Solo card game.
WWI theme.
You control a squad of 9 Stormtroopers attacking a section of the enemy line.

You will need tokens to keep track of your men.
You will need tokens to keep track of enemy men.
Six sided dice are needed.
There are 3 decks: Terrain, Enemies, and Stormtrooper decks. 

Destroy all enemy unit cards in play. 

You lose if your squad is ever reduced to less than 3 men. 

The Terrain deck contains 50 cards.
Randomly lay out the Terrain cards face up to make a rectangle 10 cards long and 5 wide.
This is the Board (or Map).
Each Terrain card is a space on the map.
There is also an eleventh row, the starting row (German lines). 

The Enemy unit deck has 20 cards.
Place the 3 machinegun unit cards on the 3 terrain cards that are of the ‘Machinegun type’.
The other 17 units are each placed randomly on the terrain cards of the ‘Occupied type’.

Your squad is represented by a single pawn.
During setup you may place it in any space of the starting row.
Draw 4 cards. This is your starting hand.
You get +1 to casualty rolls on your first turn.

Each turn has 4 phases:
1. Supply Phase
2. Advance Phase
3. Counterattack Phase
4. Assault Phase

Draw 1 card from the Storm Trooper deck.
Max hand size = 5 cards. Discard extra cards. 
If the deck runs out, shuffle the discard and draw from it.

You may move your squad to any adjacent unoccupied space.
Cards that allow extra moves must be used in this phase.
You cannot move into a space occupied by an enemy unit.

If you come within range of an enemy unit the enemy attacks.
Snipers have a range of 3. All others have a range of 2.
Roll 1D6 for each attacking enemy unit card.
Machine gun units get to roll twice.
Units with officers or 8 or more men get to roll twice.
Add to the roll the Defense rating of the terrain your squad is in.
On a modified roll of 3 or less one of your men is killled.
You may discard a Defense card to negate the casualty.
Next roll once on the counterattack table:
1D6	Result:		Notes:
1-3	Nothing	
4	Counterattack	Move one non-machinegun Defender forward 1 space.
5	Pinned		You cannot move next turn.
6	Reinforcements	*
* = Take a random destroyed enemy unit card and place it on an edge space on 
the far end of the map.  

Discard an Attack card to attack an enemy unit at the indicated range.
The Enemy unit loses (1D6 men – the Defense value of the Space).
This is the casualty roll. 
Indicate surviving men on card with tokens.
Discard an enemy unit card with no men left.
Morale cards do not cause casualties (but they do have a range).

Ocp = Is this terrain occupied by enemy unit cards at the beginning of the game.
Y = Yes. N = No. M = Machinegun unit.
# = Number of that card in the deck.

Card:				#	Ocp	Notes:
No Mans Land			10	N	-
Wire Entanglements		8	N	*
Pill Box			1	M	Defense = 2 (Bunker)
Machinegun Nest			1	M	Defense = 1 (Bunker)
Machinegun Emplacement		1	M	Defense = 1
Concrete Bunker			1	Y	Defense = 2
Blockhouse			2	Y	Defense = 2 (Bunker)
Trenches			10	Y	Defense = 1
Dug outs			3	Y	Defense = 1 (Trench)
Ruined Farmhouse		1	Y	Defense = 1
Destroyed Tank			1	N	Defense = 1
Splintered Trees		1	N	Defense = 1
Communication Trench		5	N	Defense = 1**
Shell Holes			5	N	Defense = 1 (Trench)
*Requires a Wire cutter card to be played to enter.
**You may move again this turn. 

Card:				Men	Notes:
Riflemen			8	
Sentry				1	
Sniper				1	
Lookout				1	
Sniper & Observer		2	
Detachment			8	
Guards				2	
Garrison Troops			8	
Officer	& Aide			2	
Machinegun			5	3 in Deck
Squad				8	
Officer				1	
Platoon				16	
Sharpshooter			1	
Officer and Men			9	
Grenadiers			4	
Soldiers			12	
Mortar Team			4	
Officer units are immune to morale cards. 

Card:			#	Range	Notes:
Stick Bombs		4	1	Trenches get no defense mod. Casualty roll +1
Egg Grenades		4	2	Trenches get no defense mod. Casualty roll -1
Pistols			3	1
Trench Knives		1	1	Casualty roll -1
Bayonets		1	1	Casualty roll -1
Entrenching Tool	1	1	Casualty roll -1
Light Machinegun	2	2	Casualty roll +1
Rifles			2	2		
Sniper			2	3	
Light Flame Thrower	2	1	Bunkers and Pillboxes get no defense bonus
Demolition Charge	2	1	Bunkers and Pillboxes get no defense bonus
Bangalore Torpedoes	2	-	Play to enter a Wire space
Wire Cutters		3	-	Play to enter a Wire space
Camouflage		1	D	Defense card
Use Cover		1	D	Defense card
Open Formation		1	D	Defense card
Demoralized		1	(3)	Move one enemy unit back 1 space (Morale)
Terror			2	(2)	Move one enemy unit back 1 space (Morale)
Panic			2	(1)	Move one enemy unit back 1 space (Morale)
Cause Surrender		1	1
Rush			1	-	Move 1 extra space this turn
Infiltrate		1	-	Move 1 extra space this turn
Trench Raid		1	-	Move 1 extra space this turn
Consolidation Team	1	-	Get 1 reinforcement (1 man)
Move up Reserves	1	-	Get 1 reinforcement (1 man) 
Supply Team		1	-	Discard to draw 2 cards 
Shells & Gas		1	X	Make a casualty roll vs any enemy unit.

Larger map (more Terrain cards)
Larger squads or multiple squads.

These became available in small numbers in 1917+. 
2 cards of Range = 1 & Casualty roll +1

Each player gets a squad and they share the same map.
Players race to capture an enemy HQ space.

Q> Can you count diagonally for movement purposes and firing? 
A> Yes. 

Q> Is there any blocking of line of site? For example: 
If I move adjacent to the machine gun emplacement which is followed 
in a straight line by the sentry followed by the sniper, do they all get to 
attack me or can just the machine gun fire?
A> LOS is not blocked, all may attack. 

Q> What happens if you play Terror or Panic on an enemy unit in their own back row?
A> Special Ruling: You must play a "Retreat" card on the most forward enemy 
elements possible. If the most forward is on the back row, it is removed from play.
Q> What happens when an enemy unit must retreat back onto another enemy unit? 
A> Both occupy the same space. When attacking a stack each attack 
damages only one (randomly determined) enemy unit.  

Q> What happens when an enemy unit is respawned but the back row is already full? 
A> They stack. Both units may occupy the space. They do not hinder each other. 

Q> Once a wire entanglement has been cut through is it passable for the rest of 
the game without another wire cutters or bangalore torpedoes?
A> Yes, your men remember where the breach is. 

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