Boardgame for 2 players. 
Wargame based on the Talisman Adventure Game. 
One player controls the Forces of Good. 
The other player controls the forces of Evil. 

Talisman is a copyrighted, licensed, trademarked property. 
This is merely a fan site. 

The Evil player must capture the City and the Castle. 
The Good player must capture the City and the Sorcerer’s Tower

Six sided dice are needed. 3 per player. 

The Good player has a set of White Chits. 
The Evil player has a set of Black Chits. 
These are stacked with Neutral Units to show who controls them. 

When a Unit is hit (damaged) a Wound Chit (Marker) is stacked with it. 
3 Wound Chits will kill (discard) a Unit. 
Discard all Items (and Spells) stacked with a killed Character. 

Units are divided into 2 main types: Monsters and Characters. 
Items may be stacked with Characters, but not with Monsters. 

The Map is an 8x8 Grid that holds 64 Territory Tiles. 
There are 3 types of Territories: Neutral. Good, and Evil. 
The 2 front rows contain Good Tiles. 
The 2 back rows contain Evil Tiles. 
The 4 middle rows contain Neutral Tiles. 

A = Alignment
G = Good
E = Evil
N = Neutral
# = Copies of that Tile in Set
STR = Strength
MP = Magic Points
HU = Holy Unit
MU = Magic User
GU = Good Unit
EU = Evil Unit
GP = Good Player
EP = Evil Player

Name:			A	#	Notes:
Castle			G	1	GU in Castle gets STR +2 Save 1-4 on 1D6
Shrine			G	1	HU at Shrine get STR+2 
Pool of Life		G	1	GU at or adjacent to Pool heal 1 Wound in Heal Phase
Fountain of Wisdom	G	1	MU at Fountain gets MP+1
Market			G	1	GU at Market gets +1 Gold per turn
Chapel			G	1	All GU in or adjacent to Chapel get STR+1 
Temple			G	1	HU at Temple gets MP+1
Tavern			G	1	Fighter at Tavern gets STR+2
Fields			G	2	Fast Unit at Fields get STR+1 
Woods			G	2	Ranged Attack Unit in Woods gets STR+2
Village			G	2	GU at villages heal 1 wound in Heal Phase
Farms			G	2	GU at farms get STR+1
Sorcerer’s Tower	E	1	Evil MU in Tower gets MP+1 and Save 1-4 on 1D6
Chasm			E	1	Ground Units entering Chasm killed on 1-2 on 1D6
Cursed Glade		E	1	GU in or adjacent to Glade get STR-1
Graveyard		E	1	Undead Units in or adjacent get STR+1  
Plain of Peril		E	1	If occupied by EU the EP gets +1 to recruit Table Rolls
Crypt			E	1	Spirit Units in or adjacent get STR+1
Valley of Fire		E	1	Demonic Units in or adjacent get STR+1
Pits			E	1	Flying Unit at Pits gets STR+2
Dungeon 		E	1	EU in Dungeon gets +1 Gold per turn
Arena			E	1	Evil Character in Arena gets STR+2
Ruins			E	1	MU at Ruins gets MP+1
Altar			E	1	All EU in or adjacent to Altar get STR+1 
Cave			E	2	Monster Unit at Cave gets STR+1
Marsh			E	2	Unit at Marsh cannot move on 1-3 on D6
Maze			N	1	Unit at Maze cannot move on 1-4 on D6
Magic Stream		N	1	MU at Stream gets MP+1
Magic Portal		N	1	Unit at Portal can move to any empty Space
Hidden Valley		N	1	Unit in Valley evades attacks/battles on 1-4 on D6
City			N	1	Unit in City gets +1 Gold per turn
Mines			N	2	Mountain Units at Mines get +1 Gold per Turn
Hills			N	4	Mountain Units in Hills get STR+1
Forest			N	6	Ranged Attack Unit in Woods gets STR+1
Crags			N	4	Ground Units entering Crags killed on 1 on 1D6
Desert			N	4	Units in Desert take 1 wound in Heal Phase on 1-3 on D6
Plains			N	6	Fast Units in Plains get STR+2 

Items and Units are immediately played to the board. 
Players however keep a separate pile of Spell chits to be used when needed. 
Normal maximum Spell Hand size is 4 and limit is enforced in End Phase. 

