Card Game for 2-4+ players. 
Depicts Trade and Commerce in Ancient India. 

The game ends when the deck has been run through twice. 

At the end of the game, the player with the most Points wins. 

Players share a common Deck. 
There are 5 Card Types: 
TP = Trading Partner
EX = Export
IM = Import
YZ = Trade Mechanisms
NU = Nuisance 

Shuffle the Deck. 
Each player is dealt 6 Cards. 
The richest player goes first. 

On your turn you may draw 3 cards from either the Deck or the 
Top of the Discard (or some from both totaling 3). 
Keep 1 Card. 
Give 1 Card to the next player. 
Discard 1 Card. 
Place 1 Card on either the Top or bottom of the Deck.  
If you have a Meld (Trade Mission) you may play it and score. 
A Meld must contain: 
1 Trading Partner
1 Trading Mechanism
2 Exports
2 Imports
Score your Meld: 
Gain Points for Partner, Mechanism, and Import Cards. 
Lose points for Export cards. 
Keep track of your Score and running Total. 
If you made a Meld, discard all those cards, and draw 6 new cards. 
Max 1 Meld per turn. 
The first time the deck runs out, shuffle the Discard and draw from it. 
Nuisance cards are never part of a Meld. 

TP = Trading Partner
EX = Export
IM = Import
YZ = Trade Mechanisms
NU = Nuisance 

Card:			Type	Score
Storms			NU	0
Pirates			NU	0
Tariffs			NU	0

Sumer & Egypt		TP	4
Crete & Syria		TP	3
Arabia			TP	3
Rome			TP	5
Greeks			TP	4
China			TP	5
Java & Ceylon		TP	1
Sumatra 		TP	2
Africa			TP	1
Abyssinia		TP	2

Huge Ships		YZ	5
Sea Routes		YZ	4
Monsoon Winds   	YZ	1
Sea Ports		YZ	5
Caravans		YZ	2
Roads			YZ	2
Rivers			YZ	1
Lighthouses		YZ	3
Merchants		YZ	3
Trading Guilds		YZ	4

Fine Cotton		EX	4
Silk Fabric		EX	5
Spices			EX	5
Indigo			EX	3
Sugar			EX	1
Medicinal Herbs 	EX	4
Precious Stones 	EX	4
Works of Art		EX	3
Ivory			EX	3
Diamonds		EX	5
Muslin			EX	3
Perfumes		EX	4
Jewels			EX	5
Iron			EX	2
Saltpeter		EX	2
Sandalwood		EX	2
Apes & Peacocks 	EX	2
Rice			EX	1
Coconuts		EX	1
Limestone		EX	1

Gold			IM	10
Silver			IM	10
Copper			IM	9
Brass			IM	9
Lead			IM	6
Coins			IM	10
Wine			IM	9
Slaves			IM	7
Singing Boys		IM	8
Beautiful Maidens	IM	9
Pigments		IM	8
Glass Vessels		IM	8
Armaments		IM	7
Ointments		IM	7
Coral			IM	6
Pearls			IM	7
Horses			IM	10
Mercury 		IM	6
Vermillion		IM	6
Elephants		IM	8

Trade and Commerce in Ancient India	Ithihas


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