Theme: Building of the Transcontinental Railroad. 
One Player is the Union Pacific (UP). 
The other Player is the Central Pacific (CP). 
Players race to be the first get to Promontory Summit. 

The first player with 100 or more Railroad Markers (RRM) wins.  

Use Poker Chips as Railroad Markers (RRM)

Players share a Common deck. 
There are 7 Main Suites and 1 Minor Suite. 
Each Major Suite has 10 cards ranked 1-10. 
The Minor Suite has 7 cards with no rankings. 
The deck is kept face-down. 
The discard is kept face-up. 
Major Suites: 
1. Jobs
2. Money
3. Towns
4. Ethnicities
5. Supplies
6. Work
7. Labor
The Minor Suite cards are called Difficulty Cards. 
Difficulty cards serve no purpose other than to occupy space in your hand. 

Determine who is the Central Pacific Player (CPP). 
The other player is the Union Pacific Player (UPP)
Shuffle the deck. 
Each player is dealt 10 cards. 

Players take turns.
The Central Pacific Player goes first.  
Each turn has 5 Phases: 
1. Planning Phase
2. Work Phase
3. Camp Phase
4. Surveyors Phase
5. Logistics Phase

Draw 1 Card from the top of the deck or the discard. 
You may not draw a card from the discard 2 turns in a row. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may play 1 or more Melds from your hand. 
There are 4 types of Melds: 
1. Track Meld
2. Surplus Meld
3. Rail Meld
4. Line Meld
A Rail Meld is 4 or more cards in Rank order (of any Suite). 
(Example: 3,4,5,6 or 5,6,7,8,9)
A Line Meld is 4 or more cards of the same Main Suite (of any Rank). 
(Example: 4 Town Cards, or 7 Labor Cards) 
A Track Meld is 5 or more cards of different Suites (of any Rank). 
A Surplus Meld is 3 or more cards of the same Rank (of any Suites).
Having 4 or more cards of the same Suite in Rank order is called a Rail Line.
A Rail Line Meld scores double RRM 
The Minor Suite cannot be used to make Melds. 
Melds earn Railroad Markers (RRM) according to their size: 
Cards	RRM
3	1
4	2
5	4
6	8
7	12
8	16
9	20
10	25
If you made a Meld this turn, draw cards from the 
deck to fill your hand to 10 cards. 

You may discard up to 5 Cards from your hand. 

Max hand size is 10 cards. Discard excess cards. 

J = Jobs
M = Money
T = Towns
E = Ethnicities
S = Supplies
W = Work
L = Labor
D = Difficulty
CP = Card can only be used by the CPP
UP = Card can only be used by the UPP

Name:				Type:	Rank:	Notes: 
Filling				W	1
Cutting				W	2
Blasting & Drilling		W	3
Scraping & Shoveling		W	4
Bridging       			W	5
Tunneling			W	6
Digging				W	7
Grading				W	8
Surveying			W	9
Hauling				W	10
Chinese				E	1	CP
Irish				E	2	UP
Mormons				E	3
Blacks				E	4
Whites				E	5
Mexicans       			E	6
Veterans       			E	7
Scandinavians			E	8
Scots				E	9
Immigrants			E	10
Sacramento			T	1	CP
Kelton				T	2	CP
Elko				T	3	CP
Reno				T	4	CP
Wadsworth			T	5	CP
Omaha				T	6	UP
Laramie				T	7	UP
Corinne				T	8	UP
Rawlins				T	9	UP
Cheyenne       			T	10	UP
Carpenters			J	1	
Bridge Gangs			J	2
Tracklayers			J	3
Scrapers       			J	4
Surveyors			J	5
Engineers			J	6
Graders				J	7
Barge Builders			J	8
Tie Cutters			J	9
Tunnel Builders			J	10
Steam Shovel			S	1	UP
Steam Ships			S	2	CP
Black Powder			S	3
Depots				S	4
Supply Train			S	5
Ties, Spikes, & Rails		S	6
Horses & Carts			S	7
Food & Water			S	8
Hammers & Drills       		S	9
Construction Train		S	10
Boss				L	1
Foreman				L	2
Muscle Power			L	3
Crews				L	4
Workers				L	5
Teams				L	6
Laborers       			L	7
Gangs				L	8
Headman				L	9
Camps				L	10
Funding				M	1
Loans				M	2
Land Grants			M	3
Gifts				M	4
Investors			M	5
Bonds				M	6
Capital				M	7
Borrowing			M	8
Stocks				M	9
Contracts			M	10
Indian Attacks			D	-
Mountains			D	-
Rivers				D	-
Snow				D	-
Hell on Wheels			D	-
Politics       			D	-
Financing			D	-


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