TO PLAY This is a game of story telling. Shuffle the Deck. Each player draws 5 cards. The oldest or the youngest player starts. A player starts to tell a story. Players try to incorporate the idea on one of their cards into the story. If a player does this he may discard that card. After discarding, the player to his right continues the story. The story ends when the last player discards his last card. If a player manages to say something very witty, or clever, or profound, or poetic, or funny, or memorable, the other players may award him one or more Story points. At the end of the story, the player with the most Story points wins. OPTIONAL RULES Players may deduct Story points for poor performances. A player may at any time deduct a Story point to discard a card & draw a new one. For a longer story, players draw 7 cards instead of 5. CARD LIST - Puzzle: Paradox, Enigma, Mystery - Internal conflict - Dragon - Giant: Ogre, Cyclops - Quest: Geas, Mission - Knight: Cavalier, Paladin - Princess: Damsel in distress - King: Emperor, Leader - Sword: Weapon - Armor: Shield, Helmet - Siege: War machines - Battle: Battlefield - Squire: Youth - Assassin: Murder - Illusion: Phantasm - Magic: Spells - Curse: Enchantment, Hex - Healing: Healer, Herbs - Duel: Gladiators, Sword fight, Mage Duel - Possession, Control - Potion: Love Potion - Ring, Jewelry, Necklace, Brooch - Staff: Wand, Rod - Artifact: Relic, Antique, Fossil, Remains - Book: Tome, Library, Scrolls - Priest: Cleric, Holy Man - Warrior: Warrior Maiden - Wizard: Mage, Sorcerer - Thief: Theft, Pickpocket, Cutpurse, Burglar - Bandits: Pirates, Thugs - Love: Romance - Conquest - Law - Chaos - Light: Good - Darkness: Evil - Crone: Witch - Time: Old Age, Waiting, Cycles - Hero: Heroine - Chasm: Ravine - Mountain - Volcano - Swamp - Jungle - Flying - Gateway: Door - Treasure - Village: Hamlet, Town - City - Barbarians: Savages, Natives - Forest - Sea Voyage - Archer, Bow, Arrows - Undead: Vampire, Mummy, Zombies, Skeletons - Maze: Labyrinth - Dungeon - Wizards Tower - Desert: Thirst - Merchant: Caravan, Guild, Trade - Reward - Guardian, Defender, Protector - Druid, Nature Worship - Ranger: Woodsman, Scout - Demon: Devil - Angel: Demi-god, God - Ghost: Spirit - Castle: Keep, Fortress - Mine: Gems, Gold - Prison: Escape, Rescue - Ingredients, Supplies, Materials - Humanoids: Orcs, Goblins - Mythic Monster: Medusa, Gryphon - Cats: Lions, Tigers, Panthers - Horse: Steed - Birds: Songbird, Bird of Prey - Insects: Swarm - Reptiles, Amphibians: Frogs, Snakes, Dinosaurs - Fish: Fisherman, Shark, Eel, Piranhas - Dream: Vision, Prophecy - Trap: Poison, Pit, Captured - Scholar: Sage, Savant, Student, Apprentice - Oracle, Divination, Astrology - Fairy: Pixies, Nymphs, Dryads, Sprites, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes - Temple: Monks - Storm: Cyclone, Blizzard - Cataclysm: Earthquake, Eruption - Ruins: Graves - Performer: Acrobat, Circus, Clown, Jester, Juggler, Dramatist - Betrayal: Treason - Music: Bard, Instruments - Secret: Secret Passage, Hidden, Invisible - Surprise: Ambush - Trick: Riddle - Runes: Warning, Message - Transformation: Polymorph, Changeling - Fabulous Beast: Unicorn, Questing Beast - Torture: Suffering, Oppression - Frozen Wastes: Tundra - Nobles: Reputation, Rank, Social Class - Slaves: Peasants, Servants - Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Conjuration: Summoning - Invention: Machine, Golem - Ritual: Sacrifice - Rebellion: Uprising - Intrigue: Gossip, Rumors - River, Stream, Lake

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