Card game for 2 players. 
Setting: Turn of the Century United States. 
One player takes the role of Edison. 
The other player takes the role of Tesla. 

The player to score the most total Invention Points worth of 
Cards in their victory pile at the end of the game wins. 
The game ends when there are less than 10 cards left in the deck and 
discard combined. 

Players share a common deck. 

Each Round has 5 phases: 
1. Discovery Phase
2. Invention Phase
3. Research Phase
4. Patent Phase
5. Laboratory Phase

Place the top 10 cards from the deck face up in the center of the table. 
These 10 cards are called Discovery cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

Players take turns selecting 1 Discovery card and putting it in their hands. 
Edison goes first on odd rounds. Tesla goes first on even rounds. 
This continues until all 10 Discovery cards have been taken (5 by each player). 

You may play up to 2 cards from your hand for the following special abilities. 
They must be cards you can use (example: Tesla cant use an Edison Only card)
Edison first, Tessla second.
-- Discard an Industry card to draw 2 cards from the deck. 
-- Discard a Theory card to draw 5 cards, discard 4 of them, and keep 1. 
-- Discard a Power card and 1 other card to draw 3 cards. 
-- Discard a Sight card to look at opponents hand then draw 3 cards and keep 1. 
-- Discard a Chemistry card to steal a random card from opponents hand. 
-- Discard a Device card to make opponent discard 1 random card. 
-- Discard a Communication card to take the top card of the discard pile. 

Players may make 1 or more Melds if they are able. 
A Meld consists of 1 primary card particular to that player and one or more 
Secondary cards that have a total score exactly equal to the score of the primary card. 
At least one secondary card must of the same type as the primary. 
The other secondary cards can be of any type. 
Players keep the cards in their respective victory piles. 

Players may keep up to 4 non-melded cards in their hand. 
Discard extra cards. 

T = Card only Tesla may use as a primary card
E = Card only Edison may use as a primary card
B = Card both players may use
IP = Invention Points
I = Industry
T = Theory
P = Power
S = Sight
C = Communications
H = Chemistry
D = Device

Card Name:			Use	IP	Type
Brockton Operation		E	10	P
Telephone			E	10	C
Discover Etheric Force		E	10	T
Motion Picture Camera		E	9	C
Solid State Diode		E	9	P
Incandescent Light Bulb		E	9	S
Phonograph			E	8	C	
Electric Distribution System	E	8	P
Wireless Telegraphy		E	8	C
Alkaline Storage Battery       	E	7	P
Electric Rails			E	7	D
Kinetoscope			E	7	S
X-Ray Fluoroscope		E	6	S
Kinetograph			E	6	S
Working Typewriter		E	6	C
Quadruplex Telegraph		E	5	C
Universal Stock Ticker		E	5	C
Universal Electric Motor       	E	5	P
Synthetic Carbolic Acid		E	4	H
Industrial Laboratory		E	4	I
Microphone			E	4	C
Mass Production			E	3	I
Sound Ranging			E	3	C
Paraffin Paper			E	3	H
Wizard of Menlo Park		E	2	I
Electrical Vote Recorder       	E	2	D
Electric Pen			E	2	D
Trial & Error			E	1	T
1% Inspiration 			E	1	T
Electric Chair			E	1	D
Induction Motor			T	10	P
Polyphase Alternating Current	T	10	P
Tesla Coil			T	10	P
Wireless Communications		T	9	C
Father of Radio			T	9	C
Hydroelectric Powerplant       	T	9	P
Fluorescent Light		T	8	S
Lasers				T	8	D
Wireless Energy Transmission	T	8	P
Remote Control			T	7	C
Robotics       			T	7	D
Discovery of X-Rays		T	7	T
Magnifying Transmitter		T	6	P
Bladeless Turbines		T	6	P
RADAR				T	6	S
Death Ray			T	5	D
Visionary			T	5	T
Theorized Inventions		T	5	T
Loudspeaker			T	4	C
VTOL Aircraft			T	4	T
Spark Plugs			T	4	P
Theoretical Physics		T	3	T
George Westinghouse		T	3	I
Electrical Engineering		T	3	I
Nuclear Physicist		T	2	T
Egg of Columbus			T	2	T
Mechanical Engineering		T	2	I
Electrotherapy			T	1	H
Tessla Principle       		T	1	P
Advances in Ballistics		T	1	T
War of Currents			B	3	P
Invention			B	5	D
Investors			B	4	I
Raise Capital			B	4	I
Patents				B	3	I
Genius				B	5	T		
Prototype			B	1	D
Exposition			B	2	I
Experimentation			B	1	I
Laboratories			B	2	I

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