A Symposion is a Greek word meaning a Wine drinking party. 
These were popular in ancient Greece. 
Depending on the Host (Symposiarch), the emphasis of the gathering could 
range from purely Intellectual discussion to Hedonistic debauchery. 

The game ends when the Deck has been run through three times and no one has any Symposion left to play. 

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Players share a common deck. 
Each card will have a point value in 3 different categories: 
W = Wine (For example: 1W, 2W, 3W…)
I = Intellectual (For example: 1I, 2I, 3I…)
H = Hedonistic (For example: 1H, 2H, 3H…)
E = Either Intellectual or Hedonistic (For example: 1E, 2E, 3E…); Players Choice
Additionally some cards will have the “Woman” property. 
Historical Note: The participants of Symposions were all non-slave, voting men. 
Women only participated as servants or entertainment. 
Some Wine cards have the “Container” property. 
Some Wine cards have the “Vintage” property. 

Players are dealt a hand of 9 cards. 
The oldest man goes first, followed by the next oldest man and so on.  
Women, children, and slaves are not allowed to play. 

Players take turns. 
Each turn has 4 Phases: 
Amphorae Phase
Symposiarch Phase
Symposion Phase
Komos Phase

Fill your hand to 9 cards from the top of the deck. 
If the deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it. 

You may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements. 
You may trade cards with other players. 
They may trade with each other as well. 

You may make a Symposion. 
A Symposion is a set of cards that you play (discard) for points.
To make a Symposion you don’t have to use all the cards in your hand.  
You must declare a Symposion to be one of 3 types: 
Intellectual, Social, or Hedonistic. 
A Social Symposion may have both Intellectual & Hedonistic (& Either) Cards
An Intellectual Symposion may have only Intellectual (& Either) Cards
A Hedonistic Symposion may have only Hedonistic (& Either) Cards
All Symposiums must have a certain amount of Wine Points. 
An Intellectual Symposion must have exactly 3 Wine points. 
A Social Symposion may have between 3 and 5 Wine points.
A Hedonistic Symposion must have 5 or more Wine Points.
All Wine points in a Symposion cannot come from only Container cards.   
A Symposion can only have 1 Vintage card. 
Some cards can only be played for certain types of Symposion. 
If you made a Symposion this turn score points equal to the 
Point values you applied of the cards you played. 
This includes points from Wine, Intellectual, Hedonistic, and Either Categories
Keep track of points you earn with pen and paper. 
You may make a max of 1 Symposion per turn. 
At the end of the phase Discard all Symposion cards you played. 

Discard your hand down to 8 cards. 

If you play a social Symposion and the number of Intellectual & Hedonistic 
Points are equal, score an extra 2 Points.
If you play a social Symposion and the number of Intellectual & Hedonistic 
& Wine Points are equal, score an extra 3 Points.

IO = Intellectual Symposion Only also No WC or MW may be played
HO = Hedonistic Symposion Only
NI = Cannot be played in an Intellectual Symposion 
NH = Cannot be played in a Hedonistic Symposion 
MW = May be a Woman card (Players choice)
WC = Woman Card
* = The drawn card may be used in the current Symposion

Card Name:			Notes:
Amphorae			1W or 2W, Container
Wine Jars			2W, Container
Krater				1W, Container
Golden Drinking Vessels		1W and 1E, Container
Dionysus			1W or 2E
Viticulture			1W, Vintage
Grapes				1W
Vines				1W
Wine of Lesbos			1W (Worth 2W for Scoring) Vintage
Wine of Chios			1W (Worth 2W for Scoring) Vintage
Thasian Wine			1W (Worth 2W for Scoring) Vintage
Inhibitions Removed		1W or 2W
Drinking Horn			1W, Container
Cantharos			1W, Container
Rhyton				1W, Container
Overindulgence			3W; NI
Moderate Drinking		1W; NH
Old Wine			1W or 1E; Vintage
Fine Wine			1W or 2E; Vintage
Libation to the Gods		1W or 2E
Libation to Zeus		1W or 2E
Libation to Fallen Heroes	1W or 2E
Strong Wine			2W; Vintage
Wine Mixed with Water		1W
Shallow Wine Bowls		1W; Container
Cylix				1W; Container
Hydria				1W; Container
Intoxication			2W; NI
Flutist				2E, WC
Singers				2E, WC
Dancers				2E, WC
Musicians			2E; WC
Young Women			1E, WC
Apply Perfume			1E, MW
Servers & Slaves		1E, MW
Flowers & Garlands		1E, MW
Orgy				5H; HO, Requires 3+ WC
Drunken Revelry			4H; HO, Requires 7+ Wine Points
Komos				4H
Ritual Exhibitionism		3H
Kottabos			3H
Drinking Games			3H
Unruly Passions			3H
Challenges			3H
Bad Behavior			2H
Shouting			2H
Pleasure			2H
Sing Hymns			2E; Social Symposion Only
Andron				1E; Draw 1 card when Played*
Symposiarch			1E; Draw 1 card when Played*
Civilization			1E
Sophistication			1E
Food				1E
Wit				2E
Repartee			2E
Drinking Club			2E
Test of Character		2E
Poetry				2E
The Subject of Love		2E
Adversarial Discussion		2E
Debate				2I
Oratory				2I
Philosophy			3I
Law				3I
Politics			3I
Theories			3I
Pursuit of Truth		3I
Literature			3I
Virtuous Behavior		2I; IO
Formal Occasion			2I; IO
Learned Discourse		3I; IO
Education			3I; IO
Science				3I; IO
Mathematics			4I; IO
Plato				5I; IO

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