 phases: Quaff Phase I’ll get you for that Phase Brawling Phase QUAFF PHASE Draw 3 cards. Max hand size is 7 cards. Discard excess cards. If the Deck runs out, shuffle the discard & draw from it. I’LL GET YOU FOR THAT PHASE Put characters from your hand into play face up onto the table. You may attach positive modifier cards (from your hand) to new characters. Your opponent may attach negative modifier cards to your new characters. You may attach weapon cards to your characters. A Character may only have one Weapon attached. (Note all weapons are makeshift. Swords & such were checked at the door) Only Fighters may attach Armor cards. BRAWLING PHASE You may attack with your Characters. Assign each of your Characters to attack 1 target opposing Character. Each of your Characters can only make 1 attack. Each target opposing Character can only be attacked by 1 of your Characters. (If you have more characters, some will not be able to attack.) Your Character does damage equal to the characters Strength. An attached Weapon will increase a Character’s Strength. You may play up to 1 Attack card on a Character to increase his Strength for this turn. Your opponent may play a Defense card to completely negate an Attack. Record damage on Character cards with coins (1 cent = 1 point of damage). If (& only if) all of you opponent’s Characters have been attacked, your remaining Non-attacking Characters may drink 1 Bottle of Beer off the Wall. Your opponent loses 1 Beer for each drinking Character. If your opponent is reduced to zero beers (start total = 10) he loses the game. Stunned Characters cannot Attack or use Defense cards. At the end of the phase, Discard Attack & Defense cards that were played during the phase. Employees may not attack each other. Instead of attacking, or Drinking Beer, a Character may eat Food (Discard Food card) Instead of attacking, drinking, or eating, a Mage may cast a spell (Discard Spell card) When attacking a base 1/10 Character, flip a coin. If Tails the attack is negated. CARD LIST NOTATION Str/Hits = Strength & Hits C = Character W = Weapon O = Modifier A = Attack D = Defense XI = Special card played in your own "I’ll get you for that Phase" XR = Special card played in response to an opponent's attack XA = Special card played in your own attack phase XQ = Special card played in Quaff phase G = Girl E = Employee S = Strong F = Fighter T = Thief M = Mage Z = Spell N = Opponent is Stunned for 2 turns by this attack Y = Food CARD LIST Card Name: Str Hits Type Notes: Old Red the Bartender 3 30 CES Trish the Tavern Wench 2 20 CEG Boris the Bouncer 4 40 CES Ed the Stable Boy 1 10 CET Fun Gus the Cook 2 20 CE Dolly the Barmaid 2 20 CEGS Cluso the Constable 2 20 CFES Gimpy the Mercenary 3 30 CFS Karloff the Blacksmith 4 40 CS Hammy the Half Ogre 4 40 CFS Nanook the Half Orc 3 30 CTFS Freddy Fingers the Rogue 2 20 CT Ludite the Dwarf 4 40 CFS Little Nicky the Halfling 1 10 CT Tuck the Cleric 3 30 CMF Atroshus the Magician 1 10 CM Keebler the Elf 2 20 CM Snodgrass the Goblin 1 10 CT Woody the Ranger 3 30 CS The Warrior Princess 4 40 CFGS The Mysterious Stranger 3 30 CMF Hide - - D Thief only Backstab +3 - A Thief only Mighty Blow +3 - A Strong only Throw Opponent +3 - A Strong only Slide Down Counter +1 - AN Strong only Slippery - - D Thief only Burning Torch +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Live Bird Soup - - Y Heal 5 Damage Grit Cake - - Y Heal 5 Damage Dragon Steak - - Y Heal 10 Damage Bowl +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Heal Spell - - Z Heal 20 Damage Paralyze Spell - - Z Target is stunned for 3 turns Charm Spell - - Z Take control of target Character Bar Stool +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Wooden Chair +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Hurl Table +3 - A Strong only Beer Mug +1 - W Chain Mail - +10 O Armor Ring Mail - +5 O Armor Splint Mail - +15 O Armor Plate Mail - +20 O Armor Fling Plates +2 - A Any Character Tankard of Ale +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Swing on Chandelier +3 - A Any Character Jump from Rafters +3 - A Any Non-Strong Character Wine Bottle +1 - W Discard to negate an attack Breaks - - XI Discard target weapon card Slip & Fall - - XI Target stunned for 2 turns Fireberry Wine +1 - O Tipsy -1 - O Drunk as a Skunk -1 - O Thrown out of Window - - XI Target Character discarded Uppercut +2 - A Any Character Knee to the Groin +3 - A vs Male Character Backhand +2 - A Any Character Elbow to the Gut +3 - A Any Character Knock the Wind Out +3 - A Any Character Hit Wrong Guy - - XR Choose any new Target for Attack Head Lock +1 - AN Any Character Arm Lock +1 - AN Any Character Head Butt +3 - A Any Character Dark & Frothy Mead - +5 O Shake it Off - - D Strong only Business Elsewhere - - XI Target Character discarded Hard Head - - D Fighter only Switch Sides - - XI Take control of target Character Tug of War - - XI Steal target Weapon Gang Up - - XA 2nd Character may attack target Look Behind You +3 - A Any Character Knock Down +2 - AN Strong only Bite +2 - A Any Character Box Ears +3 - A Any Character Trip +1 - AN Any Character Bang Heads +3 - A Divide damage among 2 targets Body Slam +3 - A Any Character Thigh Press +3 - A Girl only Show some Skin - - D Girl only Wouldn’t hit a Girl - - D Girl only Beg for Mercy - - D Thief only Shocking Grasp +4 - AZ Mage only Mailed Fist +1 - O Fighter only Gauntlet +1 - O Fighter only Berserker +3 - A Fighter only Bear Hug +3 - A Strong only Throw Barrel +3 - A Strong only Choke Hold +3 - AN Any Character Duck - - D Any Character 2 Lefts & a Right +3 - A Any Character Chug - - XQ Character drinks 2 Beers

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