By Spell, Wound, and Disease effects it is possible for Units to have 
a Strength of zero or even a negative Strength. 
Such units can still attack and defend. 
Units with a Disease Counter are STR-1
Units with a Wound Counter are STR-1

Determine who will be Good and who will be Evil. 
Shuffle the Territory Tiles. 
Randomly distribute the Tiles to make the 8x8 map with separate Good, Evil, and 
Neutral Regions as described. 
Create separate Piles (Cups) for:
Good Unit Chits
Evil Unit Chits
Neutral Unit Chits
Item Chits
Spell Chits
Each player gets 8 Unit Chits of his Alignment
Each player gets 4 Neutral Unit Chits 
Each player gets 4 Item Chits 
Each player gets 2 Spell Chits 
Players distribute their Units to their own Regions: 
You have 12 Units to distribute throughout 16 Spaces. 
A Space (Tile) can contain 1 Unit. All Chits are face up.  
Item Chits are stacked with Units that can use them. 

Players take turns. 
The Evil Player goes first
Each Turn has 9 Phases: 
Time Phase
Magic Phase
Quest Phase
Movement Phase
Ranged Attack Phase
Battle Phase
Healing Phase
Recruit Phase
End Phase

Each Tile with a Block Token on it removes 1 such Token. 
Each Tile with a Ruin Token on it removes 1 such Token. 
Every Unit with a Disease Counter rolls 1D6: 
1D6	Disease Effect:
1-2	Unit takes 1 Wound
3-4	No Effect
5-6	Remove Counter

Gain spells and summon effects according to the Total number of 
Magic Points (MP) you control as listed on the Magic Power Table. 
Spell Chits are randomly drawn from the Spell Chit Cup. 
Each Magic User (MU) you control gives you 1 MP. 
Some objects provide additional MP. 
Some locations if occupied generate more MP. 
Note base Spell Chit draw is zero; You need at least 1 Magic User to 
gain any spells. 
Note the Table effects are cumulative: If you have 7 MP you would 
get a total of 2 extra rolls on the Recruit Table. 

MP	Capacity		Notes
1	Power		Draw +1 Spell each turn in Magic Phase
2	Knowledge	Spell Hand Size +1
3	Summon		Roll one extra time on Recruit Table Immediately 
4	Power		Draw +1 Spell each turn in Magic Phase
5	Knowledge	Spell Hand Size +1
6	Summon		Roll one extra time on Recruit Table Immediately
7	Skill		All your MU get STR+1
8	Power		Draw +1 Spell each turn in Magic Phase
9	Knowledge	Spell Hand Size +1
10	Summon		Roll one extra time on Recruit Table Immediately
11	Skill		All your MU get STR+1
12	Power		Draw +1 Spell each turn in Magic Phase

Once per turn in Quest Phase, you may send one of your Characters on a quest. 
The Character rolls 3D6 and adds its Strength. 
Roll 3D6 for the Quest. 
If the Character rolls equal or higher, you may immediately roll once on the 
Recruit Table with a -1 modifier to the roll. 
If the Quest Total was higher, the Character was killed (discard it). 

Roll 1D6. This is the Movement Roll. 
You may move that many of your Units. 
The base move for all units is 1 space; You can move a unit to an adjacent Territory. 
Adjacency is through orthogonal sides only, not the diagonal.
Fast Units and Flyers can move 2 Spaces. 
Flyers that are also fast can move 3 spaces. 
Forest Walkers can as their move go from any Wood or Forest tile to another empty one.  
Units may not move through other units unless they can fly (or are being teleported or 
are moving by Portal or Forest walking)
Spirits can move Diagonally. 
Maximum 1 unit per space. No Stacking. 
2 adjacent friendly Units as their Moves may switch places. 

