INTRODUCTION Card game based on the Terry Gilliam Movie. Each player controls a group of diminutive individuals in possession of a stolen Map of all Time & Space. Players race to steal the most treasure from History. DISCLAIMER Time Bandits is a licensed, copyrighted property. This is merely a fan site. GAME END The game ends when a turn starts with no cards left in the deck. VICTORY The player with the most Treasure cards at the end of the game wins. If tied the player with the most characters wins. If still tied, the shortest player wins. THE DECK Players share a common deck. CHARACTERS Each player is represented by an abstract group of Time Bandits of Uncertain number. In addition to these abstract individuals, players will recruit Character cards. Character cards represent more concrete individuals with special abilities. THE TIME OF LEGENDS RULE This is the Default Location. If they are not anywhere else, your Time Bandits are here. When traveling, if you don’t have a location card, you may Flip the Travel card over, to represent that you have gone to the Time of Legends. Note that every time you play a Travel card, you must discard your current location card and either play a new location card, or go to the Time of Legends. SETUP Each player is dealt 4 cards. The shortest player goes first. Play proceeds clockwise. All players start in the Time of Legends. TURN SEQUENCE Players take turns. Each turn has 6 Phases: Luck Phase Travel Phase Tag Along Phase Steal Phase Danger Phase Last Phase LUCK PHASE Draw 2 cards from the deck. TRAVEL PHASE To travel, you must play (discard) 1 Travel card & 1 Location card. The Location card is left face up in front of you. It remains there until you travel again. Instead of playing a Location card, you may apply the Time of Legends Rule. TAG ALONG PHASE You may put 1 Character card in Play. Character cards are placed face up in front of you. Characters remain until they are removed by some other play mechanism. STEAL PHASE If you played a Location card this turn (Not the Time of Legends) You may steal a Treasure: Take 1 Treasure card from your hand and Put it next to you in a Pile called your Treasure Pile. DANGER PHASE The player to your left may play a Foe, Delay, or God card on you or no card at all. If a Foe card is played, you must play a Travel, Solution, Ally or Talk card to negate it. If you do not negate the Foe, you must discard a Character card, or if you have none, you must discard a Treasure card from your Treasure pile. If a Delay card is played, you must play a Solution card or you become trapped, and Must miss your next 2 turns. If a God card is played, you must play a Travel card to escape him. If you do not escape, you must discard a Character card, or if you have none, you Must discard a Treasure card from your Treasure pile. LAST PHASE Max hand size is 5. Discard excess cards. CARD LIST NOTATION C = Character T = Travel L = Location X = Treasure F = Foes G = God A = Allies K = Talk D = Delays S = Solutions CARD LIST Card Name Type Notes Kevin C When put in play Draw 3 cards Fidgit C Discard 2 cards to Draw 1 card Randall C Get 2 Steal Phases per Turn Strutter C Discard 2 cards = 1 Solution Card Og C Hand Size +1 Wally C Hand Size +1 Vermin C Hand Size +1 Horseflesh C Hand Size +1 Quixotic Dreamer C Discard 3 cards = 1 Travel Card Unnamed Dwarf C No Special Ability Time Holes T Time Portals T Fantastic Journey T Mad Scheme T Time Travel T Jump Thru Time T Plot Next Jump T Travel Time Line T Map of Creation T Space Time Continuum T Hasty Retreat T Traipse Thru Time T Map of the Universe T Cross Century Crime Spree T Manifestation G The Creator G Supreme Being G Enormous Floating Head G Napoleonic Italy L Sherwood Forest L Mycenaean Greece L The Titanic L Fortress of Ultimate Darkness L The Far Future L The Wild West L Ancient Egypt L Medieval France L Modern London L WWII Europe L Works of Art X Fine Wine X Gold Bullion X Priceless Treasures X Shiny Baubles X Precious Metals X Museum Pieces X Untold Riches X Kings Ransom X Plunder History X Agamemnon A Cowboys A Tank A Spaceship A Knights A Archers A Firefighters A Con Artist K Song & Dance Routine K Gift of Gab K Source of All Evil F Spider Women F Ogres F Forest of Hands F Minotaur F Minions of Evil F Bandits F Soldiers F Pure Evil F Bull Skull Guardians F Agents of Evil F Suppressed Imagination D Hanging Cages D Stone Maze D Lost at Sea D Held Captive D Invisible Wall D Stranded on Giants Head D Freed Imagination S Childs Point of View S Ingenuity S Luck S Wit S Determination S LINKS IMDb Wikipedia Criterion Collection

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