Two player card game depicting the struggle between Law & Chaos in 
Moorcock’s Elric Fantasies.

There are 2 decks:
The Law Deck
The Chaos Deck
Each player controls one deck.

Shuffle the decks.
Each player draws 8 cards from his own deck.
Each player starts with 4 Balance Tokens.

The first player to control all 8 Balance Tokens wins the game.

Each turn has 5 phases:
Fate Phase
Destiny Phase
Quest Phase
Struggle Phase
Balance Phase

Each player fills his hand to 8 cards
If a deck runs out, shuffle its discard and draw from it.

Each player may discard up to 4 cards and draw replacements.

Players may discard a Transport card to search their deck for and play any 
Item or Place card.

Each player may play to the table, face-up, some, all, or none of his cards.
Each played card has a Force Value. 
Each player adds up the Force Value of his played cards.
The player with the highest total Force Value wins the turn.
The Law player may only play: 
1 Elric card, 1 Stormbringer card, 1 Lady card, 1 Spell card, 1 God card, 
1 Transport card, 1 Place card, 1 Item card.
The Law Player may play any number of Hero and Army cards.
The Chaos Player may only play:
1 Sorcerer or Villain card, 1 God card, 1 Transport card, 1 Place card, 
1 Special Item card, 1 Event card.
The Chaos Player may play any number of Monster, Army, and Item cards.

The turn winner gets to take a Balance Token from his opponent.
All played cards are discarded.
Players may discard some, none, or all of the cards in their hands.

E = Elric
SB = Stormbringer
H = Hero
A = Army
P = Place
L = Lady (Lover)
B = Boon
I = Item
S = Spell
T = Transport
G = God


Card Name: Type Force Notes: Elric, Eternal Champion E 9 Elric, God-Slayer E 9 Destroy 1 opposing God Elric the Doomed Albino E 8 Elric the White Wolf E 8 Elric, Emperor of the Ruby Throne E 7 Elric of Melnibone E 7 Elric, Woman-Slayer E 6 You cannot play a Lady card Stormbringer, Hell Sword SB 9 +2 if Elric card Played Stormbringer, Soul Stealer SB 8 +2 if Elric card Played Stormbringer, Rune Blade SB 7 +2 if Elric card Played Stormbringer, The Black Sword SB 6 +2 if Elric card Played Moonglum H 8 Rackhir the Red Archer H 7 Tanelorn P 8 Dyvim Tvar, Lord of the Dragon Caves H 5 +4 if Dragons are played Magum Colim, Grand Admiral H 6 Friendly Armies get +2 Horn of Fate I 10 Only play if you have 7 Tokens Chaos Shield I 9 Destroy opposing Sorcerer Myshella, Emress of the Dawn L 9 Spells you play get +2 Champion of Law B 7 Only if you play at least 1 Hero Count Smiorgan Baldhead H 5 Friendly Armies get +2 Queen Yishana of Jharkor L 6 Zarzonia Voashoon L 4 The Noose of Flesh S 7 Destroy one opposing Army Invulnerability S 7 The Ship that Sails over Land & Sea T 7 +3 if Straasha or Grome played Mechanical Bird T 5 +3 if Myshella played Potion of Strength I 4 +3 if Elric played Dragons of Melnibone A/T 9 Steeds of Nihran T 3 Duke Avan Astran, Explorer H 6 Dyvim Slorm H 7 Oone, Dreamthief L 6 Actorios, the Ring of Kings I 8 Play only if Elric Played Isle of Purple Towns P 7 +2 if Count Smiorgan played Golden Battle Barges A 8 Straasha, King of the Sea G 8 Grome, King of the Earth G 8 Lasshaar, King of the Air G 8 Sepiritz, Captain of the Fates H 6 Grey Lords G 9 Only play if Chaos is winning Castle Kaneloon P 8 +3 if Myshella played Sea Lords Reaver Fleets A 6 +2 vs Imrryr Elemental Allies A 7 +2 if a God is played Three As One S 9 2 Heroes & Elric must be played Meerclar, Lord of Cats G 7 Fileet, Lord of the Birds G 7 Haaashaastaak, Lord of Lizards G 7 Arrow of Justice I 8 Destroy one opposing Monster Astral Travel S/T 4 White Lords of Law G 10 Play only if you are winning Karlaak, City of Jade Towers P 5 +2 if Zarzonia is played The Winged Men of Myyrhn A 5 CHAOS DECK CARD TYPES S = Sorcerer V = Villain I = Item SI = Special Item A = Army M = Monster G = God T = Transport B = Boon E = Event


Card Name: Type Force Notes: Jagreen Lern, Theocrat of Pan Tang S 9 Prince Yrkoon S 8 Mournblade SI 8 Theleb Kaarna S 8 Arioch of the Seven Darks G 10 Doctor Jest V 5 Melniboneans A 8 Earl Saxif D’Aan S 9 Champion of Chaos B 5 Must play with Sorcerer or Villain Demon Steed M/T 4 Prince Gaynor the Damned V/S 9 Mordaga, the Sad Giant M 6 Demon Armor I 4 Urish the seven Fingered, Beggar King V 7 Dead God’s Book SI 9 +2 if played with a God Grimoire I 5 Sorcerer gets +4 Mirror of Memory SI 9 Destroy 1 opposing army Demon Sword I 5 Ghouls of Limbo A/M 6 Demon Shield I 5 Beggar Horde A 5 +2 if played with Urish Sorcerers Ring I 3 Sorcerer gets +3 Mages Amulet I 4 Sorcerer gets +2 Crimson Gate T 5 Shade Gate T 5 Lord Gho’s Elixir I 5 Clakars, Winged Apes M/A 6 Giant Owls M/A 6 +2 vs Winged Men of Myyrhn Agak & Gagak S 9 Mist Giant M 7 Kyrenee, Greater Demon M 9 Destroy 1 opposing Army Doomed Companion E 3 Destroy 1 Hero if SB played The Bane of the Black Sword E 3 Destroy 1 Hero if SB played Prince of Chaos G 9 Immortal B 7 Villain or Sorcerer must be played Host of Chaos A 8 Imrryr, The Dreaming City P 9 Teran Gashtek, Flame Bringer V 9 Weeping Wastes P 6 Pan Tang Isles P 6 +2 with Theleb or Jagreen Nadoskor, City of Beggars P 5 +2 with Urish Barbarian Horde A 6 +2 with Flame Bringer Shapeshifters M 6 Demon Guardians M 6 Burning God G 8 Sighing Desert P 5 Tigermen M 4 The Vanishing Tower P/T 9 Dwarven Sorcerer S 6 Beings of Troos M 5 Dukes of Hell G 9 Chaos Armada A 9 Warping Power E 2 Destroy one opposing Lady Boiling Sea P 8 Kelmain Host A 6 Balo the Jester S/G 8 Chaos Butterfly M 4 Hunting Dogs of Dharzi M 4 ELRIC LINKS The Sailor on the Sea of Fate Eternal Champion Role Playing DISCLAIMER Elric is a copyrighted/licensed property. This is merely a fan site.

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