Attacks described as ranged attacks take place in this Phase.
Attacks are made into adjacent spaces (diagonal allowed).  
The attacking unit rolls 3D6 and adds its Strength. 
The defending unit rolls 3D6 and adds its Strength. 
If the attackers total is higher, the defender Rolls on the Ranged Attack Hit Table.  
If equal or lower, the attack misses and nothing happens.
Most Ranged attacks are by Bow and Arrow or Magic Spell, however, some have 
another basis, such as Giants throwing Boulders. 
A Unit can only make 1 Ranged Attack per turn. 
A Unit that makes a Ranged Attack cannot also attack in Battle Phase. 
A single unit may be attacked by multiple foes one at a time. 

1D6	Damage
1-3	Target Gains 1 Wound Counter
4-5	Target Gains 2 Wound Counter
6	Target Killed

Attacks are made into adjacent spaces (diagonal not allowed).  
The attacking unit rolls 3D6 and adds its Strength. 
The defending unit rolls 3D6 and adds its Strength. 
If the Attackers total is higher, the defender gains 1 Wound Counter. 
If the Defenders total is higher, the Attacker takes 1 Wound Counter 
If totals are equal they both gain a wound counter. 
This repeats until one unit is destroyed (3 Wounds) or the 
Attacking unit breaks off the Attack. 
A Unit may only attack one Unit in Battle Phase. 
A single unit may be attacked by multiple foes one at a time. 

Some Items, Spells, and the Tough ability will nullify an attack. 
If the save roll is successful, all the damage from the attack is negated. 

A Defending Unit may choose to Evade a Battle. 
The Unit gets +4 to his battle roll, but if he wins, he does no damage to his 
opponent, the combat simply ends. In addition, If an evasion is successful, the 
Evading unit may move to an ADJ empty space. 

Units may have Wound Markers removed in this Phase. 
This requires a special effect provided by a unit or spell or location. 
Units with Regeneration automatically remove 1 Wound Chit on themselves in this Phase. 
Units with Healing may remove 1 Wound Chit or 1 Curse Chit or 1 Disease Token from a 
friendly unit in an adjacent orthogonal Space. 

Roll once on the Recruit Table. 
When recruiting units, place them in any empty Tile of your same Alignment. 
Neutral Units may also be placed in a Neutral Tile adjacent to a Tile 
occupied by one of your Units. 
Items when recruited (Found, Bought, Created) are immediately stacked with a 
Character that can use them. 

1D6	Notes:
0	Gain 3 Bags of Gold
1	Gain 2 Bags of Gold
2	Gain 1 Bag of Gold
3	Gain 1 Item
4	Gain 1 Neutral Unit
5+	Gain 1 Unit of your same Alignment

Gold is used to purchase Units and Items in Recruit Phase: 
In Recruit Phase you may buy 1 Item for 3 bags of Gold. 
Draw 3 Item Chits and discard 2. 
In Recruit Phase you may buy 1 Neutral Unit for 3 bags of Gold. 
Draw 3 Neutral Unit Chits and discard 2. 
In Recruit Phase you may buy 1 Unit of your Alignment for 3 bags of Gold. 
Draw 3 Unit Chits and discard 2. 

Max Spell Hand Size is 4. Discard excess Spells. 

Magic Users unless they are also Fighters cannot use Weapons or Armor. 
A Character can have only have 1 of each of the following types of items: 
Weapon, Headgear, Shield, Armor, Steed

A Tile with a Block Token on it cannot be entered or moved through. 

A Tile with a Ruin Token on it has its special effects as described in the 
Tile List negated. 

These are Spells that are stacked with the Target Unit and adversely affect it. 
They remain until healed or eliminated by another Spell. 

These are Spells that are stacked with the Target Unit and are beneficial. 
They remain until eliminated by another Spell. 

Players share a common set of these. 

