Card Game for 2+ players.
Star Trek theme.

Star Trek is a licensed, copyrighted, trademarked property.
This is merely a fan site.

The game ends when all Dilemmas have been solved.

The player with the most Victory Points (from solved Dilemmas in 
his Captains Log) is the winner. 

There are two decks, the Crew Deck, and the Dilemma Deck.

Cards will usually have scores in one or more of the following 
three attributes: Tactics, Science, and Negotiation.  
Tactics represents skills & situations involving combat, firepower, 
strength, strategy, mobility, security, and surprise.
Science represents skills & situations involving logic, physics, 
engineering, medicine, chemistry and scientific methods.
Negotiation represents skills & situations involving diplomacy, 
communication, charisma, empathy, and humanity.

Crew cards represent crew-members, actions, and equipment.
They are used to solve dilemmas.

Each dilemma card represents one episode from the first season.
Each card lists the levels in each of the three attributes needed to solve the dilemma. 
Each card has a VP value used to determine the winner at the end of the game.

Most knowledgeable Trekker goes first.

Players take turns. Each turn has 3 phases:
1. Exploration Phase
2. Draw Phase
3. Mission Phase   

Take the top card of the Dilemma Deck and put it face up in the center of the 
Table next to any already revealed Dilemma cards.
If there are already 3 Dilemma cards face up in the middle of the table, skip this phase.

Draw 2 cards from the Crew Deck. 
Discard one of these two cards, and keep the other one in your hand.
Maximum hand size is 9 cards. Discard excess cards.
If the crew deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

If you can and you want to, discard crew cards to solve a target dilemma card. 
The crew cards discarded must, combined, have attribute levels equal to or 
exceeding the levels of the dilemma.
Place the solved dilemma into a separate pile next to you called your Captains Log. 
When solving a dilemma, you may play only one copy of a unique character.
For example: you can play multiple red shits, but only one Captain Kirk.
You can only play one copy of an equipment or action card. (one Tricorder, not two.)
You cannot play just equipment cards, at least one crewmember is required.
The Vulcan Mind Meld, Vulcan Nerve Pinch, and Vulcan Logic cards can 
only be played with Spock.

Discard a Starbase card and your hand to skip Mission phase and draw 5 new cards.
Discard a Shuttle card to draw 2 cards and put them in your hand.
Discard a Scanner Reading card to draw a card and look at the next card in the Dilemma deck.
Discard a Replicator card to draw a card then look at the next 7 cards in the Crew Deck.
Discard a Beam me up card to take a crewmember card from the discard pile and 
put it in your hand.
Discard a Warp Speed card to draw a card and take another turn.
Discard a Prime Directive card to shuffle the current Dilemmas into the Dilemma deck.
Discard a Space Time Anomaly to make target opponent discard three random cards.

# = Number of that card in the deck
T = Tactics
S = Science
N = Negotiation
Y = Card Type
C = Crew
E = Equipment
A = Action 
X = Special
V = Victory Points

Card Name			#	T	S	N	Y	
Captain Kirk			6	3	-	3	C	
Mr Spock	         	6	2	3	1	C	
Dr “Bones” McCoy 		5	-	2	2	C	
Uhura				3	-	-	2	C	
Chekov				3	1	-	1	C	
Sulu				3	1	-	1	C	
Scotty				3	1	1	-	C	
Red Shirts			5	1	-	-	C	
Blue Shirts			3	-	1	-	C	
Yellow Shirts			4	-	-	1	C	
Tricorder			4	-	1	-	E	
Phaser				2	1	-	-	E	
Transporter			2	1	-	-	E	
Replicator			2	-	-	-	X	
Shuttle				2	-	-	-	X	
Scanner Reading			2	-	-	-	X
Warp Speed			2	-	-	-	X	
The Starship Enterprise		5	1	1	-	E	
Commlink	         	2	1	-	-	E
Explore New Worlds		1	-	1	-	A
Phasers on Stun			1	1	-	-	A
Vulcan Mind Meld	        2	-	-	1	A	
Vulcan Nerve Pinch		1	1	-	-	A	
Vulcan Logic			1	-	1	-	A
Highly Illogical	        1	-	1	-	A
Open Hailing Frequencies	1	-	-	1	A
We Come in Peace  		1	-	-	1	A
Live Long & Prosper		1	-	-	1	A
Starbase	         	3	-	-	-	X
Beam me up			2	-	-	-	X
The Prime Directive		3	-	-	-	X
Love Interest			5	-	-	1	C
Space Time Anomaly 		3	-	-	-	X

Card Name:			V	T-S-N	Notes:
The Man Trap			3	3-5-0	Shape changing Salt Vampire
Charlie X			3	0-3-5	Immature Telekinetic Child
Where No Man has gone Before	6	2-3-4	Crewmember turned into a God
The Naked Time			4	2-3-4	Crews inhibitions are removed
The Enemy Within  		3	4-3-2	Kirk is split in two
Mudds Women			2	3-0-5	Conniving Space Pimp
What are little girls made of?	5	5-0-3	Android Duplicates
Miri				3	3-4-2	Diseased 300-year old Children
Dagger of the Mind		3	4-3-2	Mad Dr with Mind Control Device
The Corbomite Maneuver		4	5-0-3	Trapped by Alien Ship
The Menagerie			2	3-0-5	Spock takes Pike to Talos IV
The Conscience of the King	2	3-0-5	Genocidal Mastermind in Disguise
Balance of Terror		4	5-0-3	Cat & Mouse with Cloaked Romulan
Shore Leave			4	3-2-4	World were wishes come true
The Galileo Seven		3	3-2-4	Shuttle crash lands
The Squire of Gothos		4	3-0-5	Impudent God child Angered
Arena				6	4-2-3	First contact with the Gorn
Tomorrow is Yesterday		2	0-3-5	Time travel: Rescue 20th century pilot
Court Martial			2	0-3-5	Kirk is falsely on Trial
Space Seed			5	5-0-3	Botany Bay and Khan Noonian Singh
A Taste of Armageddon		5	3-0-5	War fought by Computers
This Side of Paradise		4	3-2-4	Bliss Spores 
The Devil in the Dark		3	2-4-3	Horta defending its Eggs from miners
Errand of Mercy			6	3-0-5	Klingons conquer the Organians
The Alternative Factor		7	5-3-0	Lazarus & the Antimatter Universe
City on the Edge of Forever	6	3-0-5	The Necessary Death of Edith Keeler
Operation Annihilate		5	2-4-3	Ameoba Parasites causing Mass Insanity

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