GU = Good Unit
EU = Evil Unit
STR = Strength
FTR = Fighter
MU = Magic User
MP = Magic Points
ADJ = Adjacent
RA = Ranged Attack
Healing = Unit can Heal other Units in Healing Phase
Fast = Unit has Move+1
Fly = Unit has Move+1 and can move over other Units
Forestwalk = Unit can move from 1 Forest or Woods space to any other  as 1 move
Mountains = Unit is STR+2 when Attacking a Cave, Mine, Hill, Crag, or Dungeon Space
Woods = Unit is STR+2 when Attacking a Woods, Forest, or Marsh Space
Martyr = You may switch this Unit with an ADJ Unit that is being Attacked
Fate = Reroll 1 Target Dieroll once per turn or cause 1 Chit you draw to be redrawn
Regenerate = Unit heals itself in Healing Phase
Tough = Unit has a natural Save of 1-3 on 1D6 when it takes a Hit
Steal = Instead of Attacking unit steals 1 Item from ADJ Foe on 1-3 on 1D6
Poison = If attack is successful it does 1 extra Wound on 1-3 on 1D6
Petrify = If attack is successful, target is killed
Large = Unit can carry 1 extra Wound Counter before being killed
Rich = Gain 1 Gold in your Recruit Phase
Disease = In Long Range Attack Phase this unit may give 1 ADJ unit a Disease Counter
Morale = Adjacent Friendly Units get STR+1 and the Martyr Ability
Ambush = Unit gets STR+2 on first turn of a Battle

Name			Type	STR	MP	Notes:
King			C	3	-	FTR; Rich 
Priest			C	2	1	MU; STR+5 vs. Undead
Monk			C	3	-	Gets STR+1 per ADJ GU
Knight			C	5	-	FTR; STR+2 vs. Quests
Healer			C	2	-	Healing
Unicorn			M	4	1	Fey, Fast
Gnomes			C	2	-	Mountains; Ambush
Man at Arms		C	4	-	FTR; Martyr
Maiden			C	2	-	Morale 
Prophetess		C	2	1	MU; Fate
Were Lion		M	6	-	Regenerate
Dwarf			C	4	-	FTR; Mountains
Elf			C	4	1	FTR; Fey MU; Woods; RA
Prince			C	4	-	STR+1 per attached Item
Guide			C	2	-	Mountains; Woods; RA
Angel			M	6	-	Fly; STR+2 vs. Demonic
Princess		C	3	-	Morale
Fairy			M	2	1	MU; Fey, Fly
Magician		C	3	1	MU; STR+1 per attached Item
Minstrel		C	2	-	Morale; STR+4 vs. Monsters
Mystic			C	2	1	MU; STR+5 vs. Spirits
Sentinel		C	6	-	FTR; STR+2 when Defending
Druid			C	4	1	MU; Woods, Forestwalk
Woodsman		C	3	-	FTR; Woods
Ranger			C	4	-	FTR; Woods, RA
Amazon			C	4	-	FTR; RA
Squire			C	3	-	FTR; STR+1 per attached Item; Martyr
Treeman			M	6	-	Woods, Forestwalk; Large; Tough
Dryad			M	3	1	MU; Fey, Woods, Forestwalk
Paladin			C	4	-	FTR; MU; STR+3 vs. Demonic

Name			Type	STR	MP	Notes:
Black Knight		C	5	-	FTR
Sorceress		C	2	1	MU
Troll			C	6	-	Regenerate
Hobgoblins		M	3	-	Fast
Zombies			M	3	-	Undead; Regenerate
Dragon			M	7	-	Fly; Tough; Large
Giant			M	6	-	Fast; RA; Large, Mountain
Champion of Chaos	C	4	-	FTR
Imp			M	2	1	Fly; Demonic
Raiders			M	3	-	Steal
Orc			C	3	-	FTR; RA
Necromancer		C	3	1	MU; Heal
Pit Fiends		M	5	-	Demonic
Hag			C	3	1	MU
Goblins			M	2	-	Ambush; Martyr
Ogre			M	4	-	Tough
Devil			C	5	1	MU; FTR; Fly; Demonic
Witch Doctor		C	3	1	MU
Witch			C	2	1	MU; Fly
Wraith			M	4	-	Spirit
Warlock			C	3	1	MU; FTR
Demon			C	4	-	FRT; Demonic
Ghoul			C	3	-	Undead; Regenerate
Assassin		C	4	-	Poison; RA     
Were Wolf		M	4	-	Regenerate
Vampire			M	4	-	Fly; Undead; Regenerate
Lich			C	3	1	MU; Undead
Harpies			M	3	-	Fly
Doppelganger		M	3	-	STR+3 when attacking
Skeletons		M	3	-	Undead
Chimera			M	2	-	Fly; Petrify
Gargoyle		M	4	-	Fly; Tough

Name			Type	STR	MP	Notes:
Mercenary		C	4	-	FTR
Warrior			C	4	-	FRT; Can use 2 Weapons
Thief			C	3	-	Steal
Wizard			C	4	1	MU
Alchemist		C	2	1	MU; Rich
Mage			C	3	1	MU
Soldier			C	3	-	FTR; Martyr
Merchant		C	2	-	Rich
Poltergeist		M	2	-	Spirit, RA
Were Boar		M	3	-	Regeneration
Were Bear		M	5	-	Regeneration
Apes			M	3	-	Woods
Hermit			C	2	1	Mountains
Ghost			M	3	-	Spirit; Fly
Centaur			M	4	-	Woods; RA
Spectre			M	3	-	Spirit
Satyr			M	3	-	Fey; Woods
Phantom			M	4	-	Spirit; Fly
Serpent			M	4	-	Poison
Enchanter		C	3	1	MU; Fate
Leper			M	2	-	Disease
Bandits			M	3	-	Steal; Ambush
Pixie			M	2	1	Fey; Woods; Forestwalk; Ambush
Berserker		C	4	-	STR+2 when Attacking
Genie			M	5	1	MU; Fly
Sphinx			M	4	-	Fate
Banshee			M	5	-	Spirit
Manticore		M	4	-	RA; Poison
Jabberwock		M	4	-	Fly; Large
Minotaur		M	4	-	Tough; Ambush
Beastman		C	3	-	Woods; Tough

Name			Notes:
Holy Grail		GO; Heal
Wand			MU gets RA and STR+1
Holy Lance		GO; FTR gets STR+3; Weapon
Talisman		User Immune to Spell cards
Holy Cross		GO; STR+4 vs. Spirits
Magic Belt		STR+1
Magic Sword		STR+1; Weapon
Magic Helmet		Headgear; FTR gets Save 1-2 on 1D6
Magic Shield		FTR gets Save 1-3 on 1D6
Magic Armor		FTR gets Save 1-4 on 1D6
Enchanted Axe		FTR gets STR+2; Weapon
Magic Water Bottle	User immune to Desert
Skull Cup		EO; Heal
Solomon’s Crown 	GO; Headgear; Fate
Evil Amulet		EO; MP+1
Ring of Protection	Save 1-2 on 1D6
Demon Armor		EO; FTR gets STR+2 and Save 1-4 on 1D6
Orb of Knowledge	MP+1
Book of Spells		MU gets MP+1
Rune Sword		EO; FTR gets STR+2 and Regeneration; Weapon
Magic Ring		MU gets STR+2
Potion of Strength	OUO; STR+5
Warhorse		Steed; FTR gets Fast and STR+2
Crown of Command	Headgear; RA of STR = 5 vs. all adjacent Foes
Girdle of Strength	STR+3
Horse			Steed; Fast
Staff of Mastery	MU gets STR+2 and MP+1
Silver Blade		STR+4 vs. Were Units; Weapon
Magic Hammer		Non-MU gets STR+2 and Mountain; Weapon
Scrolls			OUO; Gain 3 Spells
Traveling Boots		Fast
Magic Bow		Non-MU gets RA of STR+2; Weapon
Crystal Ball		Fate
Winged Boots		User gets Fly
Gauntlet of Might	STR+2
Pegasus			GO; Steed; Fly and Fast
Griffon			GO; Steed; Fly and STR+3
Nightmare		EO; Steed; Fly and Fast
Wyvern			EO; Steed; Fly and STR+2 and Poison

CC = Curse Chit
BC = Boon Chit
EO = Evil Only MU may cast this Spell
GO = Good Only MU may cast this Spell

Name:			Range	Notes:
Temporal Warp		NA	Opponent skips next turn
Toad			1	CC; Unit becomes STR = 1 and discards all Items
Counter Spell		U	Negate Spell just cast
Nullify			2	Discard BC or CC stacked with Unit
Immobility		3	Negate Move
Destruction		1	Place 7 Ruin Tokens on Target Tile
Forget			NA	Opponent discards 2 random spell cards from hand
Acquisition		2	Steal
Psionic Blast		3	RA of STR = 5
Divination		NA	Fate
Scry			NA	Fate
Healing			1	Heal
Alchemy 	 	NA	Gain 4 Gold
Mesmerism		1	Unit cannot attack this turn
Destroy Magic		1	Discard target Stacked Item
Curse			3	CC; STR-1
Teleport		1	Move Unit to any empty Space
Preservation		3	Unit gets Save 1-4 on 1D6
Hex			1	Target Tile gets 3 Block Tokens
Evil Eye		1	CC; EO; Unit has half STR until BOYNT
Finger of Death		NA	MU gets STR+10
Fireball		2	RA of STR = 6; Covers 2 ADJ spaces
Lightning Bolt		3	RA of STR = 8
Misdirection		2	Move Enemy Unit 1 Space
Reflection		U	Change Target of Target Spell
Haste			1	BC; STR+1 and Fast
Force Field		4	Negate a target RA Attack
Electrical Storm	5	RA of STR = 2; Covers 4 ADJ spaces; Place 2 RT on Tiles
Slow Motion		2	Negate move and unit STR-5 until BOYNT
Earthquake		4	RA of STR = 4; Covers 3 ADJ spaces; Place 4 RT on Tiles
Familiar		NA	BC; MU gets STR+1
Siphon			NA	Steal 2 random Spell Chits from target opponent’s hand
Displacement		3	Switch location of 2 adjacent Units
Barrier			3	2 ADJ Target Tiles get 1 Block Token each
Blessing		1	BC; STR+1
Turn to Stone		1	RA of STR = 3 and Petrification
Brainwave		1	Take Control of target Neutral Unit
Magic Vortex		NA	Both players discard all their Spell chits
Pestilence		NA	All Units get a Disease Counter
Poison Cloud		1	RA of STR = 4 and Poison; Covers 2 ADJ spaces
Blizzard		1	Covers 8 ADJ Spaces; They get 2 Block & Ruin Tokens each 
Darkness		NA	No Units may Move or Attack this turn
Invisibility		3	Negate Long Range Attack or Battle this Turn
Exorcism		1	RA = Destroy Spirit Unit
Turn Undead		1	RA = Destroy Undead Unit
Wither			1	RA = Destroy Fey Unit
Banish			1	RA = Destroy Demonic Unit
Fear			1	RA = Destroy Good Unit

NA = Non-applicable
U = Unlimited
Ranges = Max Distance of the target from the MU casting the Spell. Note that some 
spells cover 1 or more ADJ spaces. The player casting the spell chooses how these 
are spread out. They can extend beyond the Spell range as long as they are  
connected to the target space by a series of ADJ connections. 
Timing = Exact timing is not given, but use common sense and allow flexibility:  
Many spells only make sense if you cast them on your opponent’s turn to disrupt his 
Spells and Unit Movements and Attacks. 
Toad = Toads cannot attack. A Toad must attempt to Evade. 

Had some hesitation doing this game. May not be in the true spirit of the 
Talisman Universe where the Quest above all else is the central theme. 
The game is 95% Talisman inspired. I think I allowed a little Dungeons and 
Dragons to slip in as well as a little Magic the Gathering. Artistic License. 
If you liked the original there is a lot of compatible fan stuff available. 

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